Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A simple question about this so called shoes thrower

1. It has been a few weeks that Iranian media is praising this so called journalist shoes thrower at the Bush.
an example is this.

what I wonder is, if a journalist in Iran who was interviewing President Ahmadi nedjad, or leader of the Islamic Republic, do the same action towards these two figures, what would the police forces in Iran would have done to him/her. I would like to know, if anyone who is hearing news about a 19 years old in Iran putting fire on himself because of not being able to make end's meats can throw a shoes to those two top figures without being harrased or tortured in Iran?
and those Arabs (This Syrian guy was one of them in My office) who praises Saddam time could do such action on him and not being tortured and burned?

2. Despite many problems I am currently facing [with efforts I can solver them], I feel lucky! you may wonder why!?
because with such a harsh cold I have got, I can continously make warm water for myself and drink it. How many people around world have no access to clean and warm water?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Differences between two famous guys!

I recently read that Khodadad aziz (Iranian football player) has beaten up a reporter.
according to many people who have seen Khodadad in person, he is snobby person. read about some of his encounters with people

however, my personal encounter with Iranians footballer goes back in a few years ago, I think it was in 2003, when I stopped in a fastfood in Gheytareh area of Tehran to buy a sandwich. I went in and saw karim Bagheri is also standing there, waiting to have his order filled. I was so excited to see him in Person, I asked him, if he can sign something for me!! I didn't have anything except a one palm PDA which I used to carry with me and I give him that with those pen you can sign. He with smile sign it for me, without any extra question and just saying, you are very kind recognizing me, smiling. after that he received his food and left the place with smile and saying bye to me.
In general he was realgentlemen, in my opinion.
Just be ghole Iraniha, ENKOJA ON KOJA, this is where and that is where!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

taking musical break!

just wished I could go to another performance of Googoosh! enjoy

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My favorite job this far

Working 7 days a week, has influenced me on one thing, that I enjoy this biomechanics, as much as I spend time on it! too bad, I soon have to leave this area and perhaps looks for a job, not knowing if I can find a job in this area or not.
i wished I could spend lots of hours, doing testing and see how things respond subjected to many different loading conditions.
Understanding is key! if you understand, you enjoy!! no kidding!!
Am I becoming workaholic?!! no kidding!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A long long time ago, not so far distance

Booooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm, what is going on, it is Iraqi bombarding, let’s go down stairs to the door frames and shear walls where the house is technically safer, as my dad used to say!
Those years are gone. It seemed a remote distance from those years. The years of struggle with our own identity, lack of youngster fun that it was needed and the protection against the war.
The years that Islamic government of Iran forced suppression on Iranian young teenagers like us. My dream was just to have freedom and hang around with people around my age in the not far distance from our home.
Those years the corner of my comfort was basketball club of Homa team in Enghelab clyb which I used to play in, the Asadi shemiran club, or biking around our house to play street football and volleyball.
The time passed so quickly that it seems like ages since those years is passed. After many years when I was back, those faces they were all either gone, got married or gone on with their own life. Couldn’t be found.
From a class of 41 people in high school in Iran, I know more than 25 now don’t live in Iran. It is amazing the number when you see that!
Today, I live with other dreams for many years to come…

Friday, November 07, 2008

the worst thing in your life!

I wanted not to write, but the truth is here is the only place I feel at home and talk without being judged! of course I am not afraid of being judged ...
having said that the worst thing in your life in my opinion is that you are not healthy, next to that is if you have to explain basic concepts to those who supposed to be more knowledgeable than you are!!!!
I had to sit and explain more than 2 hours yesterday evening to my boss and a colleague, what is the differences between center of rotation (COR) and helical axis of rotation between. Sounds difficult? I would assume yes, if you would not be a mechanical engineer.
Helical axis (HA) is some representation of the motion in 3D space where you can break down any motion to rotation about and translation along that HA and that is equivalent to screw axis in 2D, considering screw axis can not show translation since the axis is perpendicular to the plane of rotation
on the other hand, COR is an imaginary center that a body rotates about it.
The both may relate but it is not a necessary condition!
now, in study of biomechanics of spine, those who would like to objectively quantify pain, they may use HA to relate migration of the HA to motion of vertebrae and the relation to the back pain in which concept of stability must be tackled.

This sounds difficult, read wikipedia for plot and more explanations. all and all, don't know why but I am at work today 6:45 am, didn't feel to sleep!!
oh, talking to myself is fun! I am becoming crazy:)) nice

2. Just added later: I feel good since I understood a very important concept in Spine biomechanics and I prove it to myslef, mathematically and well. I am kinda feel good, this may last not long, since soon I will find out there is some other things I should understand:))

Sunday, November 02, 2008

until further notice....!

There are some time of our life that we become extremely preoccupied with many things on our mind. For that reason and being quite busy, until further notice this blog is shutting down, the shatters are coming down and getting close! Begholi, Ker kerha ro payin keshidim,

All the best!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Freedom in some peopel's eye!!

I have working these days on average about 12 hours!
this morning I came in to my office, The Arab dude and I started a conversation.
He all of sudden said:
Oh there is Zis (This) Arab guy who has sang with an Iranian lady!
I: sure, that can be, where is the Arab singer from?
AG: Lebanon
I: Yes, that is quite a possibility
AG: but I saw the girl, she seems very free!!!! She also lives in Iran apparently!!
I: what do you mean!! every human is free!
AG: I thought, your government imply rules like Saudis and hard liners to enforce, those dresses of Afghani women on Iranian Women!
I: The dress-code in Iran is quite different from those in Afghanistan, or even Saudi!
and please remember every human being is free, in some extend. The dress code does not make them to be free or limited! it is choice!
You would better say, She seemed dressing noncomplying to Islam ruling!
back to work!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few advice for cold winter and during the flu season

1. Life is hectic, tons of work and pressure, anything new? despite that I try to keep the sprite high!

2. and now to advice for this coming season. Who do we know has not got cold during cold month of winter. I can strongly say perhaps not anyone!
One or another everyone gets some kind of cold. But I have been trying to understand there are a few people, including medical Drs. who are in direct contact to cold patients do not get cold so often, though.
after so much looking into this issue, I realized:

1. Most of Drs. stay throughout the day in their offices, so technically they are indoor, they are not getting exposed to light and sun from environment! I would assume less light, less bacterial and virus development!

2. the most important part of all, many people (including me) have this idea of cleaning their nose (there is deep cleaning, continue cleaning in short frequency!!) during the time they sit somewhere looking in front of the computer-screen or watching TV.
stop doing that!! besides the fact you make disgusting act:-), but this makes you sick!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

freedom of choices!

babam jan, Something I can't understand, aren't we saying we are leaving in 21 century, where we have realized a person has freedom of choices!!
talking about freedom of choices, Ms. Golshifteh Farahani would like to stay outside of Iran to develop her career. Who are we to tell her what to do and what not to do!
In a Country like Iran that the basic individuals' freedom (what to wear, what to say) is jeopardized and under moral control of state police, why such a person with "normal" (if not better than normal) talent must obey and stay in Iran and waste her development in her career she enjoys!!
how many of us has done that!

I personally wish her a best of luck and hope she gets tons of better offers in up coming movies.

To see what I mean, have a look at this link and those comment by people! at bottom of the page.

this part is added:

to support what I said read in Persian a report on BBC
tendency of Young Iranians to drink alcoholic beverages!

از تفریح جوانان در ایران می گوید: "هیچ، تفریح که نیس، در واقع این سالم ترین تفریح در ایرانه، برای اینکه بیرون که بری هیچ جایی نداری بری مثلا یه قهوه بخوری با خیال راحت یعنی دغدغه نداشته باشی که ای وای الان پلیس میاد می گیردت یا یه کسی میاد یه ایرادی می گیره."

He says of entertainment for young Iranians in Iran: there is no entertainment, in fact, this [drinking alcohol] is the healthiest and safest entertainment in Iran, if you go out in a coffee shop, you may wonder any minute a moral police will come and arrest you, or perhaps picking on you for what you are doing."

TOO much of freedom, I have heard!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ethical issues...

I have been always fascinated by ethical issues which are rising in any field of study!
It could be engineering, biotechnology and genetics or Law & order and sociology. But what I want to discuss it was after seeing Photos of Eftari Party in LA.
On one hand, I am learning to respect people's idea as long as they are not harmful to anyone.
having said that, as you see in the photos, these people have a new interpretation of Islam. Men and women can mingle after being separated in the so called mosque and praying! Does this interpretation is valid? Can we ethically do what we feel with religion?
and the most important question of all, if we believe in something different, shall we pretend to act differently to preserve of our interest?

I gave an example, once in Iran I was offered a job to be working as head of the manufacturing engineering of the British American Tobacco company to produce, cigarettes. I was also had an offer to work in GM to make military related machineries in Canada. I turn them both down. becasue I felt ethically I am responsible to my actions and towards the society.
but the offers were lucrative. BAT offered around a world training for 18 months with good pay GM also did that. I turn the job down, because I ignored my interest!
I am wondering if those who don't do as I did, are they ethically responsible? can we blame them for things happen?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Near death experience!

Iranian anywhere, Iranians everywhere! that remainds me of Zebel khan, the cartoon I used to watch when I was kid.
Having said that, there is this guy whose name sounds Iranian: Dr. Sam Parnia MD, PhD does study and research about those who die and comeback to life!

here is an interview of him with the Time magazine!

We shall put our nose in anywhere:) in any case, they study he does and want to do, sounds interesting. He is saying dieing is not just being alive or death. It may take days and night to be death!
one things scary about this is damn, I thought when we are dead, things finishes and we get relaxed. but it seems suffering continues to be there!!!!
May the force with you!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

either you accept something or not!!??

We Iranians are funny society! In expression in Persian we say we like to have the Date (dry fruit, i.e. Khorma) and the god! This expression apparently goes back to this story that Prophet Mohammad was approached by a woman whose son was eating lots of Date per day! So, She asks him to advise her child from eating so much Date per day. Apparently, Mohammad says I can't do that since I have already eaten some, or something on that note. (Those who know the story correct me, if I am wrong!)
Having said that, President Ahmadi Nedjad according to media is in New York!
Ok, so far so good. However, I have got a question! if Mr. Ahmadi Nedjad says what UN is saying, it is just a useless paper and UN has become puppet of great powers and etc. How the hell, he intends to give a speech in UN general assembly at New York almost every year since he has been in power!!!

If going to give a speech at such a place that is not acceptable by IRI, why spending tax money and go there and say things?!! can't he just say those things in Iran!
If it is acceptable to do so (give speech there), then those resolution passed by UN are not just useless papers! They are pendulum in front of IRI government, or??
am I saying nonsenses!!!???
I have to tell as my experience goes in Iran society we always experience these double standards!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Those who fail they want to fail!...

I was watching Randy Pausch's last lecture and I realized how many obsticles in his life he had until he became professor at Carnegie mellon. He at first didn't get research position at Carnegie mellon at first. He worked hard as he said to direct his life.
One thing striked me most at his presentation was this: "remember, we can't change the cards that already dealt, it is only up to us how to play with that hand". So, as many say, chances knack our door, we should take them and play with them so we want them to be, the way we want them to be.
His message is well said:
work hard, be respectful, be good at least at something and of course watch that last lecture to get direction of life!

Randy Pausch just recently passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gulf = Persian Gulf!&%$$#

What the heck is wrong with these Englisa!! In their news paper financial times section Iran they talk about investors give cold shoulder to Iran inverstment..., what the f... these guys keep referring to Persian gulf as Gulf. since that is the case, from now on, Bitish territory is Republic of Island in my books. what is difference?
So, kar kare Republic of Island ast!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

and life goes on!

There are a few days that I can't be cheerful, as I have been. I want to be away from many things.
sometimes I feel what would be like if I have never leaved Iran. We didn't have a government imposing so much limits on our society in Iran. What would have happened?
perhaps life would have been quite different! I wished I had seen club in Iran! I wished I could have seen gender equality in Iran. and words without prejudice! Oh, I just remember this album from George Michael, listen without prejudice!
enjoy the first song, which I am big fan of it!
Here you are praying for time!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

continuation of our talk

I: so, ok let's forget that, I conclude that you agree that we should revisit some of the rules perhaps initiated 1500 years ago! let me ...

AG: yes, May be, what we should do listen to Sheikhs who are Dr. in this area!!

I: Let me get to another story, is this true that when Arabs invaded Iran, they killed many people of Iran. I recently saw that...

AG: Yes, in our books they say many of these Iranians who were killed by Arabs were praying to fire, and were believing in fire, these were witches ...

I: oh, not that from you, I have been suffering from this idiotic comment for sometimes. Listen, Zoroastrian were the first group who believed in single god. Fire was sign of purification. Ah, it is sad such a things is promoted even by people in Iran, however you were thought that many Iranians were killed by Arabs in that invasion?....

Monday, September 01, 2008

hum, economy of Iran and other stories!

1. For those who miss Iran and President Ahmadi nedjad, have a look at this short report how inflation affecting people in Iran.

2. This Arab dude has become my entertainment!!
AG: Today, Alham dolelah, is start of Ramedan month.
I: oh, poor people in Iran, the suffering time has started once again. When I was in Iran and working at a company, our company had about 600 employee and out of those 600, there were only 10 to 20 were fasting who were directly or indirectly connected to Basij, paramilitia forces office!
I: however, I have got a question, since you claim, Islam is religion which can instruct you on life and politics and everything. So, I wonder if someone is born from Moslem parents and then later in his/her life decides not to be Muslem. Koran instruct other muslems to kill him, isn't it? We say La Ekrah a Fi Din.
AG: yes, men it is written but it depends on interpretation!!! Koran is written for those in 1500 years ago and cannot be extended today!! We have to have Sheikh to interpret that for today's world!!
I: wait a mintue, didn't you tell me there are diffrent laws in Islam. Those written in Koran should not be interpreted and must be imlemented, like getting 4 wives and so. and fasting and other things!
AG: ya man, but there are some interpretations, however needed! and you have brain, in such a case you should use your brain.
I: wait a mintue, you now say that needs interpreted, so, then we can interpret everything according to you, isn't it!!?
AG: no men, the Seikh can do that, who has PhD in religious study!!
I: com'on why not you interpret that, I can do that, too!
telphone rings;
I had to go for lunch!
discussion continues!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just discovered by me!!

Perhaps many have seen this movie in Iran and may be around the world. It is called M mesleh Madar (M like mother). I haven't seen it but it seems very strong and deep and perhaps melodrama. Having said that, whenever I watch this clip, somehow I embrace in tears. For all mothers and father who are around the world.

The Director of this movie apparently has passed aways last year or so. Don't know why?
if anyone knows let me know.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

one down more than 4 to go!!


1. Finally I gave this presentation in the company. It seemed they were happy with my results. And the big head of development of the company asked me to schedule a meeting with him. I said I want to back to Canada to work there. (I started to sing, Oh Canada, kidding!!:))
They said unfortunately they have only a sales office in Canada and the research and development is done in Philadelphia, if I wish to go there, they can pass some good words for me! Anyhow, I am glad this is done. So, as I say 1 down, 4 to go, if the next and 3rd one get done, I become more than 50% happy!! Especially the next obstacle which is major one!!

2. I am member of IEEE for many years, just today, I opened up the new magazine that I receive on every quarter. There is article on page 18 of spectrum with title: Qatar University opens EE doors to women!!
First of all, according to same IEEE magazine, Iran has largest engineering female in university, so these guys are way behind us!!
Second, once again this Arab dude in my office took me to another discussion with him. He started to ask me have you heard about this news, that news. Moftie leader of Saudi Arabia say that say this! More or less, he lead me there, I said, have you heard about this high profile news, that a few months ago, a girl in Saudi Arabia went out with his soon to be finance or something like that, later the friends of that guy join them, in the end, they all rape that woman!!! I continue, I read that the judge has said, the woman is at fault since she should not have gone out with that guy before getting married!!!!! I said, if this is Islam that you are saying, I would condemn it! Unless you gave me other definition! The Arab guy said, yes, this is not Islam, but you know the woman should not have gone out with that guy, either!!!!
I was furious, I said, ok, since you are having a wife (according to you) imagine we and a few other guys go out, shall we have a right to rape your wife!!! Of course not!!
And then he continued, ya, but men and women are different, I am stronger, …, I told him, ok, forget it stop it there. You and me never come to an agreement!!!!

3.1. I finally uploaded the photo. I realized the add photo bottom in blogger is not activated if you use firefox!!! with Explorer is all right!!

3. The photo up there, I like it, because it says don't make trash on environment as much you avoid you own living room! This is a public announcement brought to you, by MEE!!!
ok I don't know why I can't add the photo I do that later!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who is Golshifteh Farahani!

check it out, she is performing along side Hollywood big names in Body of lies!!
This is the preview:

Friday, August 15, 2008


1. It is raining cats and dogs! none-stop!

2. see this video, the child is quite funny!!

3. hum, this coming week is quite decisive in my life, an extremely important presentation at the company which my work was initiated from it! This presentation is in front of 20 people (according to the guy who has set the time) who are head of different groups in spine and biomechanics! It took him more than 6 months to put these 20 people together!!
then, some other personal ups and down in life, hoping that happens!! all and all feel nervous!!
lots of busy mind!can I scream!!!!!!!!! perhaps! may be not a good idea! an scream of internet version! that none can hear!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stories of the Arab guy!! ANDAR Ahvalate this Arab guy!

1. No, it is not me! that I want to avoid writing about this but, he makes me to write it down!!!
oh, what is the story, did someone asked?
It is late evening at work, he is back from laboratory to the office and he looks little down!

Arab Guy (AG): I had a big fight with my landlord!
me: how come? you really fought with your landlord?!!
AG: not really a fight, but we had a [major] argument!!
me: I am sorry to hear that!
AG: He has complained of me to my supervisor!!...He asks me to do things that it sounds strange?!
me: like what?!
AG: he thinks I should say hi to his guests!!!...He thinks after 9:30 pm I should not cook! I should try all the dishes I washed properly as he says!!
Me: I see, but what has he complained to your supervisor about? I think that is important, if I could know?!!
AG: He has told I am an arrogant person! I don't comply with the house rules, and I left the main door open, I don't clean the kitchen after I have used the pots and dishes and etc.
Me: hum, I think it would be for you to comply with the rules of him, since you are staying here not more than end of December!!
AG: No, there are certain things you can't go on and not answer, you should stand for your bases [dignity:me]!!
me: as you wish!

related to somewhat related conclusion: This is where I say many Arabs can't differentiate between human dignity and what they gain and lose to comply with some rules put up!!
somewhat on related: After seeing this guy radical views which I said previously, I was once in the coffee room, with my boss and him, I was trying to pretend that I am busy with a paper I am reading to avoid talking to him!
I overheard he was talking to my boss who just get to know him the the coffee room in that very minutes! He was telling him with his heavy Arabic accent how my boss should pronounce the name of his supervisor. My boss had initially asked him so, you work with [name of his boss]. and He replied, who? and then he started to tell him, my boss is pronouncing Arab guy's supervisor name wrongly!!
Funny enough, that supervisor of him is Swiss-Hungerian who works here for more than 15 years and he has been all his life in Switzerland, I am sure everyone knows how to pronounce his last and first name, especially himself!!!!
This guy was saying, everyone is wrong in English it should be pronouce like he was saying!!!
talking about ....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carrefour in Tehran!

1. Apparently, Carrefour in Tehran is establishing a large supermarket. Carrefour aims to shake up Iran’s food industry .

My 2-cent: More than ever Iran is going towards French oriented market. This may rise anger of American economy, so things may get more complicated!!

2. Apparently, it has been a large propare explosion in Toronto Canada!

Monday, August 04, 2008

How did you spend the weekend! Jura!

1. First of all, the weekend was relaxing and at the same time full of exercise! I was in region in CH is called Jura. They speak French and they have nice area who can go Kayaking and Horseback riding! I get to practice very little French (since I don't know any!) and German since many didn't speak any English!
As customary to my Journeys I take public transport (not to mention I have no car!:) and therefore I get a chance to read fairly well.
This week with so much hype with National Geographic article about Iran and Persian Empire I went to newspaper kiosk and bought a copy.
After reading the article about Iran and enjoy the truth about many statement written in the article, e.g. The first and most phrase people told to the author of the article is "We are not Arabs!!".
The second article I get my focus on was about Moscow: the city never sleeps. As a curiosity, I wanted to understand how is Moscow and how safe it is in what extend while has most millioners in it. Almost to the end of the article, a page before last, I came across these phrases:
"In this cacophony a millionaire could expand and relax. For one thing, no guns are allowed inside Diaghilev. The club had a 40-man security force, and any customer who felt in dire need of protection was assigned a personal bodyguard. A bomb dog had sniffed the chairs, and a security briefing had alerted the staff about special needs, such as guests from Iran who did not want to be photographed drinking champagne with scantily clad models. I had followed Yegor through a back door. How Yegor arranged my visit I did not know, but the chief of security was not pleased."

I started to wonder who could be this Iranian guy who doesn't want to be photographed or named! Could be one of our famous childern of Ayatolahs' in Iran!? Perhaps. If anyone knows please step forward and write it!

2. National Geographic has an old Persian map enclosed with big Persian Gulf name. I am intending to hang it on my office wall, so the Arab guy can see it big and bold!!

3. This Arab guy is sometimes going on my nerve I am intending to ignore him. One of last week days, We started to talk about Israel and Arabs! and I said killing is not an answer to anything we see today!
He replied with his heavy Arabic accent, If someone kills your brother what would you do? I would try to find out why that happened and what was the reason for it! I replied.
He answered, no I would kill him! I said why? he replied. No matter what I would kill him!! after a few back and forth, I gave up! In his opinion you should kill whomever killed you brother! he said. no mercy!
Anyhow, he is too violent for my taste!
I now avoid him or even talking to him!

See the ancient Iran photos

3.3. answer to recent fuss about article written in Spiegel, German language tabloid!!
from National Geographic: "Among the carvings there are soldiers, but they're not fighting; there are weapons, but they're not drawn. Mainly you see emblems suggesting that something humane went on here instead—people of different nations gathering peace­fully, bearing gifts, draping their hands amiably on one another's shoulders. In an era noted for its barbarity, Persepolis, it seems, was a relatively cosmopolitan place—and for many Iranians today its ruins are a breathtaking reminder of who their Persian ancestors were and what they did."

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tahmineh Milani excellent answers!

Be ghole ghadima: Shireh Ms. Milani:)

Friday, July 18, 2008


0.1. Reading Arsh weblog and the sad news she heard about her co-worker, reminded me of something a several Years ago in Toronto.
A pleasant and lovely 26 years of age lady who was co-worker of friend of mine accompany us for a lunch in Toronto. We had some conversation and She mentioned that she is going to see a Chiropractic the same afternoon as she feels pain in her neck.
Two days later I saw my friend for lunch and he said, do you recall my co-worker two days ago with whom we had lunch? I said Of course, I recall. He said, she is from neck down paralyzed!! I said you must be kidding! No, I am not, my friend said. Apparently the same afternoon we saw her she goes to chiropractic office. He somehow tries to release pressure of her neck by axially rotating it. Then, she must have resisted, somehow, so, the nerve gets cut or something happens that she can't moves her leg and hands afterwards!!!
This is striking and so sad:(

1. I didn't want to remove previous report about that old women who sells pens to make her ends-meat! I may cut and paste it here again.

here some music: Ok I explain what is especial about this song: Here Dinah Shore sings an Iranian song. Who is Dinah Shore? Wikipedia says: was an American singer, actress, and television personality. She was most popular during the Big Band era of the 1940s and 1950s.

this is my favorite by Hoomayoun Shajarian.

This is by Alireza Asar for Iran, and big punch to eye of AR-ab who think non-senses.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just another story of real life...

1. Don't know why after reading this story, I had drops of water in my eyes. couldn't feel well, either! feeling sad! Every time I read this:(
Read the story for you own!

2. Still want to keep the above article!

3. According to scientists Happiness is immune to life events! According to these studies done in 20 years, The most negative event which had a long lasting effect for longer than 2 years was losing a job!!
According to these study, it took 5 years for those who experience it, to forget that! Even, divorce and death had not more than 2 years lasting effect!
The same was for also positive event in life, like marriage and child birth!
My psychopathic conclusion:
As I have always said, relationship is becoming more and more on the background of real issues like work and making money and getting a job!!

I don't feel write new thing, want to keep the above link for while here.
While reading that listen to Gary Moore weeping guitar and sounds!

Monday, July 14, 2008

what shall I say ...

1. Watching this interview of Mr. Ahmadi Nedjad with first channel of IRIB. It is embaressing! listen and watch carefully! He simply lies especially at the beginning! makes false statement, imaginitive statements! There is part he says like this: "we sat with other memebers of government to see what is the pulse of world economy[!!], we sat down and ploted all the graphs that needed to be done[!]..., So, we know very well how the world economy is turning and where are the pulses[!!!]...

Highlights: One of the anchors says,...yes, we know that Iran foreign and internal affair has been so popular in world that we need many sessions to talk about it[!], however, Iranians with Iranian passport can only go to 26 counties. Even Syrian people can go to more countires!! Isn't that better to bring all these mightiness to real life and life of ordinary people! Everyday, there are tons of Iranians in front of any embassy asking for visa and those from embassies are acting rude towards them.
AH: You are informed wrongly! there a just one or two european counties like doing that! The rest everyone loves us!!!! ... There are some countries we also give them with difficulty visa, may be those one, which are not many...

Highlight 2: Iran is loved all around the world! Everyone likes us and they are jealous of our approaches!

Oh, after listening to these interview, truly I think I see sign of Psychiatric disorders that is: You say lies, you heard it or keep repeating it, so you start believing them! It is type of delusion, monomania and perhaps mild schizophrenia and also synchronicity!
Someone is obsessed with things himself says! Someone believes Iran is mightly and everything is fine, just needs some little work!

though, he has some points about economy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Conference and the issues on the side!

The conference of European Society of Biomechanics is finished. It was quite fruitful for me. I get a chance to talk to many big names and seek their opinion.
having said that, one thing was quite interesting, the completion between Germans and German speaking society at large and within Germany. It seems this competition rather than being a healthy and positive one, was turning to a nasty, and saying you are wrong, I am right, tone. In general there were few highlights which I would name:

1. Presentation of a Japanese guy:
This guy presented in his very heavy accent, but the funny part was when someone asked something about the what was the posture you measured. He raised his leg almost as high as the chair of the session and said: how to say that, here, feet while pointing to his arch!!(may be doesn't sound funny, but at that moment it was!)

2. An Iranian professor who was presenting a work of her student. She was so worried that she had asked Salman to be there, so if someone asked any question and she couldn't understand, he would translate that. Salman was busy with his session, so he asked me to do that. This lady read her own presentation of the writing she had. There were so many mistakes in the slides that one can say unimaginable! however, the highlight was when the chair of the session who was from Stanford University asked a question. She asked me to translate it, I tried and then she answered. The chairman seemed happy with the answer. So, this was done. Apparently, since I was sitting in front row, many people who didn't know me, thought I am her supervisor!!!

3. Spine session, There seemed it was some extra friction between some young researchers from different groups!
The young guy presented, then in his presentation, he mentioned about a process which may contribute to a mistake of a measurement that the members of the other group were there. He said we published that in this Journal as a note to editor!! Then during Q & A period, there was a guy sitting behind me, with heavy German accent and little bothered voice protested to those suggestion, then he said, "come on, this is simple mechanics!" The Presenter said, no you are wrong, with some uncomfortable voice!! Then the chairmen of the session intervened and stopped them. Then, the guy behind me, said he (pointing out to the presenter) doesn't like us, He tries to pick on us! I should point out he is wrong!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

me and this Arab guy from Syria

As I said, There is this Arab-Syrian (as he put it himself) has come here to do his Masters project.
This morning I arrived in the office and said hello! He asked me if I know of an adaptor for his laptop since its cable doesn't have Swiss transformer. I Looked at it and said, this is British or Australian plug. You asked one our colleagues...
Before I finish my sentence he said, but this is an American plug!!! I bought is in the Gulf area, I used to work there, in Ghatar!!!
Excuse me??, I said.
Which Gulf, Mexican gulf are you talking about or Persian Gulf. He said, we refer to that ... Before he finishes, I said, Persian Gulf is Persian gulf, no gulf, no unknown Arabian something. You should respect that, otherwise I will call Syrian Land, Israel!! Would you like that??

Anyhow, after long conversation, I convince him that Land like Bahrain, U.A.E were belong to Iran about 50 years, ago. And British, somehow, separated those land by trick or lack of political will in Iran, then!!
Other surprising issues, I heard from this guy:

This unknown arabian gulf was the name there, always!!! He didn't know that poor Egyptian President Jamal Abdol Naser was the first who used this unknown word!!

He thinks that one of the province in Iran is Arab-e-s-tan ( That would be Khozestan) and Iran has occupied that land!!!!!! (ok, excuse my language, i am not sure who M...F... teaches these craps to these the Arab Brains!)

Positive out come: by end of today, He does not make any mistake to call Persian Gulf anything less than that!

One other think, He has his own small carpet and every few hours, he praises on it in the office!!

despite all that, he seems all right guy!
What I am wondering what kind of propaganda they do in Arab land against Iranians!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Miss everything!!

1. First I missed my parents and friends! I missed many things. I wished I could be of help to them during these days.
It is quite strange there was this aunt of my dad, she was about 81. I heard she just died on Monday around 2:00 am!!! I was sleeping Monday around 2:00 am, though I saw her in my dream and somehow I jumped!! The next day I called Iran and I was told she has passed away!! Every kind and nice lady who was quite wise. She will be missed.

2. This is Iranian National Anthem during Ghagar Dynasty!

3. One of the most important thing is when you are going out with anyone, you can't criticize her/him for her/his behaviour! what you can criticize your partner for is her/his bad habits!! Despite this politically correct approach we tend to get offended even if someone says that this habit of mine is not appropriate!!

4. Just an Arab student who studies in Germany came to our office. He will be doing his Masters here! Only one comment, he seems nice, he has worn dress jacket with pants. Why can't he remove the jacket label on the right arm! I wonder about those who leave the sticker of the brand name on the cloth!!:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot, Humaid and hot!

Finally, summer is in Zurich! average temperature about 28! Relative humidity of 80%,
so, I sweet like there is not tomorrow!
my office right now is about 27-we have temperature scale in our office- will get to 32 by 2:00 pm!
So, no air condition or cooler in the office!:) was someone complaining?!
and some ....:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iranian media= a tabloid of foreign news!

For the past almost 5 months I am living in a shared accommodation. Two of these guys are from old eastern block countries, now turned to EU. One is from old Eastern Germany and one from a country is called Estonia. If you wonder where is Estonia, Read it in Wiki.
What is striking is not the fact that they are from those countries and so they are cheap or anything else. It is the matter of what I hear and what they do sometimes, tells me the influence of Russian mentality on them!

For the example, one day the guy from former Eastern Germany came and said, these Banana are getting bad, and I want to throw them out! I looked at the them and said, they are not so bad and you still can make banana-milk shake with them. Then, I explained when I was child I liked milk and banana shake. Then he replied, “when I was child, we didn’t have any banana at all!!” Sometimes, things he says sounds like the war time we had during Iran-Iraq war!

The Estonian guy has somehow problem in washing his cloths and keep himself smelling proper!! The guy takes shower, however still goes and wears the same smelly T-Shirt he was wearing before. If he goes to the washroom, you can’t go there at least for next ten minutes because of his body smell!!! His girlfriend, came to visit him for a week, I have no idea how she cope with that smelling dude. But I think she kept telling him, to wash and take shower, during those days, he slightly got better! But he is now back to normal!
His diet at evening is, bread, butter and slice of onion and lots of milk!! And he keeps the rest of onions in the frig for the next day!!! I think you could imagine how bad the frig will smell!
Having said that he is post doctorial in our institute and therefore he probably gets highest salary between all of us. Something, like 2 times of not more than any of us! Still believe it or not, he doesn’t have soap and he uses our soap! I would assume these are mentality issues, remaining from eastern block!!

2. read this link from fars news agency!
The headline reads: US inflation rate is increased drasticly!!
When you read closely then it says that inflation is increased to more than 2.4 and food and grocieries inflation top 0.3!!!
Someone should tell these guys, can’t you read your own news! Inflation of more than 30%. Food is as expensive as houses!
How much longer they can play with people’s brain!!
Time will answer that!...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

strange but the truth!! would you get married to me!!

I was send the above statment by a firend of mine!!
I was reading BBC Persian service news. I encountered a kinda bizzare discussion which is apparently, true!! what is the discussion there has been a threatening of some south Pars oil development refinery in South of Iran about the marital status. The head of moral police (Herassat) of the South pars has written to all employees that within next few (I think it is 3 months) months they either should get married or they will be fired from work. Read in Persian.

So, I figured since this is short period and apparently, the communication include men and women of the same.

There are couple of possibilities:
1. either all men and women in that department get married to one another, either as short marriages or long one! for men to have 4 wifes, that is all right, other way around can be also worked out!! as long as both sides are happy!:)

2. Those who want to get some one from outside of company will do as follow:(write an ad)

I am a young man, with muscles at good and proper places, with head to be where it belongs and the special tool to be on the place where it belongs!.
With deep hope and sorrow to make some money for my ends meat and hoping to finally get out of Iran to live in one of the lands of free and prosperity in west or east!!

Due to reality of Iranian government and their nose are in private matters of any Iranians's life, I have to get married!!

So, looking for a fit, beautiful bride, who can live without me for 9 months out of 12 months! I promise to be back for holiday season!
The candidate should not complain, just live and have fun:)

interested candidates write me back:))

A speech Worth of thausands words!!!

This speech is apparently being done when Dr. Moeen was minster of higher education and Mr. Khatami was president. Interesting enough Mr. Khameni says, what is the meaning of sending our students to foreign country (there are reports telling me that!), what does it mean to promote music in university!!!(again people have reported that to me!), promoting music is not Islam! why sending them to as mix groups of boys and girls to the orientation field trips or short trip!!?
listen the rest for yourself! Interesting!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Once upon a time in canada

I read that Molla Hassani has gone to the court for his fine received in Canada. I recalled when I was back in Canada, I got similar but slightly more intresting story of my own.

My story starts like that, one evening I parked my car in front of a fire pipe, however, not exactely in front of it, enough far where the pipe was accessable.
I was technically about a few cm outside of correct parking place in downtown of Toronto. So, when I get back I saw nice fine was on my car's windshield.
So, right from beginning I always liked to work as a lawyer, so I decided to send it for court.
The day of court came in. I knew if the police officer who has issued the fine does not show up in the court, I am lucky enough to have my fine waived. So, I was hoping that at bottom of my heart.:-)

(So, after I went into the court, I said, ah this is how court look alike! (later I realized this is just for traffic related court!!).
The judge came in and the lady judge assisstant read about the process.
I was asked to stand in introducing myself for the records, I realized, damn the officer is there!! I got little lost but I said I stick to my defence!!
So, the judge asked me, would you consider yourself guilty or not guilty!
I pronounce myself not guilty.

So, then The judge asked if officer can step up in the witness stand and explain what has happened.

Making long story short after that I was asked if I can defend myself. I said. But I wish to have the officer as a witness.

Me: Do you know what color is my car!
He replied: like dark gray, however, the car was gray light one.
Me: Do you know what my car license number is?
He simply read from the remaining of the fine.

Then, I was waiting for that to be happening, I asked the judge to give a motion to dismiss the case granting (I had just learned that from law and order series!!) for the fact that the color of my car and one of the numbers of my car's license number is different from the one written on the fine receipt, as a result there is reasoble doubt that the fine was written for another car and it was mistakenly palced on my car or perhaps it was a late evening, and the honorable officer could not exatly pin point which car was closer to the fire pipe!

I think the judge was quite amazed with the way I approached this case, because she smiled and said, the case is dismissed and I was waived of any payment!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Iranian hip-hop/Rap

It has been a few years that Iranian rappers are becoming some kind of phenomenon in underground music society! There is this artist called Hichkas who is known one of the pioneer of Persian hip/hop. I like his work and his work reflects Iranian society at current stands, but I am a bigger fan of this guy whose name is Yas.
You can listen to him on MySpace, link above. One of his work I like is Be Omid Iran:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Without further ado...this is you, CdeB and Arian

and finally it came out!

p.s. My 2-cents: The start is strong, specially the Irish type of fiddler, but then the theme becomes very rhythmic and CdeB(isch) if I can say that. Not bad for start, but I would supposed they could have made it more high pitch and low pitch, perhaps trying to experiment with Persian tones and so on. of course, this is my opinion.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Arabs..., Freeing Khoramshahr

1. I try to be fair [not always, of course] and not being against Arabs. but sometimes I see something strange about them, makes me wonder about that thoughts!! ok, this could also happens to any nationality!

So, what is the story you may ask!? or what am I talking about?

The Story is about an Arab-Canadian whose name is Waddah Mustapha and according to him, he used to buy bottle water of Culligan
company. Once, however, he and his wife found the remains of two dead flies floating near the top of one of the company's water bottles. So, according to Waddah the "sight" [please pay attention to the word, Sight] of those flies made him "physically ill", and in time, brought on a major depressive disorder associated with anxiety and phobia. So he sued Culligan. And in 2005 the Ontario Superior Court awarded him more than three hundred thousand dollars. Last year, that ruling was overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal. Today, however, after a long due the supreme court of Canada, issued his final verdict and such a psychological is such a remote that the plaintiff [Mr. Mustapha] does not awarded anything more than 300 thousands that was originally, entitled!
For those interested like me on class actions details of such a cases: Read the detailed of the case here.
Interesting is that According to Mustapha: "Mustapha said the discovery in 2001 triggered a phobia of flies that changed his personality and even killed his SEX life."
I think I leave that to readers to be the judge!:-)

2. Today, is the day that Khoramshahr was freed from Iraqi's forces after almost a year being occupied. Let me be clear, I am against any war. According to UN resolution this war was started on Iran by Sadam.

I was little boy those day who could not understand so much of the things going on around me. But one is is for sure that this is one of the recent war that Iran for past 200 years has not given up his territory.

Those who give their life, so people like me can live around the county in almost peace, has done a lot for Iran and Iranians. Those without any greed did those braveries and freed Khoramshahr. I would like to praise them and hoping those who are still alive and around may live in peace and prosperity.

Not sure, if Mohammad Ali Jahan Ara was a good guy or a hardliner [don't care about that], but he is referred to one of those Generals who freed Khoramshahr. In his memory [RIP] I dedicate this clip to all those fighters.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shave or not to shave, that is the question!!

1. I just discovered something extraordinary!:-) not that much abnormal, but under notes of wow, why I didn't do that so often before!
I recall many years ago when my parents hated me (ok, this is joke!) so they put me in the boarding school, we had to be prepared a night before going to the high school! That preparation was taking shower, make the clothing for the next day ready and of course those who could shave their facial hair or so called want to be beard!
So, coming back to my discovery, that was many years ago! last night, I decided once again start shaving my facial hair at night before I go to sleep. Volia, great results!
longer sleep, smoother face and better feeling.
conclusion, if you want to shave any hair!, do it before you sleep!(of course, this is a new discovery!!!):)

2. I have made everyone in our house to fall in love with Gourmet-sabzi, an Iranian dish! This Tuesday, I prepared some and we still have some left over. last night, according to my housemate, David, despite he had already eaten his dinner, he asked if he could eat Ghormet-sabzi!! So, now you are liking it, more than BratWurst or German food, I asked David. He replied, it is quite delicious and definitely I like it more than German food, now!!! (Part of promoting, Iranian food and culture!)

3. I have heard prices of groceries in Iran has tripled since Iranian new year!
oh, honestly, this guy Ahmadi-nejad is a joke. He has recently said, the messiah is managing the country! So, I draw this conclusion, baba leave that, let us just live for the hell, it seems in west, who are connected to devil they do better management. So, devil by far is a better management! I would vote for him!!:-)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Iranians are either smarter or more hard working than average other middle eastern people!!

I just recently (in March) attended a biomechanical engineering conference in Portugal.

One of the interesting aspect of this conference was the number of of Iranian delegates who were originally Iranians and were now representing other universities. (There were a few Iranians who were also from Iran, I will get to that later!)

on average there were 40 oral presentations per 3.5 days. So, that makes about 140 presentation! (This is quite rough estimation, though)

Out of these 140, there were 7 oral presenters who were from Europe or US and the presenter was Iranian in origin. Add to this three more presenters who didn't show up, according to head of the conference because of sanctions towards Iranians, they didn't get visa to attend the conference!

On the other hand, I looked at the presenters with Arab origin. To my knowledge, there was only one I saw who was from a University from Finland! I attend his presentation, he got quite disappointing respond from experts!

I also saw one seeming Arab name who didn't attend. so, in total there were 2.

Having said that about 7 to 8 percent of the conference can be said were Iranians.
This percentage may be extended and extrapolated to other conferences. Just ask a few non-Iranians in your university!

I wonder with all these sanctions and lack of support in science and technology Iranians participate in such a great number at science stages, what would have happened if Iran was part of greater world community!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Do I think Iranian society is no longer religious!

I hear from many non-Iranian people around me that Iran is quite religious country and they are something perhaps like Saudi Arabia!

This is my 2-cent about this fact.

I have been thinking for past few years, why I think that Iran is no longer is a religious country!
My argument is not the fact, Iranian stills feel that Iran has been invaded by Arabs and Iranians were forcefully accepted Islam. No, though it can be one but not this one!

Another argument many reference to is, that Iranian had deep no Islamic culture before Islam is accepted by Iranians. I think this argument is not a bad one, since many cultural occasions and traditions are usually defined with respect to religious references. The examples are many in Western and eastern culture! But in Iran we had pretty well developed culture before Islam are taken by Iranians.

But my argument is none of the above.

My argument and reasoning is this one:

The corruption! What you may ask!
Wait a second I shall explain in a second:
Iranian society for many reasons has come to this point that people do anything to obtain money, position, etc. Technically talking as a religious society Iranians should refrain from doing such a actions that are considered unreligious and most of all corrupted. Iranian society should be free of corruption. Though, Iranian perhaps is one of most corrupted society in the world.

So, I am concluding Iranians have realized that god is an absence, so the current corrupted society is simply looks for a different rule of games. For now, it is shariat law. This law is putting the legal hat of any illegitimacy that is not accepted in secular society!
I believe simply there will be a day that people in Iran shall realize that the close circuit camera of god who would make note of their “right and wrong doing” is long gone. This would be the time that people will realize that a secular law system over seeing all those prejudices is necessity to overcome all the current problems.
Coming back to my first statement, a society which does anything and does not care for right and wrong doing technically under enforced Islamic government, is no longer the holy community that is looking forward to messiah!

p.s. if many misspelling/ grammar mistake exist in this writing! it is written in less than 10min with everything included and uploading, so, this is not a Journal paper:-)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Iranian Jazz music

For those who know me I am a big fan of mellow jazz music. During some of my searches on internet, I found the work Kamram Jahanbani who uses jazz music base with Persian lyrics. Some of his work worth listening to.

you can download his free mp3 Here.
The work I like the most is Nago eshgh namoredeh!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

For those who missed Iranian tone like this...

Performed: Payman H.
Title: Golden Autumn (In cold days of Switzerland it is really warming!)

Gole E Goldone man:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

HAPPY Iranian New year

One of the things I like about Iranian new year, it has nothing to do with religion!
neither a prophet has resurrected or ascended! It is about the myth as in Shahnameh e Ferdowsi written "when after 7 years of winter, spring blossom; Jamshid shad orders people to celebrate...Noorooz...".
So, having said that all the best for all people especially those who celebrate Iranian new year.
This new video of googoosh dedicate to all:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Iran Parliamentary Election! A misleading process!

I was by surfing Iranian news site and saw so many new advertisements for Iran Parliamentry Election (IPE).
I accidentally click on one of them whose name is Hadi Maazidini. This gentleman is a public notary, who apparently has a degree from one of the universities of US in business administration. So far, nothing seems strange, the same old the same old!
but then, I browsed his website further and clicked to read others opinion on Mr. Maazidini!
when you open up that webpage, you see a text written that opinion of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ganjii on Mr. Maazidini! The text says that Prof. Dr. Ganjii thinks Mr. Maazidini is eligable person to become Member of Parliament! So far so good!
but then, you see a photo of aparently Prof. Dr. Ganjii on the top left corner of the webpage. Have a look at it!

The photo (Shown above) is no one than Prof. Dr. Mahmood Hessabi the father of Iranian physics and the only Iranian student of Albert Einstein!

Then when you even read description of Prof. Dr. Ganjii as is described by Mr. Maazidini in his webpage, it partly remind you of Prof. Hessabi.

I searched the net to see if Prof. Dr. Ganjii does exist! As it is described by webpage of Mr. Maazidini? nope, I couldn't find anything!!

Conclusion: misleading is a great technique to become a MP!

I think until Iranian people understand their rights and don't get deceived by non-senses these so called educated people feed them! We shall have such a liar in Iranian parliament

I beg people who vote, vote with open eyes and avoid such suckers!

NOTE: As My friends and readers of this weblog mentioned in the comment, I made a mistake to say that Prof. Dr. Ganjii does not exist. though, the photo belongs to late Prof. Dr. Hessabi.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Death, the truth nothing but the truth!

imagine you are told that you have few months to live. What would be your reaction! that has happened once for me and for a month until I find out that the Dr. was wrong, made me to realize many things around me that I had never realized before!
that is of course past, but there is real one!
That is about Prof. Randy Pausch who is having pancreatic cancer and is given about 1 to 5 months to live by the Drs.! He has 3 childern. He is professor at Carnegie Mellon University
. As he put it: "in this clip he is giving his last lecture."
It trully worth wachting!

2. Why am I write a lot less than before!
Simply, I am focusing on my work these days! I have a student to look after. I am looking for a student to do some work for me! besides, I have to develop a few things like a protocol for motion capture analysis.
The truth is I went to Portugal for a conference and got some constructive and positive feedback. I feel I should do more to finalize my work.
Add to the above to many things I do besides my work. So, virtually no time to write!
Another reason is when I read Iranian news, so much lie are there, that I wonder when people start to realize that IRI lies, continously! that make me sad and uncomfortable!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


1. Finally Iranian national football team got a head-coach. Who is better than Ali Daei with international and national reputation. Like any other thing in Iran, it took Iranian football Federation many months to come up with someone proper.
I personally like Ali Daei, he is hard working dude, who can recreate himself. The most important thing I like about him is his dress style. He is not shy to wear tie, or leave the buttons open, like this photo taken with Ali Daei and Mr. Ali Abadi, a hardcore, Islamic mind pretender of Sports Organization Committee of Iranian government!'

Good luck to him.
more photos

2. Still another sanction resolution on Iran! Sanction on Iran!
The IRI is still celebrating its achievement in nuclear proliferation and deceiving Iranian people! Khodayish roo mikhad!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parliamentry voting in Iran

In less than 2 month in Iran it is parliamentry voting. Regardless of all those who participate or does not participate, I came across this video. It is an interview in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcast (IRIB) with Mr. Sadeghe Ziba kalam, a professor of political sciences and political analyst.

Monday, February 04, 2008

hum, what are the news!!

1. I have no idea how a PhD student in Canada can kiss the boobes of a female student in Canada! You don't believe me! Read it in globe and mail
having said that, I want to indicate my position in this event!
I think it is great idea, just kissing a boobs of a some beautiful woman you don't know! it gives you a good feeling, but before anything like that I would get the female consent so, I don't get to any trouble that this guy has fallen in!!:)

Dramatic conclusion: PhD does not make you smart!

2. In the news I read that president launched a space rocket! good for Iran!Iran launches a space rocket
after seeing this movie about the launch couple of questions do not leave me alone!

1. what does launching a space rocket has anything to do with Mahdi the last Imam or ultimate savior!!? on the movie the speaker dedicates the rocket to him! and what is the space rocket use to ultimate savior!? if someone knows please share!

2. I am a mechanical engineer, so what I say does not make sense, I apologize!looking at the movie the top of the rocket is quite sharp and I think it creates boundary layer which would drag down the missile! So, why the tip of the rocket is so sharp!!?

3. Since this rocket is supposed to take a satelite to the orbit next year! what was the purpose of launching this rocket!! Testing!? if they do testing, why do they become so proud!!?

Friday, January 25, 2008

very funny clip in Persian!!

1. I saw this clip from Firouz Karimi who is Iran's Esteghlal football coach.
look at this for about 11 second. listen closly. It is in Persian

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wonderful video!

I first saw Performance of Josh Gorban in 1999 or 2000 in Ally McBeal series.
I just was looking for one of his work came across this one.
It is wonderful and moving!! enjoy!

If you wish to read the lyrics:
Sento nell'aria profumo di te
Piccoli sogni vissuti con me
Ora lo so
Non voglio perderti
Quella dolcezza così senza età
La tua bellezza rivali non ha
Il cuore mio vuole soltanto te

Per te, per te, vivrò
L'amore vincerà
Con te, con te avrò
Mille giorni di felicità
Mille notti di serenità
Farò quello che mi chiederai
Andrò sempre dovunque tu andrai
Darò tutto l'amore che ho per te

Dimmi che tu già il futuro lo sai
Dimmi che questo non finirà mai
Senza di te non voglio esistere

Per te, per te, vivrò
L'amore vincerà
Con te, con te, avrò
Mille giorni di felicità
Mille notti di serenità
Farò quello che mi chiederai
Andrò sempre dovunque tu andrai
Darò tutto l'amore che ho per te

Non devo dirtelo
Ormai già lo sai
Che morirei senza di te

Per te, per te, vivrò
L'amore vincerà
Con te, con te, farò
Tutto quello che mi chiederai
Andrò sempre dovunque tu andrai
Darò tutto l'amore che ho per te

in English:
For You

I smell in the air the scent of you
Little dreams had lived with me
Now I know, I don’t wanna lose you
That sweetness which has no age
Your beauty has no rivals
My heart wants only you

For you, For you, I’ll live
Love is gonna win
With you, With you, I’ll have
Hundreds days of happiness
Hundreds nights of serenity
I’ll do what you’ll ask me to
I’ll go always anywher you go
I’ll give all the love I feel for you

Tell me that you know the future, yet
Tell me that this is not gonna change
Without you I don’t wanna exist

For you, For you, I’ll live
Love is gonna win
With you, With you, I’ll have
Hundreds days of happiness
Hundreds nights of serenity
I’ll do what you’ll ask me to
I’ll go always anywher you go
I’ll give all the love I feel for you

I mustn’t say it to you, by now you know it
That I would die without you

For you, For you, I’ll live
Love is gonna win
With you, With you, I’ll do
Everything you’ll ask me to
I’ll go always anywher you go
I’ll give all the love I feel for you

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A short of what I think!

My comment to Doste khobam (motasefaneh esmesho nemidonam) Yek Dokhtare

Aval az hameh azat ozr khahi mikonam, man motasefaneh balad nistam, farsi type konam, so I write everything in English. I hope that does not get interpreted to “Jafar khan rafteh farang.” By Writing this in English that does not mean I am intending to say I am better than you or understand better than you, not at all. So, I want to say that before I start to answer your comment.
( just write now on CNN there is report of a Egyptian-American father killed shut his own girl who was dating a none-Muslim boy!!)

I think the location of whoever picks up to live in any part of this earth is something we are entitled to choose and this is part of human right. Having said that, everyone has many reasons for leaving or staying in the place they were born. So, rest assure that my reasons of leaving Iran have not been due to political or even to gain a better living standard! Because if I had stayed in Iran, I would have had a more comfortable life style than I am having here. Trust me on that!
Let’s not play any type of accusation or labeling that is common among us, Iranians. As I said I have had my reason to move out of Iran.

I am not trying to fix anything at once. Never! I would have liked it but not possible in my view! This is something I never intend to do. What I emphasize on is something little children do, take one step at the time!
I agree, that Iran's problems are 100% related to culture. People do many unjustified act, killing their siblings for nothing, But does this justifies us (by us I mean those who understand that is incorrect) care not to do anything towards these cultural issues!?

I do not mean, to go out and start to change people or tell them either you change your mind or else I do something to you, not. Completely contrary. That is what our fathers did in Iran during revolution, from what I understand!

What I mean is simply I should first start by myself. For example, if I ever have child would I give her/him hard time as it is done by many traditional families in Iran? Will I ask my girl to stay virgin until she gets married or else she has been a disgrace to her family! Or
I would choose another approaches, for example, provide her with the information needed for such a situations if she ever decides to have sex.

When I say we should act upon us than others. This idea simply comes from the fact,
You wouldn’t litter your own room/home, would you? So why not stop throwing litter on streets? So, I start with myself.
When I say we shall start with ourselves, I mean to open our own eyes to realities and avoid superstitious. To provide the real information to people around us, not to refrain the information from flowing. Show the truth, and not the lies!

The last thing but not the least, I don’t think you should judge me for anything you have not even seen or done! I never criticize you for why are you going out with Dr. (unfortunately I don’t know his name), so therefore, you are not good girl! One of those unnecessary conclusions!
Let’s forget that idea of accusing, just be on the side that accept each other with what we are.
What you do is great, I am sure. Learning to survive and enjoy, as you put it, in Society of Mashhad and in greater extend in Iran. And I am not there to judge you.
all I am saying is that we,in Iran, need more freedom, easier flow of information and I think avoid judging people, especially young people like you!

We are on the same side! let's not think what I have written for you is something against you.

So, my entire opinion goes around this fact: Give information, let the person to decide for her/himself.

by theway, if you got time, read my old posts: just click and read some of them:
something I wrote!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am kinda big fan of Youtube! many video's that I have heard throughout of my life I can find them there:)

I don't think people in my age know this group but I have always heard it. FYI, these guys are Dan England and John Coley.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My long list wish, never come true! and what I missed.

What I miss the most when I look back!
I am sure everyone, who is completely satisfied with his/her life; there is something they have missed in their life or wished they had!
What did I missed or wished I could do the most, I tend to ask myself!

1. I miss those years that I could spend with my high school and primary school friends and just have fun without fear of revolutionary guard in Iran.

2. I missed simply a sit out at a cafe-shop in Tehran and greet at my fellows who I know!

3. To fall in love at young age and have crush on someone I admired!

4. I miss those fun times we could have with friends. The time we could simply get together rather than just sitting at home. Go all out to a local club where we lived in Iran, talk to the people spoke my mother tongue. Just drink and have a fair laugh at ourselves and good time.

5. Those years that I was away from my family and friends can be recounted to be with them again. I wished I could change a few things in my family life without hassle!

6. I wished I could see smiling women hand in hand with their partner not wearing veil on streets of Iran. I miss to see that. I have seen that in europe and North America why not in Iran?!

7. I wished everyone including my friends can get a visa to come to this side of the world!

6. I wished and I missed...
if anyone, you could add more...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Iran, A center of development and achievement since ...

One thing I can't understand is that in the news agencies that are close to Iranian state we achieve everyday a new heights in science and technology!
but, yes there is but,
after 29 years being under economic sanctions and knowing thnigs will not be changed, why we can't fix our passangers' airplanes we bought 30 years ago? or have them checked properly?

Just yesterday: A plane taking off from Tehran, its front wheel breaks down and starts to burn according to Fars news close to conservative and current government!

I am not an aviation expert, but a simple overhaul seems so difficult for Iranian technicians, how can we achieve so many frontiers in today's Iran science according to many state own news agencies but not being able to just properly check technicality of a plane!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Politics!? year 2007! A review!!

It has been a long time I have not written about politics. But I as anything is some how related to politics, I would like to write short thing about some issues came to my attention.

While I was reading Molla Hassani’s serious writings, I started to think what has happened to many people throughout these years! The people I am going to talk about are not just any people; as their position and being “insider” made them in some extend to play a role in current Iranian history!
I recall one of the most wishes many young Iranians have is to leave Iran and become acquainted with life of Iranian Diaspora. Or as I put it” experience the life under westernized civilization, free regardless of their beliefs and of course, higher standard of life”.
So, who are these people and where they are today!

1. Ms. Fatemeh Haghighatjou, after being outspoken member of Iranian parlement in Khatami era. She left Iran to be a guest researcher at MIT Center for International Studies and She is now working at The University of Connecticut in Storrs.
Interesting from her biographical synopsis in MIT webpage: “Ms. Haghighatjoo speaks some English and is available for interviews.”!!!

2. Mr. Hossein Derakhshan, those who does not know him, can get to know him through Wikipedia. He is hardcore advocate of Islamic republic though immigrated to Canada with wife in 2000, owns Canadian passport, goes around the world labels people with what he thinks is correct! Question I always wonder about is, how did he moved to Canada since he did not have bachelor from any university (according to wikipedia)?! And why outside of Iran he lives?! if he believes IR system is a system that is standing against "free market"? how could he travel around the world with his “French girlfriend” as he puts it (he has already divorced from wife, not that is my business!)!! He currently has started to study in an private school with not having a fixed job! To my experience, a person who has work in food chains and with many difficulty lived his bachlor years, how could he travel so much if does not have much money or a fix job!

3. Mr. Amir Farshad Ebrahimi , Wikipedia reads: he is a former member of Ansar-e Hezbollah and Basij of Iran, currently a peace and human rights activist living in Germany. For those who don’t know him, he is the guy who got Ms. Shirin Ebadi into jail because of his confessions about what Ansar-e Hezbollah did. An example was what happened when Mr. Mohajerani former minster of Islamic guidance speech was set to violence.
His weblog!

In any case, I just wonder where they are the above people and where they were about 5 years ago! So, life has lots of ups and down! note to myself, no kidding!!

Happy 2008 and a year full of health and prosperty for all!