Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prof. Parviz Shahriyari

Those who went to high school in Iran and studied mathematics and physics may remember extra curriculum books by Parviz Shahriari. Mr. shahriyari was a role model and a great scientific figure as long as I recall.

Today, I came across this documentary about his life.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

some tiny steps forward!

I felt I should perhaps mention this. Finally after more than 12 months, I have got a journal paper published in a journal with impact factor of 1.30. I believe this is not a bad start, as I am preparing the second paper.
hoping this one will get little shorter to be published.
The job market in Canada seems pretty quiet for someone with a PhD. we shall see!
I have been playing volleyball in the community centre for the past 4 months. In the beginning, I was not sure about the level, so I joined those who are technically in intermediate level but they are there for fun.
It has been about a month, now that I have joined the real intermediate level, who are there for the game.
serious and to the point, as I put it! real setting, covering and spike.
ok, why I mentioned this? let me explain.
there is this Chinese guy, who seems to be very serious and tries to play hard. why serious, in the first session I joined them, during the break, I asked everyone to say their names. All of the sudden, he started to make fun of me, saying we are here for volleyball, who cares about names! So, I went silence!
This Chinese guy, after ever point, he starts to say something. First, I thought he just talks to others and can't hear. Then, this past Tuesday, I was playing next to him, he started to talk looking at me. At first, I wasn't sure what was he saying,
I figured, he must be a native English speaker, so I can't understand what he says. However, after one of the points, he started to talk loud, turning his face to me, said: "Don't do that" with heavy Chinese accent! I, in disarray, asked, what shouldn't I do? he said, ping pong!!! I looked at him puzzled face!
asked, him, ping pong?!
He said, with an aggressive tone, yes, don't do that "ping pong"!! then he turned his face away and started to continue playing!
I ignored what he said. Interesting enough, after that i realized he continously says the same thing over and over!
after, he moved his position to other team, I noticed he keeps saying the same to others!!! So, my conclusion is there must be something weird going on with him!
In serious intermediate volleyball session, people who participate are quite a character. half are from eastern European counties, with a look of cold, iron mind. no talking! the another half are Chinese or Chinese decedent, me and 3 white Canadians! I have to add, there is this Canadian guy who looks in end of 40's and feels, he should coach every team he is in!
in any case, after seeing what is going on with that guy, I am thankful enough that I am not doing what he does, yet!