Thursday, March 27, 2008

For those who missed Iranian tone like this...

Performed: Payman H.
Title: Golden Autumn (In cold days of Switzerland it is really warming!)

Gole E Goldone man:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

HAPPY Iranian New year

One of the things I like about Iranian new year, it has nothing to do with religion!
neither a prophet has resurrected or ascended! It is about the myth as in Shahnameh e Ferdowsi written "when after 7 years of winter, spring blossom; Jamshid shad orders people to celebrate...Noorooz...".
So, having said that all the best for all people especially those who celebrate Iranian new year.
This new video of googoosh dedicate to all:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Iran Parliamentary Election! A misleading process!

I was by surfing Iranian news site and saw so many new advertisements for Iran Parliamentry Election (IPE).
I accidentally click on one of them whose name is Hadi Maazidini. This gentleman is a public notary, who apparently has a degree from one of the universities of US in business administration. So far, nothing seems strange, the same old the same old!
but then, I browsed his website further and clicked to read others opinion on Mr. Maazidini!
when you open up that webpage, you see a text written that opinion of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ganjii on Mr. Maazidini! The text says that Prof. Dr. Ganjii thinks Mr. Maazidini is eligable person to become Member of Parliament! So far so good!
but then, you see a photo of aparently Prof. Dr. Ganjii on the top left corner of the webpage. Have a look at it!

The photo (Shown above) is no one than Prof. Dr. Mahmood Hessabi the father of Iranian physics and the only Iranian student of Albert Einstein!

Then when you even read description of Prof. Dr. Ganjii as is described by Mr. Maazidini in his webpage, it partly remind you of Prof. Hessabi.

I searched the net to see if Prof. Dr. Ganjii does exist! As it is described by webpage of Mr. Maazidini? nope, I couldn't find anything!!

Conclusion: misleading is a great technique to become a MP!

I think until Iranian people understand their rights and don't get deceived by non-senses these so called educated people feed them! We shall have such a liar in Iranian parliament

I beg people who vote, vote with open eyes and avoid such suckers!

NOTE: As My friends and readers of this weblog mentioned in the comment, I made a mistake to say that Prof. Dr. Ganjii does not exist. though, the photo belongs to late Prof. Dr. Hessabi.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Death, the truth nothing but the truth!

imagine you are told that you have few months to live. What would be your reaction! that has happened once for me and for a month until I find out that the Dr. was wrong, made me to realize many things around me that I had never realized before!
that is of course past, but there is real one!
That is about Prof. Randy Pausch who is having pancreatic cancer and is given about 1 to 5 months to live by the Drs.! He has 3 childern. He is professor at Carnegie Mellon University
. As he put it: "in this clip he is giving his last lecture."
It trully worth wachting!

2. Why am I write a lot less than before!
Simply, I am focusing on my work these days! I have a student to look after. I am looking for a student to do some work for me! besides, I have to develop a few things like a protocol for motion capture analysis.
The truth is I went to Portugal for a conference and got some constructive and positive feedback. I feel I should do more to finalize my work.
Add to the above to many things I do besides my work. So, virtually no time to write!
Another reason is when I read Iranian news, so much lie are there, that I wonder when people start to realize that IRI lies, continously! that make me sad and uncomfortable!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


1. Finally Iranian national football team got a head-coach. Who is better than Ali Daei with international and national reputation. Like any other thing in Iran, it took Iranian football Federation many months to come up with someone proper.
I personally like Ali Daei, he is hard working dude, who can recreate himself. The most important thing I like about him is his dress style. He is not shy to wear tie, or leave the buttons open, like this photo taken with Ali Daei and Mr. Ali Abadi, a hardcore, Islamic mind pretender of Sports Organization Committee of Iranian government!'

Good luck to him.
more photos

2. Still another sanction resolution on Iran! Sanction on Iran!
The IRI is still celebrating its achievement in nuclear proliferation and deceiving Iranian people! Khodayish roo mikhad!!