Monday, July 28, 2008

Tahmineh Milani excellent answers!

Be ghole ghadima: Shireh Ms. Milani:)

Friday, July 18, 2008


0.1. Reading Arsh weblog and the sad news she heard about her co-worker, reminded me of something a several Years ago in Toronto.
A pleasant and lovely 26 years of age lady who was co-worker of friend of mine accompany us for a lunch in Toronto. We had some conversation and She mentioned that she is going to see a Chiropractic the same afternoon as she feels pain in her neck.
Two days later I saw my friend for lunch and he said, do you recall my co-worker two days ago with whom we had lunch? I said Of course, I recall. He said, she is from neck down paralyzed!! I said you must be kidding! No, I am not, my friend said. Apparently the same afternoon we saw her she goes to chiropractic office. He somehow tries to release pressure of her neck by axially rotating it. Then, she must have resisted, somehow, so, the nerve gets cut or something happens that she can't moves her leg and hands afterwards!!!
This is striking and so sad:(

1. I didn't want to remove previous report about that old women who sells pens to make her ends-meat! I may cut and paste it here again.

here some music: Ok I explain what is especial about this song: Here Dinah Shore sings an Iranian song. Who is Dinah Shore? Wikipedia says: was an American singer, actress, and television personality. She was most popular during the Big Band era of the 1940s and 1950s.

this is my favorite by Hoomayoun Shajarian.

This is by Alireza Asar for Iran, and big punch to eye of AR-ab who think non-senses.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just another story of real life...

1. Don't know why after reading this story, I had drops of water in my eyes. couldn't feel well, either! feeling sad! Every time I read this:(
Read the story for you own!

2. Still want to keep the above article!

3. According to scientists Happiness is immune to life events! According to these studies done in 20 years, The most negative event which had a long lasting effect for longer than 2 years was losing a job!!
According to these study, it took 5 years for those who experience it, to forget that! Even, divorce and death had not more than 2 years lasting effect!
The same was for also positive event in life, like marriage and child birth!
My psychopathic conclusion:
As I have always said, relationship is becoming more and more on the background of real issues like work and making money and getting a job!!

I don't feel write new thing, want to keep the above link for while here.
While reading that listen to Gary Moore weeping guitar and sounds!

Monday, July 14, 2008

what shall I say ...

1. Watching this interview of Mr. Ahmadi Nedjad with first channel of IRIB. It is embaressing! listen and watch carefully! He simply lies especially at the beginning! makes false statement, imaginitive statements! There is part he says like this: "we sat with other memebers of government to see what is the pulse of world economy[!!], we sat down and ploted all the graphs that needed to be done[!]..., So, we know very well how the world economy is turning and where are the pulses[!!!]...

Highlights: One of the anchors says,...yes, we know that Iran foreign and internal affair has been so popular in world that we need many sessions to talk about it[!], however, Iranians with Iranian passport can only go to 26 counties. Even Syrian people can go to more countires!! Isn't that better to bring all these mightiness to real life and life of ordinary people! Everyday, there are tons of Iranians in front of any embassy asking for visa and those from embassies are acting rude towards them.
AH: You are informed wrongly! there a just one or two european counties like doing that! The rest everyone loves us!!!! ... There are some countries we also give them with difficulty visa, may be those one, which are not many...

Highlight 2: Iran is loved all around the world! Everyone likes us and they are jealous of our approaches!

Oh, after listening to these interview, truly I think I see sign of Psychiatric disorders that is: You say lies, you heard it or keep repeating it, so you start believing them! It is type of delusion, monomania and perhaps mild schizophrenia and also synchronicity!
Someone is obsessed with things himself says! Someone believes Iran is mightly and everything is fine, just needs some little work!

though, he has some points about economy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Conference and the issues on the side!

The conference of European Society of Biomechanics is finished. It was quite fruitful for me. I get a chance to talk to many big names and seek their opinion.
having said that, one thing was quite interesting, the completion between Germans and German speaking society at large and within Germany. It seems this competition rather than being a healthy and positive one, was turning to a nasty, and saying you are wrong, I am right, tone. In general there were few highlights which I would name:

1. Presentation of a Japanese guy:
This guy presented in his very heavy accent, but the funny part was when someone asked something about the what was the posture you measured. He raised his leg almost as high as the chair of the session and said: how to say that, here, feet while pointing to his arch!!(may be doesn't sound funny, but at that moment it was!)

2. An Iranian professor who was presenting a work of her student. She was so worried that she had asked Salman to be there, so if someone asked any question and she couldn't understand, he would translate that. Salman was busy with his session, so he asked me to do that. This lady read her own presentation of the writing she had. There were so many mistakes in the slides that one can say unimaginable! however, the highlight was when the chair of the session who was from Stanford University asked a question. She asked me to translate it, I tried and then she answered. The chairman seemed happy with the answer. So, this was done. Apparently, since I was sitting in front row, many people who didn't know me, thought I am her supervisor!!!

3. Spine session, There seemed it was some extra friction between some young researchers from different groups!
The young guy presented, then in his presentation, he mentioned about a process which may contribute to a mistake of a measurement that the members of the other group were there. He said we published that in this Journal as a note to editor!! Then during Q & A period, there was a guy sitting behind me, with heavy German accent and little bothered voice protested to those suggestion, then he said, "come on, this is simple mechanics!" The Presenter said, no you are wrong, with some uncomfortable voice!! Then the chairmen of the session intervened and stopped them. Then, the guy behind me, said he (pointing out to the presenter) doesn't like us, He tries to pick on us! I should point out he is wrong!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

me and this Arab guy from Syria

As I said, There is this Arab-Syrian (as he put it himself) has come here to do his Masters project.
This morning I arrived in the office and said hello! He asked me if I know of an adaptor for his laptop since its cable doesn't have Swiss transformer. I Looked at it and said, this is British or Australian plug. You asked one our colleagues...
Before I finish my sentence he said, but this is an American plug!!! I bought is in the Gulf area, I used to work there, in Ghatar!!!
Excuse me??, I said.
Which Gulf, Mexican gulf are you talking about or Persian Gulf. He said, we refer to that ... Before he finishes, I said, Persian Gulf is Persian gulf, no gulf, no unknown Arabian something. You should respect that, otherwise I will call Syrian Land, Israel!! Would you like that??

Anyhow, after long conversation, I convince him that Land like Bahrain, U.A.E were belong to Iran about 50 years, ago. And British, somehow, separated those land by trick or lack of political will in Iran, then!!
Other surprising issues, I heard from this guy:

This unknown arabian gulf was the name there, always!!! He didn't know that poor Egyptian President Jamal Abdol Naser was the first who used this unknown word!!

He thinks that one of the province in Iran is Arab-e-s-tan ( That would be Khozestan) and Iran has occupied that land!!!!!! (ok, excuse my language, i am not sure who M...F... teaches these craps to these the Arab Brains!)

Positive out come: by end of today, He does not make any mistake to call Persian Gulf anything less than that!

One other think, He has his own small carpet and every few hours, he praises on it in the office!!

despite all that, he seems all right guy!
What I am wondering what kind of propaganda they do in Arab land against Iranians!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Miss everything!!

1. First I missed my parents and friends! I missed many things. I wished I could be of help to them during these days.
It is quite strange there was this aunt of my dad, she was about 81. I heard she just died on Monday around 2:00 am!!! I was sleeping Monday around 2:00 am, though I saw her in my dream and somehow I jumped!! The next day I called Iran and I was told she has passed away!! Every kind and nice lady who was quite wise. She will be missed.

2. This is Iranian National Anthem during Ghagar Dynasty!

3. One of the most important thing is when you are going out with anyone, you can't criticize her/him for her/his behaviour! what you can criticize your partner for is her/his bad habits!! Despite this politically correct approach we tend to get offended even if someone says that this habit of mine is not appropriate!!

4. Just an Arab student who studies in Germany came to our office. He will be doing his Masters here! Only one comment, he seems nice, he has worn dress jacket with pants. Why can't he remove the jacket label on the right arm! I wonder about those who leave the sticker of the brand name on the cloth!!:)