Friday, November 22, 2013

The art of persuasion!

1. People are bombarded by all kind of advertisement throughout the day. No matter what ads have one way or another some may influence us.
The way we present any matter make a big difference in how we conceive ourselves in the eyes of others. So, I think that is why you see there is tons of advertisement about a product in the market and how happy we shall become if we purchase it.
Now, it is story of Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, IR of Iran foreign mister. He has recently presented a beautiful youtube speech telling his audience that a win-win treaty is possible between both Iran and 5+1 group.
His well synched movie and his soft and persuasive voice gives the well advertise clip that has made of a politician in IRI.
I have to say why I said beautiful, as the movie starts, the shots are showing assuming foreign ministry palace which is quite fascinating.

Now the question that arises is who is he targeting in this video clip and soft spoken message, Iranians or the non-Iranians?

The first group perhaps cannot be part of the audience as they have little or no access to youtube.  So, my assumption is that he is trying to convince his non-Iranians audience that it is in their benefits that if they put pressure on their politicians to make an agreement with Iranian officials who are rightfully defending simple Iranian right to nuclear proliferation!
Technically talking with respect to politicians, the fact is he is aware that Iranians have no right to express themselves in this issue, so, he plea to his non-Iranian citizens who have rights to demand from their elected individuals to do what they think will prevent another unwanted war in Middle East.

2.  The IR of Iran team of the negotiators have quite interesting background, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araghchi and Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American affairs Majid Takht Ravanchi accompany Zarif.

All three have PhD from foreign Universities, to be exact Zarif, Colorado, USA, Abbas Araghchi, University of Kent, UK and Majid Takhat Ravanchi from Bern University, Switzerland. 
The latter person surprisingly has received his bachelor and masters from University of Kansas and Fordham University. According to his resume in Wiki  in Persian based on his time of study, he has very little spent in Iran. He looks like a people from 1960 during John F. Kennedy! (Above with glasses) 
What is surprising that in less than 3 years after arriving in Iran (considering he has returned right after his masters in Iran) he becomes secretary (vice president) of International affairs in I.R. of Iran foreign ministry! 
In my opinion with such a background these people have, and hardly lived in Iran, how could they represent Iranian people and understand the suffering of ordinary Iranians in Iran! or perhaps they have a better understanding of the status quote!
Time will show!