Saturday, May 31, 2008

Once upon a time in canada

I read that Molla Hassani has gone to the court for his fine received in Canada. I recalled when I was back in Canada, I got similar but slightly more intresting story of my own.

My story starts like that, one evening I parked my car in front of a fire pipe, however, not exactely in front of it, enough far where the pipe was accessable.
I was technically about a few cm outside of correct parking place in downtown of Toronto. So, when I get back I saw nice fine was on my car's windshield.
So, right from beginning I always liked to work as a lawyer, so I decided to send it for court.
The day of court came in. I knew if the police officer who has issued the fine does not show up in the court, I am lucky enough to have my fine waived. So, I was hoping that at bottom of my heart.:-)

(So, after I went into the court, I said, ah this is how court look alike! (later I realized this is just for traffic related court!!).
The judge came in and the lady judge assisstant read about the process.
I was asked to stand in introducing myself for the records, I realized, damn the officer is there!! I got little lost but I said I stick to my defence!!
So, the judge asked me, would you consider yourself guilty or not guilty!
I pronounce myself not guilty.

So, then The judge asked if officer can step up in the witness stand and explain what has happened.

Making long story short after that I was asked if I can defend myself. I said. But I wish to have the officer as a witness.

Me: Do you know what color is my car!
He replied: like dark gray, however, the car was gray light one.
Me: Do you know what my car license number is?
He simply read from the remaining of the fine.

Then, I was waiting for that to be happening, I asked the judge to give a motion to dismiss the case granting (I had just learned that from law and order series!!) for the fact that the color of my car and one of the numbers of my car's license number is different from the one written on the fine receipt, as a result there is reasoble doubt that the fine was written for another car and it was mistakenly palced on my car or perhaps it was a late evening, and the honorable officer could not exatly pin point which car was closer to the fire pipe!

I think the judge was quite amazed with the way I approached this case, because she smiled and said, the case is dismissed and I was waived of any payment!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Iranian hip-hop/Rap

It has been a few years that Iranian rappers are becoming some kind of phenomenon in underground music society! There is this artist called Hichkas who is known one of the pioneer of Persian hip/hop. I like his work and his work reflects Iranian society at current stands, but I am a bigger fan of this guy whose name is Yas.
You can listen to him on MySpace, link above. One of his work I like is Be Omid Iran:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Without further ado...this is you, CdeB and Arian

and finally it came out!

p.s. My 2-cents: The start is strong, specially the Irish type of fiddler, but then the theme becomes very rhythmic and CdeB(isch) if I can say that. Not bad for start, but I would supposed they could have made it more high pitch and low pitch, perhaps trying to experiment with Persian tones and so on. of course, this is my opinion.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Arabs..., Freeing Khoramshahr

1. I try to be fair [not always, of course] and not being against Arabs. but sometimes I see something strange about them, makes me wonder about that thoughts!! ok, this could also happens to any nationality!

So, what is the story you may ask!? or what am I talking about?

The Story is about an Arab-Canadian whose name is Waddah Mustapha and according to him, he used to buy bottle water of Culligan
company. Once, however, he and his wife found the remains of two dead flies floating near the top of one of the company's water bottles. So, according to Waddah the "sight" [please pay attention to the word, Sight] of those flies made him "physically ill", and in time, brought on a major depressive disorder associated with anxiety and phobia. So he sued Culligan. And in 2005 the Ontario Superior Court awarded him more than three hundred thousand dollars. Last year, that ruling was overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal. Today, however, after a long due the supreme court of Canada, issued his final verdict and such a psychological is such a remote that the plaintiff [Mr. Mustapha] does not awarded anything more than 300 thousands that was originally, entitled!
For those interested like me on class actions details of such a cases: Read the detailed of the case here.
Interesting is that According to Mustapha: "Mustapha said the discovery in 2001 triggered a phobia of flies that changed his personality and even killed his SEX life."
I think I leave that to readers to be the judge!:-)

2. Today, is the day that Khoramshahr was freed from Iraqi's forces after almost a year being occupied. Let me be clear, I am against any war. According to UN resolution this war was started on Iran by Sadam.

I was little boy those day who could not understand so much of the things going on around me. But one is is for sure that this is one of the recent war that Iran for past 200 years has not given up his territory.

Those who give their life, so people like me can live around the county in almost peace, has done a lot for Iran and Iranians. Those without any greed did those braveries and freed Khoramshahr. I would like to praise them and hoping those who are still alive and around may live in peace and prosperity.

Not sure, if Mohammad Ali Jahan Ara was a good guy or a hardliner [don't care about that], but he is referred to one of those Generals who freed Khoramshahr. In his memory [RIP] I dedicate this clip to all those fighters.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shave or not to shave, that is the question!!

1. I just discovered something extraordinary!:-) not that much abnormal, but under notes of wow, why I didn't do that so often before!
I recall many years ago when my parents hated me (ok, this is joke!) so they put me in the boarding school, we had to be prepared a night before going to the high school! That preparation was taking shower, make the clothing for the next day ready and of course those who could shave their facial hair or so called want to be beard!
So, coming back to my discovery, that was many years ago! last night, I decided once again start shaving my facial hair at night before I go to sleep. Volia, great results!
longer sleep, smoother face and better feeling.
conclusion, if you want to shave any hair!, do it before you sleep!(of course, this is a new discovery!!!):)

2. I have made everyone in our house to fall in love with Gourmet-sabzi, an Iranian dish! This Tuesday, I prepared some and we still have some left over. last night, according to my housemate, David, despite he had already eaten his dinner, he asked if he could eat Ghormet-sabzi!! So, now you are liking it, more than BratWurst or German food, I asked David. He replied, it is quite delicious and definitely I like it more than German food, now!!! (Part of promoting, Iranian food and culture!)

3. I have heard prices of groceries in Iran has tripled since Iranian new year!
oh, honestly, this guy Ahmadi-nejad is a joke. He has recently said, the messiah is managing the country! So, I draw this conclusion, baba leave that, let us just live for the hell, it seems in west, who are connected to devil they do better management. So, devil by far is a better management! I would vote for him!!:-)