Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Everything must change...!

Things keep changing, that is word we hear from many and all. Today, I came across the songs from my teenage years. A~ha, the band I spent listening to, when I was only 13 and living in Germany.
Time went by and I came to Koeln, Germany to write the entrance language exam in German. I was living in a dormitory belonged to the University and the door to my room was not getting locked, so I asked maintenance crew to come in and fix it. I was listening then to BBC radio broadcasted from Wiesbaden. When the technician finished his work, I asked, now it is fixed, isn't it? Yes, but not as good as English doors! he replied, I recall that vividly, because I was listening to Simply Red song, Stars, at that exact time!
Ages has been passed since then...and life continues!
The following youtube video is even more interesting because they talk about changes and everything must change in the Montreux, Switzerland, I was lucky to attend the jazz festival there, it is over 5 years passed from then. Of course, I was not lucky to see such a performance, but then I saw some acceptable performance by some interesting groups.


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Adam Vaughan and reinventing in a simple way!

1. It is World Cup 2014 in Brazil and I have seen so many wonderful games. Iran was also one of the contenders who got eliminated in the first round. Looking forward to see Germany plays against Brazil.

2. I have to take this opportunity and wish Mr. Adam Vaughan who elected as a Liberal Party of Canada Member of Parliament in the Trinity—Spadina federal by-election held on June 30, 2014 following New Democratic Party MP Olivia Chow's resignation.
I wish to note Adam's interesting career who I very vividly recall, when his late father Colin Vaughan working in CityTV and later he he proceed the job that his father was doing. I witness a few different career changes in his life and this is last one as public figure who serves his community in Ottawa. From being Journalist in a tabloid type TV to a calm city councilor and now from vivid opponent of Rob Ford to being part of Liberal party in Ottawa.  

I have seen him in person a few times in Toronto, for related municipality issues in Trinity-Spadina.
Overall, I found him, passionate about the community and and a good listener. I felt he is little too soft-spoken, but should quickly get to the speed in Ottawa during Q &A session.

Wish him the best, miss Toronto :-)

Friday, April 25, 2014

A shock of nightmare!

1. If I have not mentioned, I have this colleague of mine who is from Egypt and we work together towards the project we work together.
As many muslims around here in Leeds, UK, he attends every Friday to the Friday prayers. This occasion happens around the noon for an hour to 2 hours. He has a few friends who usually come and pick him up and go together.

Today, the guy who came into our office to pick him up brought me nightmare. He walked in rudely and did not even say hi. The guy looks identical to one of the Iranian moral police/basiji who arrested people in Iran one who tell you why are you here and it has happened to me when I was 17. By seeing him, all those memories revived. The guy looks describes as medium beard, kind of medium built with his shirt havering on top of his pants and a jacket that is Ahamadi-Nedjadi's jacket! Something identical to this guy below with similar color in case you wonder!!

The question I ask, why I can;t avoid seeing such guys even in Western countries!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Long time no write for me!

Life has been busy at work! Here, in Leeds, I have 1-2 meeting per day, I have to teach, conduct the research as well as students to guide! pretty much, everything keeps me busy.
I saw little of Australian Open and realized that the Swiss player Stainislas Wawrinka has won the title. Apparently, he has a tattoo on his hands quotes the Irish writer Samuel Beckett in English:
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

I think it is pretty well said quote.