Monday, December 31, 2007

Season's Greetings!

Another day and another year! woud it be! who knows!
ll the best in the 2008. may 2008 be better than years before.
Here this clip my dedication to all:

and this is my favorite song for christmas by Chris Rea:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A note to myself: Andrea Bocelli

Jaye Hameh khali, I am watching a great, beautiful performances from Andrea Bocelli with many of his friends like David Foster and etc. in mediaset! Ah, I missed watching such a concert! The view behind AB, I think is Meditrenin sea. The language they speak is Italian, but many duet performers coming on the stage are performing in English! wonderful! just one word! All his hits are performed with huge Symphony Orchestera!! He is singing Bésame Mucho:)))
and I found what I was watching:)

I dedicate the above to all those people who are alone in this Christmas eve.:)

but I am big fan of Cesaria Evora for Bésame Mucho have a look:

Have got time again to mumblling!

1. For those who asked me how I am doing. I feel much better. But that hitting my head by a truck (the description I say, how I felt during that week of virus attack!) lasted almost one complete week!

2. Finally the few days of Christian New Year has started. I feel I truly need a recovery time after so many intensive working days even if it is for a few days! Today we had our Christmas lunch together and one of our technicians got retired. The guy was originally from chez and Slovakia and was working in light structure testing and later turned to cable car testing (The Swiss love their cable cars!) division. I love this idea that our colleague made. Projecting photos of years of his work in the laboratory. The two series of present we all contributed and most important of all inviting many of those who started or the guy used to work. According to my colleague many of those were passed away or were so old that they would not be able to make it. However, he managed to bring in about a dozen of them and especially the guy who to used to teach and was head of the laboratory. Later, one of the other colleagues of the guy said something funny. As a new Swiss Citizen you should be doing three things to prove you are Swiss: 1. to open and close a gun and make it ready! 2. to milk a goat! And the 3. sing a famous song that I go to pick cherries!!! This was quite interesting for me.

3. I am reading a novel by Khali Hosseini is called the kite runner. I heard about it when I was in Canada through CBC radio program. It is quite well written and developed story describing a Pashto guy life from when he was around 10 until his later years. He described vividly the situation of Afghanistan in 70’s when Zahr shah was in power until Taliban ruling. He describes about what has people gone through including himself by running from the country and got refuge to the US. It is well written novel and I just find out yesterday that the movie is also on the screen under the same name staring two or three Iranians actors and actress. Hoping to watch it, soon. It is quite interesting that during 70’s or to be exact 1974 the guy describes that they didn’t have TV in Afghanistan and to watch the World cup of football they were going to Iran!!! The Iran he describes seems it was a big power in the region and sad to see what we are today!
Kite Runner

4. The interview of President Ahmadi Negad with Islamic Republic Borad Cast has been funny. Apparently he has blamed, drop of dollar value, previous governments, as well as unknown hands to create inflation. This totally reminds me of Ayatolah Khomaeini speech who once said: economy science belong to donkey!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

too much work would kill you!

1. Last night I woke up around 2:00 shivering and feeling cold. I could not sleep until this morning. So, I decided to go to a doctor. After sitting about 4 hours, I was able to see a Dr. who told me that I have 38 degrees fever! He instructed me to the laboratory to have my blood test taken. The lady poke me the routine to my hand vein and interesting enough, after a few drops the blood stopped. I explained to here that since last night I have not eaten anything and I feel extremely tired and weak! She asked me to put my legs up and my head down so blood flow to my upper body! She then poked my finger for further blood extraction and after 30 minutes I still shivering the result indicated there could be a bacteria or virus in my body! I was prescribed antibiotic for only three days and Ibuprofen 400 mg! Anyhow, I still feel horrible and seems my head is exploding! But at least the temperature has gone down!

2. I finally moved out from my old place where I was living with Chinese. I have to write something funny about him. This was my last encounter.
The sotry goes:
I went to take my ADSL modem and router, so I asked him if he could bring in his old single modem which was USB port and install it on his computer. Making long story short, he brings the modem and then with his accent asked me to install it. After installing, we had to enter a password and userid. I asked him if he recalls. He said: No. I asked him to call Swisscom to find out about the password. So, he did so. I was finalizing my moving and cleaning my room, he called me and said that can I talk to the customer service on the phone! I agreed. I picked the phone, they guy was speaking with French accent, told me that he can’t understand the Chinese what he is saying! After rectifying and sorting out the problem. He asked me to make sure everything works, do as I instruct you.
He said open a web browser open google and type something there to see if the websites work. I open google page. I think many know that google can be set to remember the searches you have already done! You may wonder what he was looking for, I mean the entire pull down menu of the google search had words like this:
Gay pictures!!
Man and man movies!!
Gay going hardcore!!!
And many more gay related photos and movies searches.
There was no search for gay information!
Finally, this was the last observation of the Chinese guy and since first of this months he is back in China!

3. Chris de Burgh and Arian just recorded a song!
Chris has recently completed recording with ‘The Arian Band’. The song, ‘The Words I Love You’, is in English and Farsi and will be included on The Arian Band’s new album for release in Iran this December.
This is an exciting project as it is the first collaboration between Western and Iranian artists. For further information on The Arian Band please visit
check out the news here look for Arian

Friday, November 16, 2007

Unknown Iranian bands!

I accidentally came across this Iranian band is called !7th band!! Check out their link for yourself! I didn't like them so much! the music is mellow with beat 4/4 weight and is not bad the combination of instruments they provide. The problem are the lyrics. Too monotonic and 200 times the same thing is said!

see the video!

check out more on youtube. So many Iranian new bands which I have never seen or heard!

2. Now about something lovely! Anniversary of Ms. Mokarameh Ghanbari's paintings! According to this column She started to paint when she was in her 60s! She was from one of the small villages of North In Mazandaran of Iran in 1928 was born. She become so famous that aparently she become women of the year when She travels to Sweden for exhibition of her work!
Anyhow, it is quite lovely, May She restin peace.
Mokarameh Ghanbari anniversity from BBC Persian

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No News, does not mean good news?

I am getting upset to see how the media covers Iran news! You hear that President AN is in top 100 most influencial people in Time magazine!
You hear Albradi of IAEA writes his report about Iran ambition to nuclear power.
They report what has President AN called in small village or in class room of a university about his critics...
Do we hear anything about news like this:
A 27 years old women medical student (Zahra Bani Yaghoubi (Ameri)) was killed after being in custody of Basiji in Hamedan! SHe was arrested when walking in the park with her (Boyfriend, i.e. Fiance!)I searched everywhere on the net there was no news about that in English except the
following link from a weblog.

I looked to see any other news agencies have reported anything else! nup, zero!
Nothing in English!
But if you know Persian, yes. There are some weblogs and BBC Persian has reported about her death!

So, that is why I know how alone we are in this world when it comes to individual's life!

According to BBC Persian she was A student at Tehran university and had gone to the highschool with high IQ.
I wonder if anyone can calcualte and see how much such person worth in today's society! Perhaps, her life can be said to be priceless!

I feel sad...
that is my 2-cent on news!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sanctions takes its pace!

1. I am not sure if this true but I just read that yahoo and hotmail have stopped servicing Iranian customers? I wish to know if this true! if someone can leave a comment if that is true! Link of report:
Yahoo and hotmail santion Iran

2. have a look who is here and signing!!:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dangerous Time and Ignorance!

I think Iran has never been so close to be bombarded and attacked by entire world!

I am one of those who thinks war brings nothing let me clarify that.
as I have said previously, president Ahamdi Nedjad strategy and his advisers have not been successful to mobilize public opinion behind Iran nuclear matter not to mention that to rectify world anxiety about Iranian nuclear ambition!
Add to all the above the price of Oil Barrel which is exceeding $98, today!

In our coffee break the public opinion is that the oil has got up because of Iranian president madness and his sinful thoughts!
people speculating Mr. Bush and his administration will not tolerate such a high price firstly and they are likely to attack Iran!
Public opinion is quite behind this attacked!

I also just read Mr. AN has said they will set 3000 centerfuse to enrich Uranium!

What shall I say! Hope war never comes!:(

Friday, November 02, 2007

lots of work!

1. Since I have arrived from Canada I have been working around the clock 7 days a week!
I had to prepare the first draft of my paper and give it to my advisor, at the same time present in PhD club meeting, add to all that 8 hours meeting for setting up symposium which in taking place on 21 of this month! I am trully exhausted!
and now I have to go shopping! someone just asked me if I would like to go to the wine exhibition tonight! I turn him down! that is unusual for me:D

2. A few days a ago I have a office mate who is from Switzerland. We were both working late. it was around 9:00 pm and I said what are you listening to. She just told me Edith Piaf! I just couldn't resist to have her to play it for me!
Although these are not my time music. But I have also heard them when I was quite young since my paretns were litening to her.
anyhow, I suggested we should bring in some UFO lights, I wear hat from 1940 and start a bar with martini to serve people who come in:)

and of course: La vie En Rose

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Couple of observations!

1. While in Canada I came across an advertisment in one of the local Iranian newspaper in Toronto which is seen above. The ad reads: I am 24 years young, residence of Shiraz, looking to get married for purpose of immigration to Canada with a woman who is citizen of Canada. All spending will be taken care of!! [I make no comment!].

2. What is with all the reality TVs in North America? Eerytime I was passing by a TV it was one of these crappy programs like: The Bachelor, The Survivor, Dancing with Stars, etc. all the none senses! I think North American programs simply brain washed the viewers!

3. I like this guy Anderson Copper. I recall his work as reality show known as The Mole. He does not do such a bad job of reporting the news. He is now doing an investigation reportage for global warming known as Planet in Peril which worth watching.

4. The Truth behind the movie 300!
this is link a friend sent me and worth reading. it has some good points.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still a live

1. After a 2 weeks technically vacation, I call it technically because it was more of work, in Canada I am back! I arrived yesterday around 8:00 and went directly to work! Still little jet lag.

2. life is busy and not much of changes. I am guessing I should fundamentally make some changes to motivate myself! Go, Alireza, Go!!

3. In Ontario it was provincial election, Liberals won with majority. Tores or right wing lost a few sits compare to the last election! contrary to that, in Switzerland was an federal election and the SVP won, who are right wing! i think that is difference between europe and North America!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I finally had a chance to watch President Ahmadi Nedjad address to Colombia University students and their Q&A session.
I have read so far a few pro and cons commentary about this address. One of the most ridiculous one I read was that president of Colombia University insulted and disrespected the Iranian president and Iranians.

After careful listening and watching the event I have to make these commentaries of mine:

1. President of Colombia University Mr. Lee Bollinger was demonstrating the other side of the two ideas confrontation and debate. I tend to agree that he has little cross the line in his final part of his speech and may be insulting Mr. AN, but his quotes were completely correct and were valid.
He was presenting the group who are opposing Mr. Ahmadinejad. He was not the moderator. He was protesting voice to IR of Iran regime.
So, having said that he could make those comments and in my opinion there should be no opposition.

2. We did not see a single disrespect from the moderator and that was definitely on the track with freedom of speech.

3. Mr. AN speech was a preach of a man who feels is a sender of the god. He did not what so ever address the issues that brought up by Mr. Bollinger. He just preached that god and angles and human are excellence. Or something like that I idn’t watch after 10 min the rest!

4. President Ahmadi nedjad was on many occasions quite uncomfortable about the questions he was receiving. I think this was quite amusing for the audience. When he was asked ”why he denies holocaust”, he replied: ” I am defending right of European scholars!!” At the same time he claimed since we continuously conduct research on the physics we shall continue research on Holocaust, too [my opinion: if something is accepted and is facet why conducting research and spending money!]. The moderator repeated the question once again and Mr. Ahmadi Nedjad simply said:”all I am saying is we should continue to do research as we do on any subjects like Physics, Chemistry, …, GOD, and …” I think this was one of the highlights of his speech and the Q and A. So, we can conduct research on almost everything even god and its existence and etc.!
(no one emphasized on this fact!)

5. In general, he tried to cover his ass, sorry for my uneducated sentence, since he wanted not to make the hardliners in Iran unhappy with himself as well as not repeating those comments that agitates world community; he tried to manoeuvres around the questions rather than answering them directly.

6. I think overall, to may opinion, he was a loser since he did not address the facts and those real questions it was raised.

7. I think another highlight was when he said women are completely free in Iran and there is no gay or homosexual in Iran!!!!!!!!! The audience were booing!

see the rest in Youtube:

Friday, September 21, 2007

One man's junk is another man's treasure!

1. The title is self explanatory! I have watched Mohsen Namjoo documentary and quite impressed with one thing. He is from Mashhad (North east province in Iran), born in Torbat e jam but he doesn't recall much from there. He portraits people's opinion about him, especially I think his mom.
after seeing the documentary I came to undestandting how a person from quite small town in Iran, seemingly religious background turns to today's world. that is what I like about IR of Iran or should be slightly appriated. Before the revolution due to many superstitious people tend to stop their children from going to school, university or higher education, many mullas were saying that Shah's higher education is currpted.
Today, however, because technically Iran has a government known as IR (Islamic republic), no parents has excuse to stop their children from going to higher education.
As Mr. Namjoo's mother says:"...not sure how, but they[i.e. government] decided to allow the music is not taboo anymore when he[Mohsen Namjoo] was in grade 8. So, he went and bought his first se-tar and started to learn playing in local school was held on behalf of Ministry of Islamic guidance!"
see his documentary here.

2. I am just watching the move called 300. It has protraited Persians as demon and stronge looking people! However, in my opinion it is comic than anything else. Xerxes I is shown as gay, black guy, clean shaven!!:))
The army of Persians consists of Chinese, mostly arabs (or at least their closths are like desert peopel), Indians and black plus monsters and witches!!:)) The funny ones are known as special guard of the king of Persia, they look like a Ninja:)). They have Samurai sword and Chinese mask!
I think the voice of the singer who is also an Iranian, Azam Ali is most powerful item of the movie.
The movie gets too too epical! In the end of the movie the narrower himself becomes the head of Spartan army facing Persians to save the world from mistic and tryanny!HAHAH:))

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scheduling and planning!

My agenda for next 8 days:

1. Meeting about organizing the symposium!
2. review some abstracts!
3. finish a draft of a paper!
4. write minutes of the meeting of the meeting of two days ago.
5. get worry about seeing so many rooms and being turn down! Look for a room!
6. buy ticket to Canada!
7. Do your paper works!
8. Solve the wrapping problem of the designed muscles!
9. Smile as you do to people!
10. distribute some of the abstracts you have received for the symposium between the reviewers!
11. find a paper that you are told!
12. learn a software!
13. manage to purchase a winter jacket!
14. prepare an abstract!
15. deposite the old clothing to the designated bin!
16. figure out an optimal optimazation method.
17. make a new osstioligamentious model!
18. make an appointment in Canada!
more to come!

2.1. Honey I am home! is this something I should experience! may be yes may be not! There are certain time of your life you think something is missing in your life! may be just sex! or may be more! so, be it! whatever missing, is missing! and whatever not missing is not missing! does that make sense:)?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Memory of 9/11!

1. I recall vividly that date. I was sitting in my cubical at my work in Cambridge, Ontario and working. The department boss came out of his office and said 'have you heard that there has been a large devastating terrorist attack!' I said, I have seen so many attacks in my life this one probably is not that important. Then, everyone started to run around and listen to radio around the floor to hear the newsat every minitues. I continue my work, tried to avoid my attention to my work.
Until a guy from first floor came upstairs: "This has been work of you and your kind?!" David said. He was in his middle of his 40s at that time. I smiled and I replied: 'first of all, those attachers apparently who have done this are Arabs and I am not an Arab,... and there was another guy in the cubical I was with, who jump in and continue with smile, David, you have picked the wrong guy, this guy is not religious what so ever!!
anyhow, everyone was in disarray as we were informed all the machines we had sent to overseas and USA were kept in custom and can't go their distination. For next three months, since we couldn't do more businesses, we started to form learning groups and teach each other what we knew! about less than 6 month later, I got laid off from work due to lack of job and because the entire high-tech division was going down! of course even according to those friends who I have, first they get raid of Arabs in department, then me, then, Indians and others. Life changes so quickly!

2. Dr. Yazdi (not that I ever like him) conversation with Mr. Khomeini about Iran and Iraq war. [my notes: After watching this clip I came to this conclusion how illiterate we were in foreign and world policy and that is exactly what is happening at this moment and who suffers, ordinary people!]

Friday, September 07, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti dies at 71

1. Luciano Pavarotti who in my opinion cross boardered between main stream music and opera died due to Cancer, yesterday.
On one hand he was quite famous for his great performances on the other he aparently was great lover! I will not elaborate more...
anyhow, his work will be remembered.

here him with remaining of the Queens' group performing too much love would kill you.

and this is Ave Maria of Schubert

Three Tenors O Sole mio

2. Ok, I said that my Chinese housemate leaves his food outside for days!
above are two photos taken to prove my point. This pot so far has been out for 2.5 days. I think tomorrow they will finish it!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How do the Chinese survive or how do the Chinese multiply!

1. Not sure if this is right title for what I am going to write. I think I have described my Chinese housemate. After lots of wondering I realized how Chinese have survived throughout centuries!
Please look closely to the above photos! The fish was frozen and left outside for more than day until completely defrosted. See the water in the background!
They usually leave frozen meat for hours not to mention days on the kitchen counter. The most loved meat, according to my housemate, is the one that is boiled, then fried and then cooked. Or, If they boil the meat in ginger and spices they have, simply leaveing it outside on the stew for at least 3 days and they say it taste better!
Milk for example, is usually left on the kitchen counter for at least few hours! I am not talking about ultra-high temperature (UHT) pasteurization milks. I am talking about those that should be saved only kept in refrigeration. Having said that he keeps saying to me Chinese most preferred food is fungus! The fungus that is growing on the cut wood. Not mushroom, though fungus that none Chinese throw out!

Another observation about Chinese family is as they grow more familiar with you; though I don’t talk to them since they (except the husband) don’t know a single word of English, they have been here for almost 2 month; they behave poorly towards you.
More or less all respects happened from beginning start to disappear. I have observed that nature in Iranian Children, too. I have to admit that the daughter of family which is 11 or 12 yeas of age has become ruder and impolite that is difficult for me to imagine since I have seen her for the past two months. At the beginning she was quite shy and quiet. But she speaks loud, impolite and with attitude!

So, drawing conclusion that is how Chinese survived, because of the food they consume!

Monday, September 03, 2007

All by myself!

As a fan of Sergei Rachmaninoff, I always was wondering why I feel I have heard this song in my life sometime before!
All by myself is the song. Written by Eric Carmen in 1975 the song has great infuence of No. 2 Piano concerto in C minor of Sergei Rachmaninoff (I just recetly read that!) and was powerfully performed by Celion Dion in 1996.

See the performance by Ms. Dion in Youtube.


When I was young
I never needed anyone
And making love was just for fun
Those days are gone
Livin' alone
I think of all the friends I've known
When I dial the telephone
Nobody's home

All by myself
Don't wanna be
All by myself

Hard to be sure
Sometimes I feel so insecure
And loves so distant and obscure
Remains the cure

All by myself
Don't wanna be
All by myself
All by myself
Don't wanna live
All by myself

When I was young
I never needed anyone
Making love was just for fun
Those days are gone

All by myself
Don't wanna be
All by myself
All by myself
Don't wanna live
Don't wanna live
By myself, by myself
By myself
All by myself
Don't wanna live
I never, never, never
Needed anyone

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quest: The sky is the limit!

1. it has been a long time I have not written here. life is busy and hectic, that is all I can note!:)

2. yesterday, I saw the word "limit"! then I recalled the advertisement in Canada I used to watch, if I am not mistaken, it was about lottery and was saying: the sky is the limit; i.e. what you can win is so large that it goes as sky!!
Then I started to think why have I been for so long ambitious in my life! I will not simply settle for anything! I have to keep going and get better! It seems that I have to prove something to myself. Is there something wrong with me? I can't hardly stay in a place more than 4 years! If not shorter.
I want to be anywhere and everywhere! I want to learn and learn! I want to find answers to many phenomenon around us! I don't care about finding answers why human has been created! I want to find simple answers to improve our daily life!
I enjoy interaction with cultures and people.
I keep wondering Why I can't settle like many people around me!? Could it be something is wrong with me? could it be that I have no idea what is the ultimate achievement I can obtain? Therefore I keep going? So, as we know sky is the limit! So, when do I hit the limit??! I can keep mumbling, but that does not change the fact that all along my life I have been ambitious. That seems a fact!

I am happy with what I have, I have to admit. Living throughout of my life in many part of worlds and getting paid, more or less, fair amount for decent jobs! Learning and experiences many things has widen my point of view. Should I therefore consider having ambitious is great quality?!
Don't know!
This is something time will show me, I suppose!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A few observations and Questions

1. Past recent days, walking on the streets of Zurich I see many Arab women who are wearing veil (German say, Kopf Tuch) and Islamic uniform. I know they are Arab since they speak in this language, so it is nothing about being biased about one race. (The Turks waering their veil differently). Going back to what has come to my mind: We have been talking about freedom and saying that Islam has given everyone the same right. Considering that is the true statement and IR of Iran claims that they are implementing Islamic (Sharii) law, therefore forcing women to wear veil. Having said that when a foreign women comes to Iran, they are supposed to comply with Iranian law and wear veil. Considering again that is correct act and every individual visiting a country must comply with local law. I wonder how come these veil wearing women do not remove their veils when they come to western countries to comply with local law and people!

2. My Chinese housemate and family for the past few days have only one diet. Chinese Dumplings. You can learn how to make it. Not sure why it smells so strange to my nose. I am biased!

3. Ah, I'd better go do my laundry!

4. My computer doesn't work, and the software I need aren't working either! So, I felt to add this:
In Canada what makes me wonder is about the associations of different ethnicities from same country! It kind of remind me of those "Tekeh and Hosseineh" which belong to many Azari decedents. Hossyneh Zanjani haye moghime markaz!!
having said that in Canada this trend is apparently is getting stronger as well. If I am not mistaken government of Canada should support those association to promote their cultural values and seems that is one the motivations for such activities!
have a look at this:
Association of Khorasani's in Canada
Iranian Association of Ontario
I don't want to look for all but I know there is Azari association, etc.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Almost first time

I have first to congratulate on the achievement of the Iranian basketball team in 2007 Asian games. By winning the final they achieved not only the first place in Asia CUp 2007 but also they found a spot in 2010 Olympic games for first time in 60 years!
I kind of can call myself a basketball expert. I started to play in Iran with a team was called Homa in under 21 Championships. and continue that almost until I left Iran. later I got coaching card and coached a few under 21 teams in Canada. I played with and against many of those generation who in my opinion started what we see today, Ali Safa Kamali, Bahrami mayid, and a few I can't recall their names! and coaches like Reza Shojapour, Abolhasani, etc.
but once again I think this a great team and Mr. Mahshon seems to be on the right track.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Short Story happening in Iran

This story is taken from this link:

It is quite funny and true in Tehran at least!

راند، تا جايي که پنجره جلو دقيقا روبروي دختر جوان قرار گرفت. اين اولين خودرويي نبود
که روبروي دختر توقف مي کرد ، اما هريک از آنهابا بي توجهي دختر جوان ، به راه خود ادامه مي دادند . دختر جوان، مانتوي مشکي تنگي به تن کرده بود که چند انگشتي از يک پيراهن بلند تر بود .شلواري هم که تن دخترک بود ،همچون مانتويش مشکي بود و تنگ مي نمود که آنهم کوتاه بود و تا چند سانتي پايين تر از زانو را مي پوشاند . به نظر مي آمد که شلوار به خودي خود کوتاه نيست و انتهاي ساق آن به داخل تا شده .

دختر جوان نتوانست اهميتي به مزداي قرمز رنگ ندهد . سرش را به داخل پنجره کرد و به راننده گفت :" بفرماييد؟" . مزدا مسافري نداشت . راننده آن پسر جوان و خوش چهره اي بود که عينک دودي ظريفي به چشم داشت . پسر جوان بدون معطلي و با بياني محترمانه گفت : " خوشحال ميشم تا جايي برسونمتون".
دختر جوان گفت : " صادقيه ميرما". پسر جوان بي درنگ سرش را به نشانه تائيد تکان داد و پاسخ داد : " حتماً، بفرماييد بالا ". دخترک با متعجب ساختن پسر جوان، صندلي عقب را براي نشستن انتخاب کرد .چند لحظه اي ازحرکت خودرو نگذشته بود که دختر جوان ، در حالي که روسري کوچک و قرمز خودرا عقب و جلو مي کشيد و موهاي سرازير شده در کنار صورتش را نظم مي داد،گفت :" توي ماشينت چيزي براي گوش کردن نيست "
- البته .
پسر جوان ،سپس پخش خودرو را روشن کرد . صداي ترانه اي انگليسي زبان به گوش رسيد . از آينه به دختر جوان نگاهي انداخت و با همان لبخند ظريفش که از ابتدا بر لب داشت گفت :"کريس دبرگ هست ، حالا خوشتون نمياد عوضش کنم
". دخترک با شنيدن حرف پسرجوان ،خنده تمسخر آميزي سر داد .
- ها ها ها ، اين که اريک کلاپتون . نميشنوي مگه ، انگليسي مي خونه .اصلا کجاش شبيه کريس دبرگ .
- اِه ، من تا الان فکر مي کردم کريس دبرگ . مثل اينکه خيلي خوب اينا رومي شناسيد ها .
دخترک ، قيافه اي به خود گرفت و ادامه داد:" اِي ، کمي "
- پس کسي طرف حسابمه که خيلي موسيقي حاليشه . من موسيقي رو خيلي دوست دارم ، اما الان اونقدر مشغله ذهني دارم که حال و حوصله موسيقي کار کردن رو ازم گرفته .
دخترک لبخندي زيرکانه زد و با لحني کش دار گفت:" اي بابا، بسوزه پدرعاشقي . چي شده ، راضي نميشه ؟"
- نه بابا، من تا حالا عاشق نشده ام . البته کسي رو پيدا نکرده ام که عاشقش بشم ، و اگرنه اگه مورد خوبي پيش بياد ، از عاشقي هم بدم نمياد .
اصل قضيه اينه که، قبل از اينکه با ماشين بزنم بيرون و در خدمت شما باشم، توي خونه با بابام دعوام شد .
- آخي ، سرچي؟ لابد پول بهت نمي ده.
- نه ، تنها چيزي که ميده پول . مشکل اينجاست که فردا دارم مي رم بروکسل،اونوقت اين آقا گير داده بمون توي شرکت کار داريم .
با گفتن اين جملات توسط پسر جوان ، دخترک، با اينکه سعي مي کرد به چهره اش هويدا نشود ، اما کاملا چهره اش دگرگون شد و با لحني کنجکاوانه پرسيد:
" اِه، بروکسل چي کار داري؟ "
- دايي ام چند سالي هست که اونجاست . بعد از سه چهار ماه کار مداوم ، ميخواستم برم اونجا يه استراحتي بکنم؟
دخترک بادي به غبغب انداخت و سريع پاسخ داد:
- اتفاقا من هم يک هفته پيش از اسپانيا برگشتم.
- اِه، شما هم اونجا فاميل داريد؟ کدوم شهر.
- فاميل که نداريم ، براي تفريح رفته بودم ونيز.
پسر جوان نيشخندي زد و گفت : اصلا ولش کن بابا ، اسم قشنگتون چيه؟
- من دايانا هستم. اسم تو چيه، چند سالته؟ چه کاره اي؟
- چه خبره؟ يکي يکي بپرسيد، اين جوري آدم هول ميشه ... اولاً اين که اسم خيلي قشنگي داريد ، يکي از اون معدود اسم هايي که من عاشقشونم . اسم خودم سهيل ، 25 سالمه و پيش بابام که کارگذار بورس کار مي کنم . خوب حالا شما.
دخترک با شنيدن اين حرفهاي سهيل ، چهره اش گلگون شد و به تشويش افتاد .
- من که گفتم ، اسمم داياناست . 23 سالمه و کار هم نمي کنم . خونمون سمت الهيه است و الان هم محض تفريح دارم مي رم صادقيه . تا حالا بوتيک هاي اونجا نرفته ام . با يکي از دوستام اونجا قرار گذاشته ام تا بوتيک هاش روببينيم و اگه چيز قشنگي هم بود بخريم .
- همين چيزايي هم که الان پوشيده ايد خيلي قشنگه ها.
دايانا ، گره کوچک روسريش را باز کرد و بار ديگر گره کرد . سپس گفت:
- اِي ، بد نيست . اما ديگه يک ماهي هست که خريدمشون . خيلي قديمي شده اند ... . ولش کن ، اصلا از خودت بگو ، گفتي موسيقي کار نکرده اي و دوست داري کار کني ، آره؟
- چرا ، تا چند سال پيش يه مدتي پيانو کار مي کردم.
دخترک ، سعي مي کرد دلبرانه سخن وري کند ، اما ناگهان به جوشش افتاد ،طوري که منقطع صحبت مي کرد و کلمات را دستپاچه بيان مي کرد.
-اي واي، من عاشق پيانو ام . خيلي دوست دارم پيانو کار کنم ، يعني يه مدتي هست که کلاسش رو مي رم ، اما هنوز خيلي بلد نيستم . ... اصلااينجوري نميشه، نگه دار بيام جلو بشينم راحت تر حرف بزنيم .
سهيل ، بي درنگ خودرو را متوقف کرد . دايانا هم سريع پياده شد و به صندلي جلو رفت .
-دايانا خانوم ، داريم مي رسيما .
- دايانا خانوم کيه؟ دايانا ... . ولش کن ، فعلا عجله ندارم . بهتره چند دقيقه ديگه هم با هم باشيم . آخه من تازه تو رو پيدا کرده ام . تو که مخالفتي نداري ؟
- نه ، من که اومده بودم حالي عوض کنم . حالا هم کي بهتر از تو که حالم رو عوض کنه . فقط بايد عرض کنم که الان ساعت نه و نيمه ، حواست باشه که ديرت نشه .
دخترک با شنيدن صحبت هاي سهيل، وقتي متوجه ساعت شد، چهره اش رنجور شد ودر حالي که لب خود رابا اضطراب مي گزيد ، گفت:
-آره راست ميگي ... پس حداقل يه چند دقيقه اي ماشينت رو دور فلکه نگه دار، باهات کار دارم .
سهيل ، با قبول کردن حرفهاي دايانا ، حوالي ميدان که رسيد ، خودرو رامتوقف کرد . روي خود را به دخترک کرد و کمرش را به در تکيه داد . عينک دودي را از چشمانش برداشت .چهره اي نسبتا گيرا داشت . ته ريشي به صورتش بود و موهايي ژوليده داشت که تا گوشش را مي پوشانيد . پخش خودرو را خاموش
کرد و سپس با همان لبخندي که بر لب داشت گفت :
- بفرماييد.
ديگر کاملا از ظاهر و طرز صحبت دخترک مي شد پي به هيجانش برد.
- موبايلت ... شماره موبايلت رو بده، البته اگه ممکنه .
پسر جوان لحظه اي فکر کرد و سپس گوشي همراه خود را از روي داشبورد- پشت فرمان برداشت . آن را به سمت دايانا دراز کرد.
- بگير ، زنگ بزن گوشي خودت که هم شماره تو روي موبايلم ثبت بشه و هم شماره من روي موبايل تو بيفته . فقط صبر کن روشنش کنم ... اونقدر اعصابم خورد بود که گوشي رو خاموش کردم .
دايانا ، به محض ديدن گوشي گران قيمت سهيل به وجد آمد . اما سريع شوق خودرا کتمان کرد و فقط به گفتن"گوشي خوبي داري ها" قناعت کرد .
- قابلت رو نداره . اتفاقا بايد عوضش کنم ، خيلي يوغره.
- خوب ، ممنون . فقط بگو کي مي تونيم همديگه رو دوباره ببينيم .
- ببينم چي ميشه . اگه فردا برم بروکسل که هيچ، اما اگه تهران بودم يه کاريش مي کنم . اصلا بهم زنگ بزن
- باشه ... پس من مي رم .فعلا خداحافظ .
- خوشحال شدم،...خداحافظ . ... زنگ يادت نره .
دختر جوان ، درحالي که احساس مسرت مي کرد ، با گامهايي لرزان (از شوق) ازخودرو خارج شد . هر چند قدمي که بر مي داشت ،سرش را برمي گرداند و مزدارا نگاه مي کرد و دستي براي سهيل تکان مي داد . پس از دور شدن دايانا ،سهيل از داخل خودرو پياده شد و طوري که دايانا متوجه نمي شد، او را تعقيب
کرد . حوالي همان ميدان بود که دايانا روي صندلي هاي يک ايستگاه اتوبوسنشست . سهيل ، گوشه اي لابلاي جمعيت در حال گذر ، خود را پنهان کرده بود و دايانا را نظاره مي کرد . دايانا دستش را به ساق شلوار خود انداخت و تايي که از داخل داده بود را باز کرد . شلوارديگر کوتاه نبود . از داخل کيفي که بر روي دوشش بود مقنعه اي بيرون آورد و در لحظه اي کوتاه آنرا سرکرد و از زير مقنعه ، تکه پارچه اي که بر سرش بود ، بيرون کشيد . از داخل همان کيف ، آينه کوچکي خارج کرد و با يک دستمال کوچک ، از آرايش غليظي که
روي صورتش بود کاست . موهاي خرمايي رنگش را که روي صورتش سرازير شده بود، داخل مقنعه کرد و با آمدن اولين اتوبوس ، از محل خارج شد . سهيل در طول ديدن اين صحنه ها ، همچنان لبخند بر لب داشت . با رفتن دايانا، سهيل به سمت مزدا حرکت کرد . به خودرو که نزديک مي شد زنگ موبايلي که همراهش بود، به صدا در آمد. سهيل بلافاصله پاسخ داد:
- بله؟
صداي خواهش هاي پسر جواني از آنسوي گوشي آمد .
- سلام ، آقا هر چي مي خوايي از تو ماشين بردار ، فقط ماشين رو سالم بهم تحويل بده . تو رو خدا ، بگو کجاست بيام ببرم ...
- خوب بابا ، چه خبرته . تا تو باشي و در ماشينت رو براي آب هويج گرفتن باز نزاري ... ببينم به پليس هم زنگ زدي ؟
- نه ، به جون شما نه ، فقط تو رو خدا ماشين رو بده .
- جون من قسم نخور ، من که مي دونم زنگ زده اي ...ولي عيبي نداره ، آدرسمي دم بيا ... فقط يه چيزي ، اين يارويي که سي ديش توي ماشينت بود کي بود؟
- کي ؟ اون خارجيه ؟ ... استينگ بود ، استينگ .
- هه هه ... يه چيز ديگه هم مي پرسم و بعدش آدرس رو مي دم ؛ ونيز توي اسپانياست ؟
- ونيز؟ نه بابا، ونيز که توي ايتالياست ... آقا داري مسخره ام مي کني ،آدرس رو بده ديگه ...
- نه ، داشتم جدول حل مي کردم . مزداي قرمزت ، ضلع جنوبي صادقيه پارک شده. گوشيت رو مي زارم توي ماشين ، ماشين رو هم مي بندم و سوييچ رو مي اندازم توي سطل آشغالي که کنار ماشينته . راستي يه دايانا خانوم هم بهت زنگ مي زنه ، يه دختر خوشگل،... برو حالش رو ببر ، برات مخ هم زدم ،...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Relation of deveoplment and peace of mind!

Today, Iraq crowned their first ever title of Asian cup in a game versus Saudi Arabia. In my opinion the significant of wealthy versus poor is not that important here which many will pay attention to! (Saudis spending millions on their team and coaches and Iraqis didn't spend so much, which I think is not so true since they had a coach from Brazil)
what I feel is important here, is the fact of somebody having a peace of mind, not being afraid of going out of the hotel talking to people and being suspended because of talking to a women or perhaps going to co-ed swimming pool (which Iranian players were kept in their room for that purpose), make a big difference and makes you to work harder and concentrate better. As a result, they got the title. Of course there are many other facts helps them to do so but in my humble opinion the peace of mind was the most important one!
Iraqis despite so much hardship they are having with respect to the security as we have seen on TV and news, they simply out performed every team in Asia and in my opinion their peace of mind was the best gift they are given to achieve this goal.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PhD 101

The image says it all!:)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Humidity vs silence!

1. due to hot and humid weather + lack of interest in politics+ extreme pressure to continue my Phd. Until further notice no writing here, unless I find something quite interesting!

2. Actually, I was rafting last weekend, and that was great! I put couple of photos here! Highly recommended activity! I didn't take the photos, as I am in there. so, the resolution is quite low!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Less scream!

1. Yesterday, it was an interesting day, besides my program wasn't working well. My computer when I boot it in the morning, took 20 min to boot up! In the end, I had to send it to our informatics department!
However, today is another day! first my program works! at least this far. I found center of rotation of a wheel during motion with my program!
and then in the noon, one of co-workers called me in his office and asked me about some modeling issue! He had a client whom they were there for more than 1.5 hours to model some simple coupled gears with one variable mass oscillating on it. It took me 15 minutes to show him, how to do it!!
Simply why? Because now I have better understanding of the software!
This is what frustrating me all along, I have to spend so much time figuring out simple solution to use the software I am using for some simple modeling I wish to do!!
but anyway, I felt at least I could be of help to those guys! They seem happy to see things works after 1.5 hours in the office!

2. Past 3 days was horrible days. I had a meeting with my group. asking them what I shall do! They just looking at me. We have no idea! things I wished wouldn't work!
no one there to help me! So, I was under verg of collapse! but at least I feel little better today! So, drawing a conclusion: there is always tomorrow, don't lose hope.

3. The Chinese lady is very kind and has done couple of nice things. She has clean up our frig and has bought a flower and put it on our table. She has said that the Chinese husband of her is very lazy.
I think that also included me!
you see, I don't say only bad things of people, I also appreciate good things as well.:D

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


1. When things doesn't go your way! when you are felling low! when things doesn't work in your project. when there is no one to ask! I see the only way to express myself is scream! time passes by, I scream! the scream turns to laugh! so, am I losing it!!!...

2. The only good sign is that Iran won in Asian football chanmpionship against Uzkbakestan in the first game.

3. The photo above depicts a fellow spider hanging from my window! I have been studying his activities! He appears at night and makes his/her webs all over around him/her to catch meat! then s/he gets disappeared by down! seeing him has become part of my daily routine! I saw him when he was very small and now he has grown in past two weeks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bebinid va ...

The above clip does not represent my opinion to advocate monarchy. I like the first 2 min. showing Iranian women could have been Police.
I liked the attire of those police officers.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Me, Myself and Chinese and Women's right!

These days every website you'd browse they are talking about equality of men and women. Every Iranian site promoting gender equality and there is lots of going on about resistance of women in Iran. I think what I am going to write will not be suitable for women, so viewer discretion is advised!:))

This evening I arrived home and witnessed the women favourite job! Yo may wonder which one! what would be better than ... being in Kitchen!:))
I arrived this evening and saw the wife was the entire time to prepare the dinner and wash the dishes in the kitchen and the guy and his daughter were sitting and enjoying quality time!

You see China is advancing, so what is wrong with that!:D

[p.s. this was a joke]

The story of Me, Myself and Chinese housemate!

1. And they are finally here! you may ask whom!? the family of the Chinese housemate of mine! He first time started to clean his room. Every moning he would open the door of his room and you could not stand there, as it seemed there was dead mouse inside!
So, finally he cleaned the rooms and I did help him! but the clean smell did not last long! As His family arrived (wife and 10 years old daughter) I slowly observed, the stonge smell runs in the family!

His wife has bring in millions of Chinese food packages which you wish not to smell!
besides, I realized the small which I always were bothered with in the bathroom is back!

and what is that? the soap they use! The smell soap the wife has already put in the bathroom, reminds me of the worst washing soap that was existing in Iran that was popular to wash their clothing! but apparently, they used it as body shampoo!
She likes to wash the socks and leave them in the half filled plastic basket for a long time!

having said that, her smell seems much stronger than him! while she walks in the apartment. It last for quite sometimes!
anyhow, hopfully, this will not last long!

now, I have written this, I feel I scream that out!
I'd better get back to work, cafe time is finished!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Moon River!!

1. I first received the LP of Andy Williams from my uncle who had a great collection of the 60s LPs while him and my dad were studying in US.
In any case, I felt it would be to listen to that since throughout these years things has changed a lot!
I wished to find a version with Shelly Basie but unsuccessful!

2. The other day, I was thinking being in Switzerland and getting paid from Swiss fund, is not such a great idea. Swiss Banks are famous for accepting any money. Specially from current Iranians who are directly or indirectly involved in Iranian government. Then on the second thought, I thought where does that money has come from ? the answer is from export of Oil from Iran! The money rather than being used in Iran and its development is transfered in Swiss banks!
So, technically talking I am getting paid from money that is made in Iran!!! (just a thought!)

3. It seems I have not much to write, recently. perhaps, I should move from this house to a new one! for every start there is an end!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A real threat!!

One of the worst threat that I am seeing in Iranian diasporas is is dread of Iranians from one another!
For the past 18 years being out of Iran I am seeing the many new comers to western world they have bring in with them those hatred and revulsion that are existing among Iranians in Iran especially between political and intellectual figures, not to mention the ordinary individuals and families.
I have witnessed the wave of first large educated Iranian immigrants in late and early 90s to Canada. Many of those who arrived in Canada in early 90s and earlier were simple and young people who ran from IR and came to make a better world for themselves. They learn from the communities and then they give back.
Later, those who came in late 90s already had money and were educated and influential in their own faction. Since they were seeing that they are now not as important and influential as they used to be, many of them tried anything to become what they were. Those arrived I have seen have promoted their needless rivalry as well as “I am better than you” culture. You hear sentences like: which university have gone to? was it Sharif university of Technology or Tehran university? if there is none of them, "oh you are not worth talking to!"
Those intellectual, on the other hand, came in under big suppression from their own editors or government's biases and felt since they are now free, they should question any activities the other intellectual or journalist is implementing or proceeding.
Let me give examples, A friend of mine who emigrated to Canada in 2000 once invited me to a coffee shop for a drink. While walking on the street of Toronto he greeted many fellow Iranians who were also new immigrants. After each greet he would explanation to me: “ this guy you just saw, he stole about couple of millions and now is here!, he is just smart to forging something! he was bribing everyone and getting his way going!” to my amazement there were so many Iranians who my friend regarded as being "technically talking mentally corrupted" or forging and stealing! but regarded them as quick and smart! Since then I have witness many with that categories.
The journalists: Mr. H. D. who arrived on shore with his ex-wife and now according to him already owns “Canadian passport”, traveling around the world to promote what I call as Libel and slender against his own fellows. at least that can be seen in his webpage!
Engineers: Many rather help the non-Iranians than Iranians when it comes to job hunting and providing correct info.
University Professors: rather than backing one another, they put each other down!

I simply believe this is a big threat and if this way of unhealthy relationship continues among Iranians, I think we shall lose more than what we have lost. Perhaps someone can help to improve these relationships.

[this short article is written in less than 15 min, my apologies for mistakes and spellings!]

Sunday, June 24, 2007

why looking for a magic?

Reading Financial Times newspaper, it had an article about the Iranian's student movement and what has happened to it in current time. Basically, concludes that the demand of students and new generation has changed, they need job, freedom of own expression and means to get married! Therefore, no one wants the political freedom as those were asking for fighting for during Khatami erea. As long as those means are materialized new students are happy!

President Ahmadi Nedjad, along side Mr. Ali Larijani the chief Iranian negotiator are in power for past 2 years. I think it is simple to see what is calibre of these leaders in foreign, nuclear, as well as inside of Iran current policies!

1. According to articles of 41 and 42 we are quite close on verge of war.
See here my own writing.

2. last year Iran only made about 50 billions dollar in Oil income. Such money has been injected to the Iranian society economy. This has created about 50% inflation for housing not to mention daily food basket of every family!

3. Iranian banks are and will be under economic sanction. Foreign investment has been the lowest in 10 years in Oil and gas industries (where Iran has largest turn over).

4. Many families more than ever according to Iranian member of parliaments are under poverty line.

5. Iran automotive industries are expanding, the production of Iranian assembled car gone over one million! However, the use of gasoline and benzene is also sky rocketing. We have no new refinery for past 30 years in Iran. and we are spending more than half of our export money to import fuel!

Iranians are losing so much against ability to enrich uranium? Does that worth it? I think generation next will ask today’s generation this question. As we asked our parents about 1979 revolution.

Add to the above, there (is) are Iranian diaspora on this part of world claiming not everything is looking black!
He(they) saying people who are saying that everthing is black and seems going no where are from mafia. And therefore, are promoting these ideas to bring up people of their own interest. "Mr. Ali Larijani with very young and talented group of people is leading well Iranian team of nuclear negotiators with big time confidence..."! and they are doing great!!!

Yes, I would say not for you and perhaps your family members in Iran. But for many Iranians it does looking bad.
I think there was this expression I can’t translate it in English, yek Sozan be khodeton bezanin, yek jealdoz be baghiyeh.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A joke?!

I think a while ago I was reading in Molla Hasani webpage that before he moved to Canada, he was under impression that Iran is center of world! having said that, Mr. Ali Larijani the chief Iranian negotiator apparently is thinking this way as well.

He explains to the press conference according to the Farsnews agency:

"Sometimes in our meetings, they (western negotiators) tell us that their opposition to Iran's progress in nuclear science is due to the fact that Iran enjoys a very remarkable strategic position, its revolution is inspiring and influential and it has powerful and efficient human force while it is not dependent on the East or West," he continued.

read the rest here.

what is quite funny is apparently the English piece of news is translation of the this Persian news to English.

The Persian one, targets Iranian dissident inside Iran and the fifth column idea as those telling foreign negotiators that if they impose economic sanction Iran will suffer (no kidding)!! However, the English one, just says Western team of negotiators must realize our right! There is no mention if Iranian dissident!

The Persian version

So, this is representation of famous Iranian expression we all have experienced is our families: one roof, two tops! Yek bam 2 Hava

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sprint Canada anywhere, anytime...

In 90s in Canada when the long distance communication compnanies started to initiate, there was this Sprint Canada commercial which became somehow synonymous with the popular culture. The famous American actress would appear and say, you can call anywhere, anytime in Canada for one cent!
Today, you can be journalist anywhere, anytime, anyhow. with a simple mobile with a Camera. with information highways (internet) and software you can achieve anything.
so, having said that I have become pretty much facinated with these movies made by people. I came across this interesting short move about recent new in Iran, which provides quite interesting view of today Iran society.
War of tomatos!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Is it human naturally corrupted!

1. I am not sure if human is rooted in corruption or power spreads corruption!
in any case, I always wonder about the statement, you are not guilty until it is proven otherwise, when does this statement becomes true and when does not!
what I always wonder is if you look at the logo of any Judiciary from any country,for instance, Iran judiciary, a woman which is blindfolded is shown and has a scale in her hand!(I realized this was from Previous government, now there is only scale shown!) does that mean the law must be blinded when a verdict is issued! Or the fairness is accomplished if the verdict is blindly implemented based on described laws!

I am not sure if you have heard about the study of infamous 1971 Stanford prison experiment, where a group of students were randomly assigned to become prisoners or prison guards. The experiment demonstrated the power of the situation in producing acts of 'evil'. apparently, some student who were performing as a guard were so brutal that they had to stop the experiment.

p.s. added today: I just came across this link today: interesting topic about what Mr. Stéphane Dion (the current head of Liberal party) has said about power and the author of the article point of view.

you can read on:
The podcast features an interview with Philip Zimbardo, the director of the original prison study and professor of social psychology at Stanford university. The interview was originally broadcast on the19th April 2007, being featured in the BBC Radio 3 programme Nightwaves.

2. This Chinese flatemate of mine makes me to write about him.
He always watch desperate housewife. Today, when I walked in to our apartment seeing him screaming!
I started to ponder what is happening? I notice there is scene that one of the actresses going to cut the other actress main vein or artery. I had to tell him, this is just a movie!
Then after movie, he walks around and starts to sing Chinese song!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

National interest over anything else!

1. I think many of us have been under different circumstances where the interest or means of a group are regarded as a higher interest compare to our own interest. In today's Iran, the words like reinvention, renewing or pumping different idea is something remote and does not have any values. Simply, people come in power and stay until either they are kicked out or die! or their interest dies!

How many of us truly really leave a job or a position when we feel we no longer are effective!
On the other hand, I believe Iranians life would have been different if the decision made by those at higher authority, simply put aside their own interest and considering high percentage of Iranians' interest!

I just read this intereview with one of the football goalies of Iranian national team, whose name is Taleblou. and I quite appreicated his stand in current affairs of football.
طالب لو ادامه داد : متأسفانه برخى ها انتقاد مى كنند كه چرا طالب لو در ديداربرابر مكزيك به ميدان نرفت. در پاسخ به آنها بايد بگويم زمانى كه خسته بودم چرا بايد به ميدان مى رفتم و با عملكرد ضعيف خود آبروى تيم ملى را به خطر مى انداختم؟ براى من بازى برابرمكزيك بهترين فرصت بود كه خود را نشان دهم و توانايى هايم را اثبات كنم اما زمانى كه احساس كردم شرايط حضور در ميدان را ندارم، خودخواهى نكردم و به جاى توجه به خود به منافع ملى فكر كردم. (Iran-varzeshi interview)
Taleblou in reply to the journalist why didn’t you play for Iran-Mexico game. He says: unfortunately, a few criticize why I did not play for Iran Mexico game. I have to answer them simply by saying I was tired. If I am tired and go to play, with low performance I may jeopardize Iranian national football team interest.
For me Iran-Mexico game was the best game to show off myself and prove that to myself. But rather than being selfish I thought of national interest and didn’t play.

2. By the way, I donot understand it seems some can see YouTUbe videos in Iran some not!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ey Iran!

wowo, I loved this work of Babak Amini, ey Iran.

this one from Red movie:

Gole Gandom:

there are lot more, see Lily Afshar and more on your own:D

Sunday, June 03, 2007

pick you choices!

1. As time passes by I realize that Us is doing great job to building up the alliance for a war on Iran! see my argument which I said based on UN resolutions and articles!
I hope Iranian side realize that this is not what they do to their own people and no one replies back!

2. time flies. there was a time I never felt it is possible to see time will passes by so fast. But I feel it quite well these days.

3. No comment, I came across this video clip: Just funny:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My opinion...

1. For the past few weeks everywhere on the internet you turn, you see that Iranian government is imposing some type of pressure on Iranian people. Everyone speculates about the reasons that IR of Iran government does that.
My analysis is simple: the government is trying to evaluate and measure the restrain of the society towards the state. Government is pushing women, young men and others, to see how far they can sustain these pressures. If they fight back, they realize that the restrain of people is not so high. If they take the pressure without any argument, then the government can impose any pressure or idea that it wishes for.

2. This Chinese guy, the housemate of mine, is quite funny. On the weekend, I was vacuuming and cleaning the apartment. I wasn't aware that he was sleeping in his room.
He comes out and sees I am cleaning the place. He went to the kitchen cooked his lunch, eats it and then goes back to his room.
I finished the cleaning watching TV, he came out once again out of the room.
I was under impression that he is not feeling well, so I asked him,
Zhong, are you feeling well?
Z: me, mia! oaoa, yes, yes, yes, I feel good!
so, then I realized yes, he just wanted to sleep.
there was nothing wrong with him!
then after he went started to get ready for his dinner!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Musical Me!

1. These days I have become musical again. Once in a while that happenes!
Starting with formally knownCat Steven now Yousef Islam. I like some of his songs. one of them is here!

Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
And if you want to be free, be free
cause theres a million things to be
You know that there are

And if you want to live high, live high
And if you want to live low, live low
cause theres a million ways to go
You know that there are

You can do what you want
The opportunitys on
And if you can find a new way
You can do it today
You can make it all true
And you can make it undo
You see ah ah ah
Its easy ah ah ah
You only need to know

Well if you want to say yes, say yes
And if you want to say no, say no
cause theres a million ways to go
You know that there are

And if you want to be me, be me
And if you want to be you, be you
cause theres a million things to do
You know that there are


Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
And if you want to be free, be free
cause theres a million things to be
You know that there are
You know that there are

2. Many have heard of Canadian group called Nickelback. I am quite fan of the group.
Especially this song:

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
Confusing stars for satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight

Singing Amen, I'm I am alive(i am Alive)
Singing A..Amen, I'm, I am alive

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
We'd see the day... when nobody died

I'm singing

A..amen I, Amen I, I am alive
Amen I, Amen I, Amen I , I am alive

And in the air the fireflies
Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along

Singing Amen I'm, i am alive(i am alive)
Singing A...amen, I'm, I am alive

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
We'd see the day... when nobody died(x2)

(no body died...)

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
We'd see the day when nobody died....(x2)

We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died....
We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died....
We'd see the day when nobody died
The following is just the song, I couldn't find their video clip!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

life goes on!...

I wish to write a lot, whenever I do laundry or in the commuting mode, there is a lot comes to my mind and I wish to write about. however, when I sit behind the computer screen many things flies away from my mind!

one of the items which pisses me off these days is not being able to get what I want in my Phd Project!
I am tired of trying and not getting the answer I wish, perhaps here is the best place to complain!
I can scream here! who would hear! not much!
so, life goes on...

2. I recall the famous song of Fleetwood Mac (Originally sang in 70s) during the 90s when Bill Clinton campaign was going on for presidency of US.
I think reminding myself that:

If you wake up and dont want to smile,
If it takes just a little while,
Open your eyes and look at the day,
Youll see things in a different way.

Dont stop, thinking about tomorrow,
Dont stop, itll soon be here,
Itll be, better than before,
Yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone.

Why not think about times to come,
And not about the things that youve done,
If your life was bad to you,
Just think what tomorrow will do.

Dont stop, thinking about tomorrow,
Dont stop, itll soon be here,
Itll be, better than before,
Yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone.

All I want is to see you smile,
If it takes just a little while,
I know you dont believe that its true,
I never meant any harm to you.

Dont stop, thinking about tomorrow,
Dont stop, itll soon be here,
Itll be, better than before,
Yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone.

Dont you look back,
Dont you look back.

here from you tube:

Thursday, May 03, 2007

What is not good for me is also not good for my neighborhood!

Despite all the busy schedule I have I wish to write about the following point!
I just read in the news that Iranian police has beaten up Afghani workers. Iranian police by force are kicking them out of Iran according to the news. One has even died due to injuries they conceded.
According to one of them, police has gone to the where (usually construction site) these workers and asked them to leave. When they beg to have time to ask their employer for their wages, they were throw from higher floor down!!!!
I agree we should fight for freedom of Iranian women's, teachers and people.
How about advocating Afghani rights! to shift ourselves to democracy, we shall respect also Afghani's right! These Afghani are also human, first of all, and they have been in our country working in the jobs many Iranian wouldn't like take them.

I think we, bloggers, should also protest against this inhuman action.
to see entire article see: Iranian police beaten up Afghani workers!
here, the cut and pasted version!

منابع دولتی در هرات تایید می کنند که یک کارگر مهاجر افغان که 'بعد از ضرب و شتم توسط
پلیس ایران' از این کشور اخراج شده بود، در بیمارستان درگذشت.

به گفته این منابع، سه مهاجر اخراجی دیگر نیز، در جریان آنچه ضرب و شتم توسط پلیس خوانده شده، زخمی شده اند و هم اکنون در بیمارستان مرکزی هرات بستری هستند.

شمس الدین حامد رییس اداره مهاجرین ولایت هرات با تایید خبر ضرب و شتم چهار کارگر مهاجر افغان توسط پلیس ایران، که به گفته وی، به کشته شدن یک تن از این کارگران انجامید، این اقدام را محکوم کرد.

او گفت مقامات محلی در هرات، به زودی این مساله را بررسی خواهند کرد.

آقای حامد گفت سزاوار نیست کشوری که خود را دوست و برادر مردم افغانستان می نامد، با مهاجرین افغان، چنین رفتاری کند.

صدای شما برای افغانستان: اخراج افغانها از ایران (کلیک کنید)

دولت ایران روز گذشته اعلام کرد که در ده روز نخست طرح اخراج مهاجرین "غیرمجاز"، پنجاه هزار افغان را از این کشور اخراج کرده است.

مصطفی پور محمدی وزیر داخله (کشور) ایران، گفته بود ماموران پلیس این کشور سعی دارند با کسانی که اخراج می شوند، "به شکلی مناسب رفتار کنند".

'پرتاب از ساختمان'

دکتر برکت الله محمدی مسئول بخش عاجل (اورژانس) بیمارستان هرات به بی بی سی گفت سه کارگر مجروح اخراج شده از ایران، می گویند که توسط ماموران پلیس آن کشور ضرب و شتم شده و سپس از ساختمان پایین انداخته شده اند.

یک کارگر مجروح افغان که می گوید کمرش در اثر پرتاب شدن از ساختمان شکسته است
ما در ایران کار می کردیم. یک روز ساعت هفت صبح ماموران پلیس وارد محل کار ما شدند و از ما خواستند سریع حرکت کنیم و با آنها برویم تا ما را به افغانستان رد مرز کنند. ما شروع به التماس کردیم و از آنها خواستیم تا به ما مهلت بدهند که حقوق خود را از صاحبکار بگیریم، اما هنوز حرف مان تمام نشده بود که توسط آنان به زور از ساختمان به پایین انداخته شدیم

یک کارگر زخمی افغان
آقای محمدی افزود: این کارگران ابتدا به یک بیمارستان در داخل ایران منتقل شدند ولی گویا به دلیل نداشتن پول، در آن بیمارستان پذیرفته نشدند.

یکی از کارگران زخمی این حادثه به بی بی سی گقت: "ما در ایران کار می کردیم. یک روز ساعت هفت صبح ماموران پلیس وارد محل کار ما شدند و از ما خواستند سریع حرکت کنیم و با آنها برویم تا ما را به افغانستان رد مرز کنند. ما شروع به التماس کردیم و از آنها خواستیم تا به ما مهلت بدهند که حقوق خود را از صاحبکار بگیریم، اما هنوز حرف مان تمام نشده بود که توسط آنان به زور از ساختمان به پایین انداخته شدیم و وقتی به هوش آمدیم خود را در شفاخانه (بیمارستان) هرات یافتیم".

شمس الدین حامد رییس اداره مهاجرین هرات، از دولت ایران خواست عاملان این حادثه را هر چه زودتر دستگیر و مجازات کند.

دولت ایران و نمایندگی های این کشور در کابل و هرات، تاکنون در این مورد اظهار نظری نکرده اند.

خبر کشته شدن کارگر مهاجر افغان در اثر ضرب و شتم توسط پلیس ایران درحالی منتشر می شود که ایرنا خبرگزاری دولتی این کشور، در گزارشی ادعا کرده که "افغانها هنگام خروج از ایران، این کشور را الگوی انساندوستی دنیا معرفی می کنند".

این خبرگزاری می گوید که شماری از افغانهایی که به کشورشان باز می گردند، در گفتگو با گزارشگر ایرنا در استان جنوب شرقی سیستان و بلوچستان، ایران را "تنها الگوی انساندوستی در دنیا" معرفی کرده و از "مهمان نوازی" دولت این کشور قدردانی کرده اند.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kiosk and my fascination

Kiosk as a new tone of Iranian music industry has shown creativity and richness in tackling Iran's today subject.
Once again another work of these guys. The music is not so exciting but the clip and lyrics are quite interesting. So, play it and watch it!:D

Monday, April 23, 2007

Anniversiry of Sohrab Sepehri

3. Cool Photo:))

1. I think, if I am not mistaken, yesterday was 25 anniversary of Sohrab Sephri death due to leukemia. So, as an admirer of him I wished to write down translation of one of his works which I found nice to be mentioned. and that is where is friend's house!


“Where is the friend’s house?”
Horseman asked by twilight and,
The sky paused.

The passerby presented sands, the branch of light that he had in mouth
And pointed to a poplar tree and said:

“Before reaching the tree,
There is a garden alley that is greener than God’s sleep
And in it, love is as blue as the feathers of honesty.
Go to the end of the alley which stops at the back of adolescence.
Then turn to the flower of loneliness,
Two steps short of reaching the flower,
Stay by the fountain of eternal myth of earth
And you feel a transparent fear.
And in the fluid sincerity of the air, you will hear a scratch:
You will see a child
Who has gone up the pine tree, to grab a bird from the nest of light
And you ask him
Where the friend’s house is.”

I am big fan of his simple drawings, too.

2. First I heard Kiosk work a few years ago which I think was copywrite of Dire strait work. So, I didn't like it so much but this new one I kinda like it, though it is again the same style.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Me, My Nose and I

1. First of all, I took the first photo from internet AFP. It is showing an Spanish woman in Spanish attire before getting ready for Eastern ritual! I was in Spain for a conferece in 2005 and didn't see a woman like that picture above!! How come I don’t see such a woman around me, either:))!!!

2. I have a dilemma! It is my nose! Yes, that is the problem. I have quite sensitive nose, so I can smell thins from a distance or close proximity and even distinguish many different scents! I first realized that when I was a little kid! I could tell who have been where or has hugged or kissed whom by just their scents that was remained by them.
In Canada, my friends were first observed this skill when I was sitting with them in a study room of our university! Something is burning, I told them! They looked at me in disbelief! What are you talking about, they asked me! I replied, believe me something is burning or already burnt! So, about 6 minutes later, we hear the sounds of siren of the fire ware cars and realizing one of the laboratories in the chemical department had an accident. They couldn’t contain it and the fire was extending!
Considering that was about 1000 meter away! So, starting that day my friends were calling me Hunter!
So, for the past few months my sense of smell got once again more activate than usual! Now, I can smell people’s body, whether they have washed their hands or hair have been out of washroom for instance!
This is not so comfortable to reek since some of those scents you wish not to smell may give a strong visualization say perspiration!
Having said that, a few days ago there is this girl in my office who is very clean and smells always like perfume. However, with all those perfume and cream she applies, she walked in and I asked have you been in the washroom? She looked me in blush, and said yes!!! How do you know, She asked!!!

III. The comedy of capturing 15 British Marine by Iranian government finished in happy ending!
drawing couple of conclusion:

Normal conclusion: They were PAW and were released before the 48 hours ultimatum ends!

Iranian conclusion: It was Iranian new year, everywhere was closed and on holidays for 2 weeks so no one was around to release them that is why it took so long! (13 days or so!)

Iranian media conclusion: In an stratogic move of Mr. President A. N. we ended up on the top, in this senario, no one can move!!!

English Media + H.D. and Gurdian and Skynews: English Marine were there to gather information! didn't I say that, HD says:)!

People's Conclusion: The Marine's got brand new suits plus scarf, the Iranian commander got bravery medal and Iranian and British people got entertained!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cartoons ...

Many people recall their own childhood by those cartoons they saw. One of them for me was Barbapapa. So, I was passing by a book store a few days ago, I saw the above placard behind their display. I took the photo. One fascinating aspect of Barbapapa cartoons for me was that they could turn to almost anything they wish and get theri things going. I believe this aspect was there to show to the kids that nothing is for ever and things can be changed to benefit us. I think again this is a political statment. So things can change and we should become used to them.
So, good old days to watch, Sinbad and Galiver.:)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Iran in delimma!

1. I was reading my post two days ago! as I said for many of my posts I only spend about 15 to 20 minutes. In that particular post I was watching a movie, talking to my house mate and typing simultaneously! So, that is why it may doesn't make much of sense!!:) but I think I conveyed my idea!!:D

2. I was reading Mohammad Ali Abtahi web page, about his opinion on Iranian negotiating team at UN, I begin to wonder about it.
According to my research, here my 2-cent:
American politicians know what they are doing. (no kidding!) you may wonder!

They are very nicely pushing Iranian to the corner according to UN articles!

According to CHAPTER SEVEN, Iran is currently passed article 39, breach of peace;
article 40; "measures recommended against the country under breach of peace", and "implementing those sanctions partially or completely", article 41!
So, next will come Article 42 which I think everyone can easily read: may take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security.

So, good job team of negotiators. well done. I think they need cheers and tap on shoulder!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy vs Dr. House

I wish to write some of my opinion of Grey's Anatomy and Dr. House.

i. Yes, I know I am a freak TV series watcher, especially drama one! May be I am living in my own drama! For the past few months I have been watching both series on and off bases. Of course, compare to the ‘old’ ER (which I don’t know whether it is sill shown in North America or no) both series are considered cheese!
Grey’s anatomy, however, in my opinion portrays a soup-opera ambient full of love triangles (Ellen Pompeo, Chris O’Donnell, and Patrick Dempsey), and dilemma with love and lost! How they deal with those issues. The conversations may try to deliver the main stream conversation among successful young generations; however they don’t well and realistically deliver those conversations. It seems the entire hospital is made of these group of talented residence and inters who are almost covering every aspect of the hospital dilemma. Despite the perjury of the one of the interns ended up killing two patients in heart transplanted surgery, the women is coming back to work and stands in front of the hospital building, where surprisingly can be seen from inside by many collogues and gazes at the building the entire day until one of his classmates goes to talk to her and put a jacket on her!! The side of the medical related terms I think is the least compare to all other such series! So, focus is love life of Dr. Meredith Grey’s.

On the other hand, despite cheesiness of Dr. House series, I think the actors seem more professional and versatile. The dialogues are performed at richer level which you usually expect from Doctors, although they are usually short of real medical conversations. They are richer in words as well. The writers have tendency to cover varieties of theme from love to existence of god and faith. Just today, very likely this episode is old and already shown in North America, there was in today's episode a controversial opinion whether god exist or not. They focused on the fact that there is an explanation for every phenomena occurring. On the other hand, let those who are believer stay believer. Tell them the truth and prove to those restricted religious that we are mortal! Whereas a simple conversation from those strange believers may hint you up for something as you may wonder all along!

ii. Today, I notice many sites are promoting Mohsen Namjoo and his newly video clip called Tresses in the Wind. You can also read about him at

Friday, March 23, 2007

New year, no resolution!

1. I usually make resolution for anything including new year. but those resolutions never realized. So, this year no resolution! take me where the life goes!!

2. I heard: you can shake your ass but not shake your root! attention Alireza (I am talking to myself!)

3. today, the entire day was snowing, so I took the above photo! now in spring here is getting cooler!:D end of the world as we know it!!

4. I was going to complain about work! but hey what shall be done, this is the path I chose so, be it!

5. Yesterday, I was coming back in a train. In the compartment I was sitting there were kids from 8 to 13. These young boys were so noisy to my eyes that I was almost going to get crazy and and scream at them! to my surprise all others in that area were doing their own thing without even moving eye lashes! conclusion, I am impatient, kids are not good for me!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Noorooz shad bad

Naafase bad e saba moshk feshan khahad shod
Aalame Pir degar bareh javan khahad shod
Arghavan jam e aghighi be samaan khahad dad,
Cheshme narges be shaghayegh negaran khahad shod

This is my favorite poem for the new year. I recall reciting the above poem part of was part of reading from our Persian language book on 12 of our highschool years. It somehow making me happy to recall that.

Talking about grade 12 of Persian book, my favorite title and story was the first lecture from Golestane Saadi which was talking about:

Harnafasi keh Fooro miravad momede hayate ast
va chon bar miyayad mofarahe zat
pas dar nafasi 2 nemat ast va bar har nafasi shoori vajeb!

of course I can't recall the entire story, but...
ok let's get back to the reasoning of this post.

P.S. If anyone can type the above peom in Persian I would be happy to have it. thanks. (THanks to Molla Hassani I think I should be able to write it now!:))

p.s.1. the photo above is from my second time skiing this year. Due to lack of snow and being busy not so much of chance to go skiing.
Today the snow wasn't bad, I took this picture from one of the black run. I think if you look closely you shall see the slope of the run and how steep it is.:)

p.s.2. I hope this year we Iranians avoid lying, increase our tolerances and respect each other opionions.

shad bashin
Be happy

Monday, March 12, 2007

Days Of Song & Sorrow

1. A good friend of mine sent me the above poster, he himself is great Dr.
What shall I say! I think just laugh loud to express myself!

2. As I always say Iran's today has many problems. We have been lagging behind the world community because of many reasons to name a few cultural, religious suppression and lack of tolerance towards one another. So, here I am not sociologist to do any major analysis. My intention is to give my own point view:-)

3. I am big fan of Faramarz Aslani . I saw in BBC that him and Babak Amini have started a joint project. This is great news and I hope I hear soon some of their duet work.
have a look at this photo.
These days the work is uite difficult and seems time is flying! I am lagging behind!
we shall see....