Thursday, October 25, 2007

Couple of observations!

1. While in Canada I came across an advertisment in one of the local Iranian newspaper in Toronto which is seen above. The ad reads: I am 24 years young, residence of Shiraz, looking to get married for purpose of immigration to Canada with a woman who is citizen of Canada. All spending will be taken care of!! [I make no comment!].

2. What is with all the reality TVs in North America? Eerytime I was passing by a TV it was one of these crappy programs like: The Bachelor, The Survivor, Dancing with Stars, etc. all the none senses! I think North American programs simply brain washed the viewers!

3. I like this guy Anderson Copper. I recall his work as reality show known as The Mole. He does not do such a bad job of reporting the news. He is now doing an investigation reportage for global warming known as Planet in Peril which worth watching.

4. The Truth behind the movie 300!
this is link a friend sent me and worth reading. it has some good points.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still a live

1. After a 2 weeks technically vacation, I call it technically because it was more of work, in Canada I am back! I arrived yesterday around 8:00 and went directly to work! Still little jet lag.

2. life is busy and not much of changes. I am guessing I should fundamentally make some changes to motivate myself! Go, Alireza, Go!!

3. In Ontario it was provincial election, Liberals won with majority. Tores or right wing lost a few sits compare to the last election! contrary to that, in Switzerland was an federal election and the SVP won, who are right wing! i think that is difference between europe and North America!