Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parliamentry voting in Iran

In less than 2 month in Iran it is parliamentry voting. Regardless of all those who participate or does not participate, I came across this video. It is an interview in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcast (IRIB) with Mr. Sadeghe Ziba kalam, a professor of political sciences and political analyst.

Monday, February 04, 2008

hum, what are the news!!

1. I have no idea how a PhD student in Canada can kiss the boobes of a female student in Canada! You don't believe me! Read it in globe and mail
having said that, I want to indicate my position in this event!
I think it is great idea, just kissing a boobs of a some beautiful woman you don't know! it gives you a good feeling, but before anything like that I would get the female consent so, I don't get to any trouble that this guy has fallen in!!:)

Dramatic conclusion: PhD does not make you smart!

2. In the news I read that president launched a space rocket! good for Iran!Iran launches a space rocket
after seeing this movie about the launch couple of questions do not leave me alone!

1. what does launching a space rocket has anything to do with Mahdi the last Imam or ultimate savior!!? on the movie the speaker dedicates the rocket to him! and what is the space rocket use to ultimate savior!? if someone knows please share!

2. I am a mechanical engineer, so what I say does not make sense, I apologize!looking at the movie the top of the rocket is quite sharp and I think it creates boundary layer which would drag down the missile! So, why the tip of the rocket is so sharp!!?

3. Since this rocket is supposed to take a satelite to the orbit next year! what was the purpose of launching this rocket!! Testing!? if they do testing, why do they become so proud!!?