Friday, August 29, 2008

Just discovered by me!!

Perhaps many have seen this movie in Iran and may be around the world. It is called M mesleh Madar (M like mother). I haven't seen it but it seems very strong and deep and perhaps melodrama. Having said that, whenever I watch this clip, somehow I embrace in tears. For all mothers and father who are around the world.

The Director of this movie apparently has passed aways last year or so. Don't know why?
if anyone knows let me know.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

one down more than 4 to go!!


1. Finally I gave this presentation in the company. It seemed they were happy with my results. And the big head of development of the company asked me to schedule a meeting with him. I said I want to back to Canada to work there. (I started to sing, Oh Canada, kidding!!:))
They said unfortunately they have only a sales office in Canada and the research and development is done in Philadelphia, if I wish to go there, they can pass some good words for me! Anyhow, I am glad this is done. So, as I say 1 down, 4 to go, if the next and 3rd one get done, I become more than 50% happy!! Especially the next obstacle which is major one!!

2. I am member of IEEE for many years, just today, I opened up the new magazine that I receive on every quarter. There is article on page 18 of spectrum with title: Qatar University opens EE doors to women!!
First of all, according to same IEEE magazine, Iran has largest engineering female in university, so these guys are way behind us!!
Second, once again this Arab dude in my office took me to another discussion with him. He started to ask me have you heard about this news, that news. Moftie leader of Saudi Arabia say that say this! More or less, he lead me there, I said, have you heard about this high profile news, that a few months ago, a girl in Saudi Arabia went out with his soon to be finance or something like that, later the friends of that guy join them, in the end, they all rape that woman!!! I continue, I read that the judge has said, the woman is at fault since she should not have gone out with that guy before getting married!!!!! I said, if this is Islam that you are saying, I would condemn it! Unless you gave me other definition! The Arab guy said, yes, this is not Islam, but you know the woman should not have gone out with that guy, either!!!!
I was furious, I said, ok, since you are having a wife (according to you) imagine we and a few other guys go out, shall we have a right to rape your wife!!! Of course not!!
And then he continued, ya, but men and women are different, I am stronger, …, I told him, ok, forget it stop it there. You and me never come to an agreement!!!!

3.1. I finally uploaded the photo. I realized the add photo bottom in blogger is not activated if you use firefox!!! with Explorer is all right!!

3. The photo up there, I like it, because it says don't make trash on environment as much you avoid you own living room! This is a public announcement brought to you, by MEE!!!
ok I don't know why I can't add the photo I do that later!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who is Golshifteh Farahani!

check it out, she is performing along side Hollywood big names in Body of lies!!
This is the preview:

Friday, August 15, 2008


1. It is raining cats and dogs! none-stop!

2. see this video, the child is quite funny!!

3. hum, this coming week is quite decisive in my life, an extremely important presentation at the company which my work was initiated from it! This presentation is in front of 20 people (according to the guy who has set the time) who are head of different groups in spine and biomechanics! It took him more than 6 months to put these 20 people together!!
then, some other personal ups and down in life, hoping that happens!! all and all feel nervous!!
lots of busy mind!can I scream!!!!!!!!! perhaps! may be not a good idea! an scream of internet version! that none can hear!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stories of the Arab guy!! ANDAR Ahvalate this Arab guy!

1. No, it is not me! that I want to avoid writing about this but, he makes me to write it down!!!
oh, what is the story, did someone asked?
It is late evening at work, he is back from laboratory to the office and he looks little down!

Arab Guy (AG): I had a big fight with my landlord!
me: how come? you really fought with your landlord?!!
AG: not really a fight, but we had a [major] argument!!
me: I am sorry to hear that!
AG: He has complained of me to my supervisor!!...He asks me to do things that it sounds strange?!
me: like what?!
AG: he thinks I should say hi to his guests!!!...He thinks after 9:30 pm I should not cook! I should try all the dishes I washed properly as he says!!
Me: I see, but what has he complained to your supervisor about? I think that is important, if I could know?!!
AG: He has told I am an arrogant person! I don't comply with the house rules, and I left the main door open, I don't clean the kitchen after I have used the pots and dishes and etc.
Me: hum, I think it would be for you to comply with the rules of him, since you are staying here not more than end of December!!
AG: No, there are certain things you can't go on and not answer, you should stand for your bases [dignity:me]!!
me: as you wish!

related to somewhat related conclusion: This is where I say many Arabs can't differentiate between human dignity and what they gain and lose to comply with some rules put up!!
somewhat on related: After seeing this guy radical views which I said previously, I was once in the coffee room, with my boss and him, I was trying to pretend that I am busy with a paper I am reading to avoid talking to him!
I overheard he was talking to my boss who just get to know him the the coffee room in that very minutes! He was telling him with his heavy Arabic accent how my boss should pronounce the name of his supervisor. My boss had initially asked him so, you work with [name of his boss]. and He replied, who? and then he started to tell him, my boss is pronouncing Arab guy's supervisor name wrongly!!
Funny enough, that supervisor of him is Swiss-Hungerian who works here for more than 15 years and he has been all his life in Switzerland, I am sure everyone knows how to pronounce his last and first name, especially himself!!!!
This guy was saying, everyone is wrong in English it should be pronouce like he was saying!!!
talking about ....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carrefour in Tehran!

1. Apparently, Carrefour in Tehran is establishing a large supermarket. Carrefour aims to shake up Iran’s food industry .

My 2-cent: More than ever Iran is going towards French oriented market. This may rise anger of American economy, so things may get more complicated!!

2. Apparently, it has been a large propare explosion in Toronto Canada!

Monday, August 04, 2008

How did you spend the weekend! Jura!

1. First of all, the weekend was relaxing and at the same time full of exercise! I was in region in CH is called Jura. They speak French and they have nice area who can go Kayaking and Horseback riding! I get to practice very little French (since I don't know any!) and German since many didn't speak any English!
As customary to my Journeys I take public transport (not to mention I have no car!:) and therefore I get a chance to read fairly well.
This week with so much hype with National Geographic article about Iran and Persian Empire I went to newspaper kiosk and bought a copy.
After reading the article about Iran and enjoy the truth about many statement written in the article, e.g. The first and most phrase people told to the author of the article is "We are not Arabs!!".
The second article I get my focus on was about Moscow: the city never sleeps. As a curiosity, I wanted to understand how is Moscow and how safe it is in what extend while has most millioners in it. Almost to the end of the article, a page before last, I came across these phrases:
"In this cacophony a millionaire could expand and relax. For one thing, no guns are allowed inside Diaghilev. The club had a 40-man security force, and any customer who felt in dire need of protection was assigned a personal bodyguard. A bomb dog had sniffed the chairs, and a security briefing had alerted the staff about special needs, such as guests from Iran who did not want to be photographed drinking champagne with scantily clad models. I had followed Yegor through a back door. How Yegor arranged my visit I did not know, but the chief of security was not pleased."

I started to wonder who could be this Iranian guy who doesn't want to be photographed or named! Could be one of our famous childern of Ayatolahs' in Iran!? Perhaps. If anyone knows please step forward and write it!

2. National Geographic has an old Persian map enclosed with big Persian Gulf name. I am intending to hang it on my office wall, so the Arab guy can see it big and bold!!

3. This Arab guy is sometimes going on my nerve I am intending to ignore him. One of last week days, We started to talk about Israel and Arabs! and I said killing is not an answer to anything we see today!
He replied with his heavy Arabic accent, If someone kills your brother what would you do? I would try to find out why that happened and what was the reason for it! I replied.
He answered, no I would kill him! I said why? he replied. No matter what I would kill him!! after a few back and forth, I gave up! In his opinion you should kill whomever killed you brother! he said. no mercy!
Anyhow, he is too violent for my taste!
I now avoid him or even talking to him!

See the ancient Iran photos

3.3. answer to recent fuss about article written in Spiegel, German language tabloid!!
from National Geographic: "Among the carvings there are soldiers, but they're not fighting; there are weapons, but they're not drawn. Mainly you see emblems suggesting that something humane went on here instead—people of different nations gathering peace­fully, bearing gifts, draping their hands amiably on one another's shoulders. In an era noted for its barbarity, Persepolis, it seems, was a relatively cosmopolitan place—and for many Iranians today its ruins are a breathtaking reminder of who their Persian ancestors were and what they did."