Friday, December 14, 2012

Why are Swedish women healthier than the British?

Lovely report, why women in Sweden are healthier compare to other counties across Europe. My own 2-cent: This time around that being active is important and necessary for everyone including women and translated as being healthy and may reduce health costs; in Iran government suppresses young women to wear hejab, not leave home and not being active! That is why, if I am not mistaken, the rate of osteoporosis among the Iranian women has increased from 30 years ago! I read that somewhere while ago. Lack of exposure to the sun (cheap vitamin D)
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why many of us don't want to leave their comfort zones?

I just arrived home tonight and saw my housemate who recently got dumped by her boyfriend!

me: Hi F.
F: hi, with a frown face!
me: you seems not too happy!?
F.: no, I hate my work.
me: Would you like to talk about it?
F.: No!

This was the conversation we had. What always makes me wonder, this is the 4 times I hear this statement from her that she doesn't like her job at the university.
I begin to think:
Why she doesn't try something different?
She does go to painting and performing classes, but she complains the classes are too hard! She has to memorize tons of scripts for the theater class! The teacher takes it too serious!

Why people in general hate to leave their comfort zones?

She is not married, doesn't have a child, what is she afraid of? what are we afraid of?

She needs a boyfriend, a partner? I understand...
She is a women, all she need to do have to meet people, talk to them and be truthful
to herself and them! why she doesn't do it?!

I told her a few days ago when she felt down and talked about the last boyfriend; why don't change the way you meet people, perhaps internet!

" I hate that way, to meet people", she said.

I wonder if someone is so stiff, it makes it even more difficult to find someone. From a mathematical point of view, a stiff differential equation may create lots of high frequency noise!!:-)

All and all, she may be just having a PMS! who knows!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Ehsān Narāghi has paased away.

Ehsān Narāghi, an Iranian sociologist and writer passed away on Dec 6, 2012.

A few years ago that I was always wonder why Iranian revolution had taken place in 1979 and what mobilized Iranians to protest against the Shah, I came across Dr. Naraghi's book from Place to Prison. This book was a great eye-opener in which he describes well the mood of those days from Shah to people on the street and later in prison and the ideological people he spend time with.
I enjoyed reading the book. The book initiated me to start and learn about his character and knowing his love for Iran.
According to many sources he established a research center at the University of Tehran for studies on Iranian society. 
He seemed to try hard to understand Iranian society, but I hope that in future people try to study his thoughts without any prejudice.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dave Brubeck: Take Five jazz pianist dies

My understanding of his work goes back in several years ago when I heard take five first after several years in a commercial of Infinity car during Wimbledon Tennis championship.
since then, I have been fascinated with his music work and wished I knew him earlier and had an opportunity to attend his concerts live. This is to his memory.
You can read more about him in here. Apparently, he died one day before his 92 birthday!