Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's seriously talk Persian!

1. This is for those who say we speak Farsi.
Let's seriously stop this word.
Arab could not say Parsi or Persian since they have no 'p' in their alphabets, the said Farsi. And we simply have replaced it.
So, the language is Persian! nothing more or less, Old Pahlavi, middle Pahlavi, and modern Pahlavi (Persian)
2. another word: Ghaza which in Arabic is feces of Camel and we refer to that as food!!

غذا. [ غ َ ] (ع اِ) بول شتر. (اقرب الموارد). رجوع به غذی شود

غذااین واژه عربی است و پارسی آن اینهاست: واسان (پهلوی)، پیهان (پهلوی: پیهَن)، پیتو (اوستایی
let's use Persian equivalent: Vasaan, Bihaan, Pito.

2. Isfahan is Sepahan
and there are tons more. Let's remove some non-sense Arabic words from out language.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interesting documentary aboout Qu'ran

Quite interesting documentary, worth seeing.

excerpts: contrary to belief of Muslims the Qu'ran may have been changed and its script today are not exactly what originally anticipated. German scientists have done detailed study on the origin of Qu'ran.

and if you get a chance take a look at this clip taken from Iran. It has nothing to do with the above documentary. It is about what police are doing to young women in Iran!