Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Iranian band that I really enjoyed listening to!

1. I finally have my sutures removed and I feel all right. My far distance vision, seems to be stabilized and I am happy as I don't have to wear soft contact lens any longer.

2. As a big fan of fusion music, I have come across this new band is called dang Show
These guys are fresh and are unique. I would love to buy their CD or whatever form of music they sell.
Just a sample:

Friday, January 14, 2011

What everyone has been waiting for!

1. Update after flooding: I have to change the entire carpet in my unit after the flood. So, tons of work. I think the good part is that the insurance must pay for everything!

2. I have been thinking; people have many dreams throughout their entire life (No kidding!). I have been thinking what has been my dream all along.
My dream seemed to be the one! I always wanted to get ride of the fact I was wearing contact lens in one eye (after my trauma at age of six) and wanted to get intraocular implant. So, I can't wait to have all these stitches removed from my eye and get on with my life!
Then if things stay stable, I will think what is my next for me in the dream world!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

All the best for 2011!

In Persian there is this folk expression says, the fruitful year, can be seen from its spring. Iranian new year starts from first day of spring and this expression implies that the year with sounded successes and prosperity can be seen from its first day which is in spring. This usually said if the first day of spring coincides with luck-ful(if this word exists) occasion. Let's say, someone get his ever wanted job or gets healthy right at the start of the year.
So, in my case things are a little up-side-down! I should be watching out for year 2011!
Why? you may ask? because the night before start of 2011 about 4 floor higher than mine a gentlemen makes almost everyones's life like a hell!
How things started.
Dec. 30 at 11:45 pm. My mom walks off towards windows telling me, look there is water on the ground! I jump from my seat touching the ground, wondering what the heck has happened here!
I could not believe it, wondering does this water coming through the window and making all the carpets so wet. Thinking, damn, now I have to spend thousands of dollars fixing this problem; while busy with my thoughts, I hear someone is knocking on our door.
Running towards the door with confusion about who might be at the door in such late time. As soon as I open the door, I realized there are two fire men standing in front of me asking me if I had noticed any water leakage in my unit! Yes, I said. Before any further ado, they had just walked by me and went to every room trying to pin-point where were the wet area.
We shall be back, they said. before they live I asked what is going on.
One of them explained to me,
A guy who lives in an exact unit four floor higher than mine finds a piping problem in the risers going through the evaporators (Fan-Coil) unit to deliver water (cold and warm).
He had calld the management of the building about the problem asked whom he could contact to rectify the problem.
The management had explained to him that the problem is major and must be done by professionals while shouting down of entire facility of boiler and the water supply. He should call the plumber and HVAC specialist to fix the problem. He does so. Apparently, the specialist promises to coming the next morning and fix the problem.

However, in the evening of the day he called and made the appointment he decides to take things in his own hand!!! He had tried to fix the problem without shouting down the water. As he starts the plumbing, he couldn't stop the water. Making the long story short.
That night we were up until 3:30 in the morning as people of the relief disaster department, fire department have come in to stop the water.
According to the management until the next morning they had estimated about $30,000 properties damage!
I have got my carpeting damage and must replace them! My insurance perhaps should sue this guy as well!

So, az we say, SALI KEH Nekost az Baharash Peydast!!:)