Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Operation Val-Fajer 8!

Mr. Hossein Alayei, one of the Islamic Republic of Iran commander in Sepah during Iran and Iraq war has written a short article stating how operation Val-fajer 8 has been started and was maintained throughout 2 years as a successful and well thought operation in which the entire Arvand Rood (Arvand river) and Fav islands were taken in the hands of Iranian army and Sepah.
The article describes in some details how Sepah soldiers crossed Arvand rood (Arvand river) with support of Iran army in the night to take over of Iraqi bankers and army centers across Arvand rood. Simultaneously, they attack Fav and took over the Island which remained at the hands of Iran for almost two years, according to him.
The article is Memoriam and perhaps does not need to get to the details of how the successful or unsuccessful it was.

However, in my opinion few important theme Mr. Alayei fails to remind the readers. Firsly, why the operation Val-fajr 8 has ever started? Had we not taken Iranian land completely back in those days? Was it necessary to start this operation at all? Doesn't that explain that Iran became the aggressive party in the war? Was it worth to put so many soldiers life in jeopardy in an operation that 2 years later was considered total loss? 

I think it is important we learn how brave those Iranians defended Iranian land, but it is even more important the actions and decisions made during those years being criticized. It is important we learn from the past knowing what went wrong and how things could have been better!
You can read about the operations Val-fajer 8 here.