Monday, January 29, 2007

Do you like yourself!?

1. I don’t like myself but I admire myself! So, the only thing I truly rely on is gaining something for what I deserve! what is this tiring chalange when there is more into life or perhaps nothing!

1.1. Dr. Ehsan Naraghi is a sociologist who I admire for his work. I read one of his books under name from Place to the Prison back in Toronto, Canada in English and I felt for the first time, I got a great understanding and analysis of days of Iranian revolution since I was just a child then. Because many books I had read about Iranian revolution were so biased that there were so difficult to conclude anything from them. I read someone has produced a documentary movie about his life. If you read the above article I put the its link (It is written in Persian). by the end of the article Dr. Naraghi apparently appears in his own biography documentary says a line which I quite like it and got impressed: 'I am ready to die and I have no fear from death.'Says Dr. Naraghi.

2. Today somehow while working I felt I should be listening to Ebi Iranian singer. So, I started to listen to Ebi songs on Somehow, some of his old songs brought me to tears for no reason...

3. Good news: There is Asian winter Olympics, Iranian team is participating at both men and women venues, Which is great news. Good luck to all of them.
عليداد ساوه شمشکی‪پوريا ساوه شمشکیحسين ساوه شمشکیباقرکلهر
آلپاين (زنان)سميرا زرگریمرجان کلهرميترا کلهرفاطمه کيادربندسری
صحرانوردی احمد کاويا نسيدمصطفی ميرهاشمی حسين ساوه شمشکی سيدستار صيد
اسنوبرد:عليرضا قاسم زادهسيدامير حسين شريف نيا

4. Why we have different mood?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Trust, Acknowledgment!

1. One of the most interesting qualities that I think we should honor in here is matter of trust! On the daily bases it is common around 10:00 o’clock students, employees, directors shall go to the coffee room to have tea, coffee, or cake as someone may bring in. There is list in this room that everyone’s name is written on it. Simply, whomever drinks a coffee draws a line in front on his name under the given date and if drinks tea he will be charged a flat number for every months, if he acknowledges he has had tea! Any money collected is deposited to an account and it is spent for coffee beans for our coffee machine, couple of different tea bags and also our yearly Christmas lunch. What makes me to appreciate this attitude is the fact that everyone who takes a coffee or anything else does the routine and they never cheats or if they cheat it is because they have forgotten!
Another example is when I go skiing! You can sit in another compartment of the train and leave your skis in another, I have yet to see someone steal the equipment.

2. As a graduate student we are trained and get paid to think! But I wonder does this procedure turn out to be well!? I have always heard that people who receive big cashes are the one who can think of earthshaking ideas and start changes! I once read this story about Einstein that is probably fictional, but I like it the message it conveys. Supposedly, Einstein was confronted by a student who said that he kept pencil and paper by his bed in case an idea surfaced while he was sleeping. “do you do that’ he asks from Einstein. Einstein replies: ‘I seldom get ideas!’ He replies.
I think great ideas do happen as we have seen all along but it does not happen when we expect them most. They happen when we least expecting them!

3. I have to acknowledge Dr. wanna be Salman knowledge in continuum mechanics who delighted me with his help. babam jan, he is genius. Iran loses such a great talent! what shame! His looks at these equations and digesting them all with no time it is amazing!! I want to tell him my high appreciation and thanks for his unweaving support!

4. Diet of my Chinese flatmate:
1. Fungus + leeks and vegetables!
2. Fungus water with micro rice!
3. Dry Fungus with dead fish!;-)
4. Deep Fry fungus with pork meat and no additive
5. soup with pickles (normal Pickles)!
6. Add to above big time chili spice!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

No comment

I am as usual busy, and don't get chance to update my weblog. Sometimes I feel my brain doesn't support what I am doing. Becasue I have to read many things several times!
I wish to update my weblog sometimes soon, to write something happy and cheerful, but then news coming from Iran doesn't accompany me!
have a look at this movie from Shiraz about addiction and prostitution.
Viewer discretion is advised, people who are sensitive to graphical scenes must avoid seeing this movie.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

don't know why!?

I have this 'bad' habit (I am saying bad, becasue I should not doing so!) to read Iranian news! Everyday I read these news I get more and more upset! Because rather than any good news I see no good news coming out of Iran.
I think I just put a few of them here for others to judge for themselves:

افزايش مرگ و مير ناشی از آلودگی هوا در تهران

استفاده شهروندان از خودروهای شخصی از عوامل اصلی آلودگی هوای تهران معرفی شده است
شهرداری تهران اعلام کرده که آبان ماه امسال ۴۵۰۰ نفر به علت سکته قلبی در شهر تهران جان خود را از دست داده اند که آلودگی هوا علت ۸۰ درصد اين مرگ و ميرها بوده است.

Mayer of Tehran has reported that more than 4500 people died in October and Novermber of pollution and related illnesses to pollution. (I think the number of Amercican soldiers died in Iraq from beginning of Iraq war are about 3000!!)

2. مديركل مبارزه با جرايم جنايى آگاهى ناجا:
بازداشت ۳۰۰ متجاوز در ۸ ماه
۳۰۰ مرد متجاوز در ۸ ماهه ابتداى سال جارى بازداشت شده اند.مدير كل مبارزه با جرايم جنايى پليس آگاهى ناجا با بيان اين مطلب به ايسنا گفت: ۴۰ درصد تجاوزات به عنف در پى اغفال قربانى و ۱۵ درصد از سوى مسافركش نماها رخ داده و اين در حاليست كه پليس بارها به زنان و دختران جوان هشدار داده كه براى تردد از ناوگان غير رسمى حمل مسافر استفاده نكنند.سرهنگ تواضعى گفت: بر اساس تحقيقات پليسى، مشخص شده است ۱۸ درصد از عاملان تجاوز به عنف با تهديد چاقو نيات پليدشان را عملى كرده اند.
Director of Police division of crime in Iran has reported that in past 8 month about 300 rapist were arrested!! (considering this is done in Hokomate Adle Ali, or as Islamic Republic calls it a government which is from god on earth!!) (taken from Iran newspaper)

3. مشاور رئيس جمهور در امور روحانيون
مشروعيت ولايت از ناحيه خداست
خبرگزاري فارس: مشاور رئيس جمهور در امور روحانيون گفت: مشروعيت از ناحيه خداست و مردم وظيفه دارند براي تحقق آن تلاش كنند.
The president’s of Iran advisor in clergies affair: Legitimism of the government is given by god and people must put effort to keep that going! (taken from farsnews)

It is very hard for me to ignore these news! and say I am out of Iran so, let them think about those problems!
you be the judge!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blog-tag a game for every season!

This blog-tag has become quite interesting game. Iranians around the world started this game for Shab e cheleh. So, with some delay since Nataly, Maryam and Arsh have asked me to participate!
sorry for delay:

1. I would like to analyze anything happens around me and find a tools to described them. This makes me to stay too logical in many occasions that are not necessary!

2. I am quite environmentally conscious! I had lots of disagreement with my own family in regard of garbage disposal especially when I was young. When I was 8 I got into big disagreement with my uncle (daie) in the car when he throw orange skins out of the windows of the car, I recall I cried until he said he won’t do it again!!!

3. Up to around 9 years of age I was very quiet and shy! As time passed I become the most talkative person alive!!

4. I sometimes weep like a little girl for something has happened around me!

5. My highest dream and hope is that I contribute to improve and wellbeing of living condition of humans around me! That is why I do Phd.
I invite whomever reads this weblog to leave comment and participate including these few for the time being:

1. Dr. Anahita
2. Spooky witch
3. Tigerfish: hoping things have gone well with her dad.
4. Kimia
5. Nirvana

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

1. Greetings and best wishes for 2007! I thank you those who wished me a best in the coming year! I wish everyone who celebrates this occasion or not;
have a healthy and successful year ahead! I am may be a day late since I was gone two days of Skiing!
2. I went skiing in
The ski was not so great as this year it has not been snowing so much! There was lots of stone and I had to look for stone on the piste. Today, when I was leaving the place, it was raining!!! which apparently wasn't happening in many years!!
I also visted
Jung Frau Yoch which was quite amazing. According to the history video there, the construction this tunnel was started in end of 1800 and was taken about 16 years!! I was quite impressed with what they have done! I am wondering what Iranian were doing that those time!

3. Somthing I read in the news is that: Either register your domain in Iran or get blocked! The news talks about Iranian minstery of Islamic guidance has given a due date 2 months either they have to register their websites and pages or they will get their websites blocked!
So, welcome to new rule of law in Iran! morality was first regulated! now let's pass law for internet since the first one works fine!!!:)