Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New wave of Iranian Music!

I have been knowing this group for past 1.5 years but never get a chance to introduce them here. The group is Abjeez. They are two Iranian born sisters who are living in the Sweden! I think their work worth listening to. Their work is quite distingushiable from LA based singers! Their video Khasteh gari (suitor-ship!) is quite interesting to watch!
BBC Persian has reported some underground Iranian rap and rock groups are currently performing in Nielderland. I am quite happy about the new wave of music in the Iranian music compare to avaliable main stream music from LA and Iran!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Life a juggling experience!

Throughout my life I learned that a single processor single-input-single-output system can not be of any use to our ordinary life. We have to be a parallel processing human with muliti-input-multi-output multiplexers which can do many things at one instances!
Currently, my life has got to juggling mode! I have my father over here and have to provide services for him. University courses have started and I have to do my own research I am supposed to do and my own works! I tend to enjoy these works quite a lot. These ongoing activities keeps me alive and I think provides me with a better management skill in my own life, something that I am desperately lacking and have not learned very well in Iran.
Today, I attended a nonlinear continuum mechanics who is thought by a professor from Berkley educated at MIT! Very good lecturer but I suppose it requires lots of time studying for it.
Something will never change, I spend times talking to my father whenever I get a chance and I realize how his brain has set for certain things and isn’t changeable what so ever! Our conversation usually ends to his sentences with the following:” I have done what I knew to do, you do it as you wish”. When I say will you understand my way and will you let me do it! He says he knows my way is not the right way, but he says that with question mark in his head it seems, I can do as I wish, he just sits back and watches! Then he starts to tell me how many mistakes, as he thinks there are, I have made. I have to tell he is a lovely father figure, who has strange way of thinking! many qualities that my fathers has are great but I think I have to live with the fact that he can never in his wildest dream see me as someone does things better than him, (although he verbally admits) even if people tell him so! Having said that I think we all have to respect our parents and live with the fact of our life!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Up to the darkness and fogginess!

Certain mysteries in life baffle me, things that people take for granted, yet in closer inspection seem inexplicable-like why rain doesn't come down my chimney! One is how we live in denial along in our life and despite what people tell us we tend to ignore or deny!
I just recently read that Darioush, the famous Iranian singer, had an interview after sobering from drug addiction, telling the interviewer that 60 millions were knowing that he was addicted, however, he himself didn't know that he is addicted!
throughout our life many people criticize us or complain about our habits! I always would like to know how we respond to those! with open arm or reluctance or rejection!?
I, myself tend to complain a lot! why I do that because I think there is always a room to improve! I believe as long as there is hope, we should step up to the better hills! reach for the sky! as long as knowing the sky is the limit!
one thing to add is a certain amount of sublimation is advisable, but when that sublimation of itself becomes a burden of the flesh and spirit, it is the time to move on!
i will try to go to the detail when I have time and more thoughts!:)