Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is Italy really in Europe?

It has been a little over 7 months that I have come to Bologna, Italy. Let me start by saying that I am quite impressed with the food and gastronomic science local people have. The food is delicious and I can't deny that. The lunch with my colleagues is the highlights of the day. and on average people are warmer than Northern countries. However, there are many other aspects that it makes you wonder if you are really in Europe or not! paper work is tremendously harsh work here! I went to pension office of Bologna more than 5 times to tell them look can you make me a file!! This was something I have had never seen before! In one occasion, the lady who worked in INPS office when I got in the front of the queue and told her my problem, "I hate working with computer", she said. I asked excuse me?! Could you check if my file is already there. She just simply ignored me, said she doesn't feel to work. Other issues is pollution and buses! First of all the city center is quite polluted and unbelievably unclean. The buses smell exhaust and gasoline if you pass the mid of the bus. The bus appearance and cleanness is also quite low. It looks they have never been cleaned and washed! There are usually many secretary and office people who work duplicate jobs. But none can do the job! Things get complicated and out of order. The wall in Engineering department which was constructed perhaps during WWII has no covering and you can see bricks uncovered and there are walls covered with half cement. There is not enough space for students to sit in the class. I have seen them standing out side of class listening to the lectures. This is considering the number of professors and researchers in a small department of engineering is pretty large by their counterpart in North America. Today, I went to get an appointment for glaucoma specialist. I am given an appointment for mid of November 2012!! They say, if I wish to see a specialist momentarily, I simply can pay and get a private one! So, add to these interesting observations that I have to run around find my own place to live in! So much of work!