Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why BBC is the British Bull Shit Broadcast company!

I don't understand that with so much knowledge the British government claims to have why they still call Persian Gulf, the Gulf!! Take a look at this page of BBC. I would like to call UK from now on USA the second! what is wrong with that? As long as as they call Persian Gulf, the Gulf to my eyes UK is USA the second! So, that is for now! If I were the BBC Persian, I would have also protest to this historical fact and perhaps made some statement that the USA the second learns some lessons. but then their income is from BBC, they will never do that!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day!

What have we done to earth. We have populated the world with human. Destroy the inhabitant of the animals and tried very nicely clear cut the forests to establish human communities. What else? there are more, we have created trash everywhere we go, feel that streets and cities are the place that are the best place. Not knowing that if there is not any trash collection or food deliveries out and in to the city there will be no clean city. Today was Earth day! The google logo has changed to reflect this very important statement. I indicate this is a statement, because until there is no awareness around the globe, this is no real movement and it is just a statement. So, having said that let's consider this fact that we are responsible for earth the only planet as far as we know that we can freely live on it. The question is when we should move towards sustainable energies like wind and sun? today, tomorrow, when it is cheap? when do we get rid of energies like nuclear and oil which may poplut our planet in any matter of time. I just took the questionnaire about how large of the global hectares it takes to support my foodprint and it turn out I need about 4.9 global hectares to support my life style!! Check out the webpage for Earth Day 2012. Please think locally, act globally! don't trash on street. Try to turn off any extra lights. I know in North America and specifically in USA, they are wasting tons of energy, but then do your portion and save the earth for our future! :-) thanks tribute to earth by late Michael Jackson!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A review: Honeymoon in Tehran by Azadeh Moaveni

I just finished the book called Honeymoon in Tehran by Azadeh Moaveni. The book is recommended to the readers if you just want to get very glimpse of Iranian women jealousy towards one another for finding a partner! Of course, I am little exaggerating. But the truth being told, this book has nothing new except for what Azadeh likes and dislikes. If you are interested to know. There ware a few discrepancies in the book when a Friend of Arash (the husband will be) whose name is Houshang is picked up on the way to Aghed (marriage notary) to go along with Arash and Azadeh as a witness to their wedding, then he describes hiring process of his niece in Iran Air company. Surprisingly, he says that the interviewer asks her about religious process in Islam when a person becomes dead. The young niece states that Iran Air must be concern with safety and emergency process and many other things related to that rather than the process of death and  burying! Someone should tell Azadeh khanom this joke told aomng the Iranians for many years and I doubt it that it is still practiced even in 2006. Many in Iran have told a version of this joke. It is a popular one, though.
The second one is that Arash Zeini has returned to Iran from Germany to promote and develop Farsi-open source software! Ok, Is this guy a software engineer? you may ask! The answer appears in the end of the book. nope, The answer is. According to the author he has studied Theology! Say what? Religious study? Apparently, the gentlemen is still studying PhD and translates one of the old Persian books. According to wife (Azadeh) who says oh, going to London is good for Arash who already applied for a PhD and learning a couple of old Iranian languages must not be difficult to continue his Theology study what he has studied in Germany! So, this gentlemen with a theology knowledge runs his textile company of his father (according to the author after unsuccessfully attempting to run open-source software he starts to work with his father who owned a reputable bed-sheet manufacture and textile company) that is the best and the most honest company in Iran! good stuff! I make no comment about being honest, I consider it, yes! However, the gentlemen with theology degree is in his father company running it smoothly. Would like to know what had been his function in the company. May be advertising division!
and one last note for the time being but not the least. Ms. Moaveni goes to interview Sonbol the only female driver (excuse me, there was no better name to nick Ms. Laleh Sadiggi). Ms Moaveni describes her as superficial, who has done nose and lip job and wants to get Arash attention. or Trying hard to win Arash khan heart. Then, contrary to Laleh, the author is deep and understanding of many subjects who makes tons of connection with Arash in no time due to all these great qualities she has but are indescribable:)! oh please, I love Iranian women impression of the world! when they fight for a men.
I may add more later!
Let me be fair, the book gives slightly of what really has happened since Ahmadi Nedjad has come to power after Mr. Khatami. Perhaps, worth reading if you borrow it from the local library:-).

Back to write more: One paragraph captured my eye and I liked it was when the author and Arash driving to Imam Khomaeini International Airport (IKIA) to travel to Dubai for a few days of get a way. Apparently, she tells Arash, imagine the second I in IKIA is replaced by an E. and we were going to shop at an IKEA. IKEA would have been more beneficial for Iranian people and may have done a lot more good for Iranians rather than IKIA. A smart statement.