Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot, Humaid and hot!

Finally, summer is in Zurich! average temperature about 28! Relative humidity of 80%,
so, I sweet like there is not tomorrow!
my office right now is about 27-we have temperature scale in our office- will get to 32 by 2:00 pm!
So, no air condition or cooler in the office!:) was someone complaining?!
and some ....:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iranian media= a tabloid of foreign news!

For the past almost 5 months I am living in a shared accommodation. Two of these guys are from old eastern block countries, now turned to EU. One is from old Eastern Germany and one from a country is called Estonia. If you wonder where is Estonia, Read it in Wiki.
What is striking is not the fact that they are from those countries and so they are cheap or anything else. It is the matter of what I hear and what they do sometimes, tells me the influence of Russian mentality on them!

For the example, one day the guy from former Eastern Germany came and said, these Banana are getting bad, and I want to throw them out! I looked at the them and said, they are not so bad and you still can make banana-milk shake with them. Then, I explained when I was child I liked milk and banana shake. Then he replied, “when I was child, we didn’t have any banana at all!!” Sometimes, things he says sounds like the war time we had during Iran-Iraq war!

The Estonian guy has somehow problem in washing his cloths and keep himself smelling proper!! The guy takes shower, however still goes and wears the same smelly T-Shirt he was wearing before. If he goes to the washroom, you can’t go there at least for next ten minutes because of his body smell!!! His girlfriend, came to visit him for a week, I have no idea how she cope with that smelling dude. But I think she kept telling him, to wash and take shower, during those days, he slightly got better! But he is now back to normal!
His diet at evening is, bread, butter and slice of onion and lots of milk!! And he keeps the rest of onions in the frig for the next day!!! I think you could imagine how bad the frig will smell!
Having said that he is post doctorial in our institute and therefore he probably gets highest salary between all of us. Something, like 2 times of not more than any of us! Still believe it or not, he doesn’t have soap and he uses our soap! I would assume these are mentality issues, remaining from eastern block!!

2. read this link from fars news agency!
The headline reads: US inflation rate is increased drasticly!!
When you read closely then it says that inflation is increased to more than 2.4 and food and grocieries inflation top 0.3!!!
Someone should tell these guys, can’t you read your own news! Inflation of more than 30%. Food is as expensive as houses!
How much longer they can play with people’s brain!!
Time will answer that!...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

strange but the truth!! would you get married to me!!

I was send the above statment by a firend of mine!!
I was reading BBC Persian service news. I encountered a kinda bizzare discussion which is apparently, true!! what is the discussion there has been a threatening of some south Pars oil development refinery in South of Iran about the marital status. The head of moral police (Herassat) of the South pars has written to all employees that within next few (I think it is 3 months) months they either should get married or they will be fired from work. Read in Persian.

So, I figured since this is short period and apparently, the communication include men and women of the same.

There are couple of possibilities:
1. either all men and women in that department get married to one another, either as short marriages or long one! for men to have 4 wifes, that is all right, other way around can be also worked out!! as long as both sides are happy!:)

2. Those who want to get some one from outside of company will do as follow:(write an ad)

I am a young man, with muscles at good and proper places, with head to be where it belongs and the special tool to be on the place where it belongs!.
With deep hope and sorrow to make some money for my ends meat and hoping to finally get out of Iran to live in one of the lands of free and prosperity in west or east!!

Due to reality of Iranian government and their nose are in private matters of any Iranians's life, I have to get married!!

So, looking for a fit, beautiful bride, who can live without me for 9 months out of 12 months! I promise to be back for holiday season!
The candidate should not complain, just live and have fun:)

interested candidates write me back:))

A speech Worth of thausands words!!!

This speech is apparently being done when Dr. Moeen was minster of higher education and Mr. Khatami was president. Interesting enough Mr. Khameni says, what is the meaning of sending our students to foreign country (there are reports telling me that!), what does it mean to promote music in university!!!(again people have reported that to me!), promoting music is not Islam! why sending them to as mix groups of boys and girls to the orientation field trips or short trip!!?
listen the rest for yourself! Interesting!