Sunday, November 30, 2008

Differences between two famous guys!

I recently read that Khodadad aziz (Iranian football player) has beaten up a reporter.
according to many people who have seen Khodadad in person, he is snobby person. read about some of his encounters with people

however, my personal encounter with Iranians footballer goes back in a few years ago, I think it was in 2003, when I stopped in a fastfood in Gheytareh area of Tehran to buy a sandwich. I went in and saw karim Bagheri is also standing there, waiting to have his order filled. I was so excited to see him in Person, I asked him, if he can sign something for me!! I didn't have anything except a one palm PDA which I used to carry with me and I give him that with those pen you can sign. He with smile sign it for me, without any extra question and just saying, you are very kind recognizing me, smiling. after that he received his food and left the place with smile and saying bye to me.
In general he was realgentlemen, in my opinion.
Just be ghole Iraniha, ENKOJA ON KOJA, this is where and that is where!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

taking musical break!

just wished I could go to another performance of Googoosh! enjoy

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My favorite job this far

Working 7 days a week, has influenced me on one thing, that I enjoy this biomechanics, as much as I spend time on it! too bad, I soon have to leave this area and perhaps looks for a job, not knowing if I can find a job in this area or not.
i wished I could spend lots of hours, doing testing and see how things respond subjected to many different loading conditions.
Understanding is key! if you understand, you enjoy!! no kidding!!
Am I becoming workaholic?!! no kidding!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A long long time ago, not so far distance

Booooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm, what is going on, it is Iraqi bombarding, let’s go down stairs to the door frames and shear walls where the house is technically safer, as my dad used to say!
Those years are gone. It seemed a remote distance from those years. The years of struggle with our own identity, lack of youngster fun that it was needed and the protection against the war.
The years that Islamic government of Iran forced suppression on Iranian young teenagers like us. My dream was just to have freedom and hang around with people around my age in the not far distance from our home.
Those years the corner of my comfort was basketball club of Homa team in Enghelab clyb which I used to play in, the Asadi shemiran club, or biking around our house to play street football and volleyball.
The time passed so quickly that it seems like ages since those years is passed. After many years when I was back, those faces they were all either gone, got married or gone on with their own life. Couldn’t be found.
From a class of 41 people in high school in Iran, I know more than 25 now don’t live in Iran. It is amazing the number when you see that!
Today, I live with other dreams for many years to come…

Friday, November 07, 2008

the worst thing in your life!

I wanted not to write, but the truth is here is the only place I feel at home and talk without being judged! of course I am not afraid of being judged ...
having said that the worst thing in your life in my opinion is that you are not healthy, next to that is if you have to explain basic concepts to those who supposed to be more knowledgeable than you are!!!!
I had to sit and explain more than 2 hours yesterday evening to my boss and a colleague, what is the differences between center of rotation (COR) and helical axis of rotation between. Sounds difficult? I would assume yes, if you would not be a mechanical engineer.
Helical axis (HA) is some representation of the motion in 3D space where you can break down any motion to rotation about and translation along that HA and that is equivalent to screw axis in 2D, considering screw axis can not show translation since the axis is perpendicular to the plane of rotation
on the other hand, COR is an imaginary center that a body rotates about it.
The both may relate but it is not a necessary condition!
now, in study of biomechanics of spine, those who would like to objectively quantify pain, they may use HA to relate migration of the HA to motion of vertebrae and the relation to the back pain in which concept of stability must be tackled.

This sounds difficult, read wikipedia for plot and more explanations. all and all, don't know why but I am at work today 6:45 am, didn't feel to sleep!!
oh, talking to myself is fun! I am becoming crazy:)) nice

2. Just added later: I feel good since I understood a very important concept in Spine biomechanics and I prove it to myslef, mathematically and well. I am kinda feel good, this may last not long, since soon I will find out there is some other things I should understand:))

Sunday, November 02, 2008

until further notice....!

There are some time of our life that we become extremely preoccupied with many things on our mind. For that reason and being quite busy, until further notice this blog is shutting down, the shatters are coming down and getting close! Begholi, Ker kerha ro payin keshidim,

All the best!