Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quest: The sky is the limit!

1. it has been a long time I have not written here. life is busy and hectic, that is all I can note!:)

2. yesterday, I saw the word "limit"! then I recalled the advertisement in Canada I used to watch, if I am not mistaken, it was about lottery and was saying: the sky is the limit; i.e. what you can win is so large that it goes as sky!!
Then I started to think why have I been for so long ambitious in my life! I will not simply settle for anything! I have to keep going and get better! It seems that I have to prove something to myself. Is there something wrong with me? I can't hardly stay in a place more than 4 years! If not shorter.
I want to be anywhere and everywhere! I want to learn and learn! I want to find answers to many phenomenon around us! I don't care about finding answers why human has been created! I want to find simple answers to improve our daily life!
I enjoy interaction with cultures and people.
I keep wondering Why I can't settle like many people around me!? Could it be something is wrong with me? could it be that I have no idea what is the ultimate achievement I can obtain? Therefore I keep going? So, as we know sky is the limit! So, when do I hit the limit??! I can keep mumbling, but that does not change the fact that all along my life I have been ambitious. That seems a fact!

I am happy with what I have, I have to admit. Living throughout of my life in many part of worlds and getting paid, more or less, fair amount for decent jobs! Learning and experiences many things has widen my point of view. Should I therefore consider having ambitious is great quality?!
Don't know!
This is something time will show me, I suppose!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A few observations and Questions

1. Past recent days, walking on the streets of Zurich I see many Arab women who are wearing veil (German say, Kopf Tuch) and Islamic uniform. I know they are Arab since they speak in this language, so it is nothing about being biased about one race. (The Turks waering their veil differently). Going back to what has come to my mind: We have been talking about freedom and saying that Islam has given everyone the same right. Considering that is the true statement and IR of Iran claims that they are implementing Islamic (Sharii) law, therefore forcing women to wear veil. Having said that when a foreign women comes to Iran, they are supposed to comply with Iranian law and wear veil. Considering again that is correct act and every individual visiting a country must comply with local law. I wonder how come these veil wearing women do not remove their veils when they come to western countries to comply with local law and people!

2. My Chinese housemate and family for the past few days have only one diet. Chinese Dumplings. You can learn how to make it. Not sure why it smells so strange to my nose. I am biased!

3. Ah, I'd better go do my laundry!

4. My computer doesn't work, and the software I need aren't working either! So, I felt to add this:
In Canada what makes me wonder is about the associations of different ethnicities from same country! It kind of remind me of those "Tekeh and Hosseineh" which belong to many Azari decedents. Hossyneh Zanjani haye moghime markaz!!
having said that in Canada this trend is apparently is getting stronger as well. If I am not mistaken government of Canada should support those association to promote their cultural values and seems that is one the motivations for such activities!
have a look at this:
Association of Khorasani's in Canada
Iranian Association of Ontario
I don't want to look for all but I know there is Azari association, etc.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Almost first time

I have first to congratulate on the achievement of the Iranian basketball team in 2007 Asian games. By winning the final they achieved not only the first place in Asia CUp 2007 but also they found a spot in 2010 Olympic games for first time in 60 years!
I kind of can call myself a basketball expert. I started to play in Iran with a team was called Homa in under 21 Championships. and continue that almost until I left Iran. later I got coaching card and coached a few under 21 teams in Canada. I played with and against many of those generation who in my opinion started what we see today, Ali Safa Kamali, Bahrami mayid, and a few I can't recall their names! and coaches like Reza Shojapour, Abolhasani, etc.
but once again I think this a great team and Mr. Mahshon seems to be on the right track.