Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kiosk and my fascination

Kiosk as a new tone of Iranian music industry has shown creativity and richness in tackling Iran's today subject.
Once again another work of these guys. The music is not so exciting but the clip and lyrics are quite interesting. So, play it and watch it!:D

Monday, April 23, 2007

Anniversiry of Sohrab Sepehri

3. Cool Photo:))

1. I think, if I am not mistaken, yesterday was 25 anniversary of Sohrab Sephri death due to leukemia. So, as an admirer of him I wished to write down translation of one of his works which I found nice to be mentioned. and that is where is friend's house!


“Where is the friend’s house?”
Horseman asked by twilight and,
The sky paused.

The passerby presented sands, the branch of light that he had in mouth
And pointed to a poplar tree and said:

“Before reaching the tree,
There is a garden alley that is greener than God’s sleep
And in it, love is as blue as the feathers of honesty.
Go to the end of the alley which stops at the back of adolescence.
Then turn to the flower of loneliness,
Two steps short of reaching the flower,
Stay by the fountain of eternal myth of earth
And you feel a transparent fear.
And in the fluid sincerity of the air, you will hear a scratch:
You will see a child
Who has gone up the pine tree, to grab a bird from the nest of light
And you ask him
Where the friend’s house is.”

I am big fan of his simple drawings, too.

2. First I heard Kiosk work a few years ago which I think was copywrite of Dire strait work. So, I didn't like it so much but this new one I kinda like it, though it is again the same style.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Me, My Nose and I

1. First of all, I took the first photo from internet AFP. It is showing an Spanish woman in Spanish attire before getting ready for Eastern ritual! I was in Spain for a conferece in 2005 and didn't see a woman like that picture above!! How come I don’t see such a woman around me, either:))!!!

2. I have a dilemma! It is my nose! Yes, that is the problem. I have quite sensitive nose, so I can smell thins from a distance or close proximity and even distinguish many different scents! I first realized that when I was a little kid! I could tell who have been where or has hugged or kissed whom by just their scents that was remained by them.
In Canada, my friends were first observed this skill when I was sitting with them in a study room of our university! Something is burning, I told them! They looked at me in disbelief! What are you talking about, they asked me! I replied, believe me something is burning or already burnt! So, about 6 minutes later, we hear the sounds of siren of the fire ware cars and realizing one of the laboratories in the chemical department had an accident. They couldn’t contain it and the fire was extending!
Considering that was about 1000 meter away! So, starting that day my friends were calling me Hunter!
So, for the past few months my sense of smell got once again more activate than usual! Now, I can smell people’s body, whether they have washed their hands or hair have been out of washroom for instance!
This is not so comfortable to reek since some of those scents you wish not to smell may give a strong visualization say perspiration!
Having said that, a few days ago there is this girl in my office who is very clean and smells always like perfume. However, with all those perfume and cream she applies, she walked in and I asked have you been in the washroom? She looked me in blush, and said yes!!! How do you know, She asked!!!

III. The comedy of capturing 15 British Marine by Iranian government finished in happy ending!
drawing couple of conclusion:

Normal conclusion: They were PAW and were released before the 48 hours ultimatum ends!

Iranian conclusion: It was Iranian new year, everywhere was closed and on holidays for 2 weeks so no one was around to release them that is why it took so long! (13 days or so!)

Iranian media conclusion: In an stratogic move of Mr. President A. N. we ended up on the top, in this senario, no one can move!!!

English Media + H.D. and Gurdian and Skynews: English Marine were there to gather information! didn't I say that, HD says:)!

People's Conclusion: The Marine's got brand new suits plus scarf, the Iranian commander got bravery medal and Iranian and British people got entertained!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cartoons ...

Many people recall their own childhood by those cartoons they saw. One of them for me was Barbapapa. So, I was passing by a book store a few days ago, I saw the above placard behind their display. I took the photo. One fascinating aspect of Barbapapa cartoons for me was that they could turn to almost anything they wish and get theri things going. I believe this aspect was there to show to the kids that nothing is for ever and things can be changed to benefit us. I think again this is a political statment. So things can change and we should become used to them.
So, good old days to watch, Sinbad and Galiver.:)