Sunday, March 29, 2009

A post after a while regarding yesterday football game!

1. I watched second half of Iran- Saudi game on the internet. The game started with Iran scoring. then in less than 10 min. we conceded 2 goals and lost the game.
Today, I read the news that Iran coach Ali Daei is sacked from his position since he did not resign himself.
I am not a football expert, but I think Iran’s played a good game, until the first goal. I agree that the distance between our defenders were a lot and that could have been covered by management team.
I know the coach could do some changes and put in some experienced players so they calm the team down.
The following items in my opinion caused Iran national team to lose:
1. bad coaching, I agree on this notes definitely
2. players lack of luster after scoring
3. Not a complete game plan, this is also coaching problem, since they could have analyzed different scenarios.
4. lack of tall defender
But let’s not to forget, A good team needs lots of support. This team hardly had a proper friendly! A proper camp.
I think, howeve, this team is young and did a great job.
Daei himself was inexperienced and he also picked young coaches and analyzer on the bench. But none of these make him anything less what he has been.
He played hard for Iran and loves Iran. I think we should respect him.

2.2 Enjoy this group work for PACI for fight with cancer.