Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hold on to your guns!

1. Apparently, Ms Clinton ( the state secretery of USA) has said if Iran cooperates for transparency of the nuclear program, the sanctions can be eased.
Here we go, it is all about national interest of every country, not surprising Ms. Clinton does not press for human rights issues rather cooperation in regards to nuclear program.
So, in the end Iranian people should look after themselves rather than looking for any extra help from out side world!   

2. I watched briefly the debate between Ramney and President Obama. According to BBC polls, Rmney has won with almost 20% margin.
I think I have one word of advice for President Obama, be authoritative in your speech and when you talk, look at the camera, like you are looking at eyes of all people who listen.
A brief observation showed that he seemed that he was not so certain about what he was saying. By looking away from the camera, it seemed that he was trying to avoid something.
Interesting that eye contact make a big difference.