Friday, November 16, 2007

Unknown Iranian bands!

I accidentally came across this Iranian band is called !7th band!! Check out their link for yourself! I didn't like them so much! the music is mellow with beat 4/4 weight and is not bad the combination of instruments they provide. The problem are the lyrics. Too monotonic and 200 times the same thing is said!

see the video!

check out more on youtube. So many Iranian new bands which I have never seen or heard!

2. Now about something lovely! Anniversary of Ms. Mokarameh Ghanbari's paintings! According to this column She started to paint when she was in her 60s! She was from one of the small villages of North In Mazandaran of Iran in 1928 was born. She become so famous that aparently she become women of the year when She travels to Sweden for exhibition of her work!
Anyhow, it is quite lovely, May She restin peace.
Mokarameh Ghanbari anniversity from BBC Persian

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No News, does not mean good news?

I am getting upset to see how the media covers Iran news! You hear that President AN is in top 100 most influencial people in Time magazine!
You hear Albradi of IAEA writes his report about Iran ambition to nuclear power.
They report what has President AN called in small village or in class room of a university about his critics...
Do we hear anything about news like this:
A 27 years old women medical student (Zahra Bani Yaghoubi (Ameri)) was killed after being in custody of Basiji in Hamedan! SHe was arrested when walking in the park with her (Boyfriend, i.e. Fiance!)I searched everywhere on the net there was no news about that in English except the
following link from a weblog.

I looked to see any other news agencies have reported anything else! nup, zero!
Nothing in English!
But if you know Persian, yes. There are some weblogs and BBC Persian has reported about her death!

So, that is why I know how alone we are in this world when it comes to individual's life!

According to BBC Persian she was A student at Tehran university and had gone to the highschool with high IQ.
I wonder if anyone can calcualte and see how much such person worth in today's society! Perhaps, her life can be said to be priceless!

I feel sad...
that is my 2-cent on news!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sanctions takes its pace!

1. I am not sure if this true but I just read that yahoo and hotmail have stopped servicing Iranian customers? I wish to know if this true! if someone can leave a comment if that is true! Link of report:
Yahoo and hotmail santion Iran

2. have a look who is here and signing!!:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dangerous Time and Ignorance!

I think Iran has never been so close to be bombarded and attacked by entire world!

I am one of those who thinks war brings nothing let me clarify that.
as I have said previously, president Ahamdi Nedjad strategy and his advisers have not been successful to mobilize public opinion behind Iran nuclear matter not to mention that to rectify world anxiety about Iranian nuclear ambition!
Add to all the above the price of Oil Barrel which is exceeding $98, today!

In our coffee break the public opinion is that the oil has got up because of Iranian president madness and his sinful thoughts!
people speculating Mr. Bush and his administration will not tolerate such a high price firstly and they are likely to attack Iran!
Public opinion is quite behind this attacked!

I also just read Mr. AN has said they will set 3000 centerfuse to enrich Uranium!

What shall I say! Hope war never comes!:(

Friday, November 02, 2007

lots of work!

1. Since I have arrived from Canada I have been working around the clock 7 days a week!
I had to prepare the first draft of my paper and give it to my advisor, at the same time present in PhD club meeting, add to all that 8 hours meeting for setting up symposium which in taking place on 21 of this month! I am trully exhausted!
and now I have to go shopping! someone just asked me if I would like to go to the wine exhibition tonight! I turn him down! that is unusual for me:D

2. A few days a ago I have a office mate who is from Switzerland. We were both working late. it was around 9:00 pm and I said what are you listening to. She just told me Edith Piaf! I just couldn't resist to have her to play it for me!
Although these are not my time music. But I have also heard them when I was quite young since my paretns were litening to her.
anyhow, I suggested we should bring in some UFO lights, I wear hat from 1940 and start a bar with martini to serve people who come in:)

and of course: La vie En Rose