Friday, April 25, 2014

A shock of nightmare!

1. If I have not mentioned, I have this colleague of mine who is from Egypt and we work together towards the project we work together.
As many muslims around here in Leeds, UK, he attends every Friday to the Friday prayers. This occasion happens around the noon for an hour to 2 hours. He has a few friends who usually come and pick him up and go together.

Today, the guy who came into our office to pick him up brought me nightmare. He walked in rudely and did not even say hi. The guy looks identical to one of the Iranian moral police/basiji who arrested people in Iran one who tell you why are you here and it has happened to me when I was 17. By seeing him, all those memories revived. The guy looks describes as medium beard, kind of medium built with his shirt havering on top of his pants and a jacket that is Ahamadi-Nedjadi's jacket! Something identical to this guy below with similar color in case you wonder!!

The question I ask, why I can;t avoid seeing such guys even in Western countries!