Thursday, November 22, 2012

Definition of idiot!

I came across the following definition of stupidity! and I think I have been in many occasions idoit!:)

The term IDIOT was used based on the definition of stupidity derived from a book called “Story of Stupidity: A History of Western Idiocy from the Days of Greece to the Present”. According to James F. Welles, the author and researcher, stupidity is the act of repeating an action while expecting a certain result and obtaining the opposite.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pushing your boundaries!

In my younger and more, I was a quiet child who tried not to disturbed anyone, I think this was a result of my parents specifically my dad and school system in Iran.
Later I tried to be more pro-active but then I had this habit of filtering many things and try to avoid many issues.
Being selective in reading and studying stayed with me until almost in my late PhD work. I always thought what is point of taking an extra course of elective about philosophy, sociology or physiology! Writing essays about those topics is waste time, big time! or studying all the point they teach us in the undergraduate degree.
Until recently I had this idea, then I have learned something, what you try to avoid will return and hunt you!
Also, the best way is to learn and be open-minded since learning anything new will add to your skills and information and in today's world those who learn and process fast are the winners.