Tuesday, December 29, 2009

World reaction to Iran's current events.

taken from BBC English services. I leave the comment to the readers!

The bloody crackdown by the Iranian authorities on recent anti-government protests has provoked calls for restraint and strong criticism from the West. Here is some of the reaction from around the world.


The United States joins with the international community in strongly condemning the violent and unjust suppression of innocent Iranian citizens. We call for the immediate release of all who have been unjustly detained within Iran.

What is talking place within Iran is not about the United States or any other country. It is about the Iranian people and their aspirations for justice.

The decision of Iran's leaders to govern through fear and tyranny will not continue. It's telling when governments fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power of any other nation.

President Barack Obama


The tragic deaths of protesters in Iran are yet another reminder of how the Iranian regime deals with protest. Ashura is a time of religious commemoration and reflection and it is therefore particularly disturbing to hear accounts of the lack of restraint by the security forces. Ordinary Iranian citizens are determined to exercise their right to have their voices heard. They are showing great courage. I call on the Iranian Government to respect the human rights of its own citizens - rights which Iran has promised to respect.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband


I condemn the recent violent clashes in Iran in which people died due to the unacceptable actions of the security forces. I call on Iran to live up to its obligations under the [United Nations'] International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - in particular, the right to free expression through peaceful demonstrations must not be restricted or suppressed by violence. The leaders are called on to avert further escalation and seek political dialogue for a peaceful resolution of these internal political disputes.

Chancellor Angela Merkel


We are worried about the events that have taken place in Iran in recent days. In our opinion, the main thing in this situation is to show restraint, look for and find compromises on the basis of law, undertake political efforts to prevent further escalation of the internal confrontation.

Statement from the Russian foreign ministry


The government of Canada condemns the use of brutal violence by the Iranian security forces and once again calls upon Iran to meet its human rights obligations.

Iranian security forces once again used intimidation and violence against citizens of Iran. The Iranian regime's continued effort to restrict freedom of expression and assembly, thereby depriving its citizens of their rights, is deplorable.

The people of Iran deserve to have their voices heard and to enjoy the rights to which they are entitled without fear of violence and intimidation.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sad day...protest continues...

interesting conversation between people and riot guards who have been circled by people. In the end a lady says d you only express braveness when you are on motorcycle? he keeps saying please forgive me, us!!

Today, it has marked the saddest day in past six months protest of people of Iran.
some have reported about 8 people have been killed by Iranian government.

taken from this website

I feel for all those who have been center of all these fights for freedom against the government.

this you tube shows that Iranian people taking over police station, and in addition how police car kills an Iranian protester. viewer discretion is advised. Hope Iran becomes once again in Hand of Iranians.

Friday, December 25, 2009

New Mohsen Namjo and Golshifteh farahani's video song!

I just come across this video. I have difficult time to form any opinion on this video. however, I give my 2-cents:

the song in general is innovative.
The lyrics has used main stream vocabularies similar to "be ga raft!". I think it is not quite common in Iran musical scene where such idioms are rarely used in a song!
The music is fusion of traditional "tar" and  "piano" instruments where the the tendency is given to broader musical rhythm, beat. The problem I think with this song is the repeatation of the lyrics. I understand the song requires this repeatation but it become little boring after a few lines.
The video is made quite well, that is why it does not let you to take you eye of the screen!
in general, I feel Namjoo wishes to describe anxiety that is in Iranians' outside and inside of Iran with such morse like lyrics but then using main stream words, so making a contemporary feel..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Resemblance between Star Wars sega and what is currently going on in Iran!

I have had opportunity to watch trilogy of star wars in space channel since yesterday, perhaps for first time, in my own paste! Usually either I was watching it in the movie theater or by some friends and family.
This time since I was familiar with the story, I listen carefully to see how the story lines were developed.
My hats off to George lucas for developing such thorough story telling talent!

What this time around was quite interesting for me was not the scenes that wars and action are, though the way sith and the dark lords take over the empire or entire galaxy in the so called counselors gathering (episode 3, revenge of sith). Sidious or the dark lord pronounces himself empire with bogus charges against Jedi group (those who advocate democracy). Sounds familiar!?

Reading Iran's history and how the current system in Iran was established in 1979, it is quite similar to what happens in story telling lines of star wars. The tale of betray, power thirst and brain washing of those who are needy.
The way the plain cloth people in Iran were brainwashed is almost identical to what happened in Anakin Skywalker who became lord Vadar by accepting the fact jedi (certain group of people) are trying to overthrow the system (put Islamic System) that keeps the democracy alive!
He gets brain washed because he was given a wrong promise by dark lord about keeping his wife (Padmé) alive (sense of need in those who need something). He wanted to get into the final stage of the force and keep his beloved wife alive for ever. Something that dark lord says to the Anakin, if he becomes his apprentice and work with him, they can achieve!
In Iran that is what establishment does. promises, of money to those who need it. To those religious people, establishment whispers that the Islam is in danger if those people on the street take over they are going to destroy everything those simple mineded people believed in! and there was groups of people who their existence depends on the establishment!
Quite similar, isn't it?

I think at last as we see in Star wars trilogy the good people (good side of the force) will prevail. So, the dark side, please see star wars, that may help you to understand why you are doomed to fail!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shabe Cheleh: night of Cheleh!

This night is significant in Iranian calender. It is considered the longest night where families gather and eat special group of nuts, watermelon and pomegranates.
i have written the source and reason of this night in the past, here you can find what I had included in my weblog about shab-e cheleh.
Time flies and there has been many shabe cheleh in my life. I hope that next year will be the productive and well deserve one.
in which I see there is Free Iran.
To all those who celebrate and don't celebrate inside and outside of Iran, wish the very best one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grand Ayattlah Montazeri passed away!

I think the title says it all. Iran's most senior dissident cleric has died. Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri was considered the spiritual father of the country's reform movement.
It becomes more interesting to know that Velayat Faghieh (leader ship of Shia clergy during absence of last holly figure of Shia Islam: Mahdi) was his creation along with Khomeini. However, he was considered to be succeed supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, the late founder of Iran's Islamic Republic in 1979. but that did not happen and he became dissident of Khomeini by opposing him to mass killing of those who were in prison of Islamic Republic as dissident and many other ruling that establishment was issuing.
After the recent green movement in Iran, he became spiritual leader of green movement by sending continues messages against the establishment. I think I should say again RIP.
life is so precious and it seems death is right around the corner. this may be reminder to all and me!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anneversiry of Naser Abdolahi passed away!

How does time fly, it amazes me. Individual's life in cycle of life is almost is needle head in haystack.
It has been three years passed since Naser Abdolahi passed away due to kidney complications. His dead was not exactly investigated, I assume that is for a reason.
In any case, in 2002 when I was back in Iran, I attended his concert in Milad Hall in Tehran International exhibition center. I was amazed how young people praised him especially young girls who were in in the concert, they were screaming and dancing to his songs. He was the sign of change in Iran.
Back in my high school years, we were not supposed to listen to any music similar to Mr. Abdolahi's songs. Those music were considered impure and and agianst the Islam!! those who would listen to it, would have broken law and could have been punished! what were thse days!! damn!
His music was a fusion of 70's mixed with Bandari style from south of Iran, based on his classic guitar and drum performance.

I think it worth revisiting some of his works may be found in youtube.
May rest in peace.

I think he performed this song in the concert I attended.