Friday, May 18, 2012

The lasting effects on us!

Who does not know this! The effect of a music, a traumatic event or a happy moment due to a celebration. No matter what happens throughout our life, we tend to remember those days and events along with whatever has happened along side of those occasions. When I first arrived in Canada, as a individual who was fascinated with radio programs back in Iran, I used to listen to different radio stations for receiving my share of music or news. I started to search for a radio station that will satisfy my anxious spirit! I was hoping to find something similar to the "night road" program in Iran which had a narrative program along with music and latest news. I was looking for a radio that could provide me with programs that feeds me with information of the current events as well as songs that affect my ears in a positive context! After a few changes in frequencies of the radio I owned, I came across CBC radio station on FM 99.1. People who know me are aware of the fact that I am a morning person. Therefore, I get up early. After finding CBC radio 1, I ended up listening to the Metro Morning program with the voice of Matt Galloway. For the past 19 years, I admit that I have been listening to the Matt's voice regardless of location and time. That is including when I first had moved to London, ON, for my Masters, then later when I was working in Kitchener, ON, and later when I had moved to Vancouver, B.C. or Now even in Europe! Everywhere across the globe, whenever I get a chance I ended up listening to the program of Metro Morning. I think Matt Galloway warmth and unbiased voice has left a lasting effect on my soul which no other radio commentator has ever had. Having said that, I always wonder how many parents underestimate the effect of their actions and the words on their children. The children need a nurturing and loving family with freedom that flourish their development. I have come across many parents (including mine) who always complain they have been such a great parents why children are still acting selfishly! It makes me wonder how short of memory they have. They usually forget the tension they had created in front of the child. Once such a environment is maintained, they (children) tend to choose their own way become aggressive and abusive. Parents who don't realize this is their own product of lackluster when the child was young. Parents tend to blame the child and create larger conflict which in turn will have a lasting psychological effect on child's spirit and his/her behavior in the society and towards others. Not to mention psychological aspects of the child is effected and disturbed in such a way that s/he may not be as successful as one may have imagined. In closing, I wish to remind that if we state any sentence any statement, we should be cautious of its lasting effect. Our voices reverberate everywhere in the world that internet has become a tool to transfer information and the voice that it caries with it. *I just thought of this essay last night before going to bed! I spent about 5 min. to write it! Today, I saw so many mistakes in it that I got disappointed with myself:-). I have revised it, now I spent about 10 min on it, though:)