Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Iranian will not protest agaist increase food prices!

I just read on the online news that athlete, actors and actresses have made a charity for people in North west of Iran who have lost their home due to the recent earth quake.

According to Mr. Parviz Parastouii one of the three leading people in this charatable work, about 161,000,500 Toman has been gathered. Considering one dollar is 2000 Toman that makes it US$ 80,750 in one day of charatable work.
So far so good!
This money has been gathered in a country that an average engineer let's say makes about 1,200,000 (It might be even less) Toman per month that roughly makes about US$ 600. Considering this is fairly more than average income for many in Tehran, then you wonder who has donated so much money, or perhaps people have money for a day that they really need money! (As in Iran we say that)
Considering the price of goods and foods are comparable to Europe, then I wonder how people can donate such a fairly huge amount of money with an income below average and the prices somewhat equal or higher than some developed countries!
So, I came to this conclusion that people in Iran and particularly in Tehran are still rich and increase of prices will not lead to any unrest across the country. It might affect in some remote areas the quality of life but definitely not significantly as many may anticipate.