Saturday, October 19, 2013

Finally in Leeds!

1. It has been a little beyond two weeks that I am in Leeds working on a new job related to prosthetic design. I had to have lots of meeting in the past few weeks and running around.
I had very hectic few weeks looking for a new place and putting things together to be able to work as soon as possible.

2. Energy prices in UK is quite expensive compare to North America. There is talk that to force energy providing companies to reduce prices.
In general there are two type of approaches in such a problems, short term and long term.
The short term is to control the prices and create competitive market for energy providing companies, keeping taxes low.
What I always wonder is with so much revolution in energy saving material and ways of make houses more energy efficient, why not investing on that rather than telling to a companies in the free market to control prices. The long term solution is to make house or refurbish the houses to the well above average saving energy condition.

The same is for Iran, in Iran energy is lot cheaper compared to Europe and provided in very low price in Iran. Therefore, not many consider energy efficiency approaches in their houses. Not to mention that  due to lack of renew in infrastructure the prices are rapidly increasing and people not investing in long term solution, efficiency! Surprisingly, this is the same in Leeds.

3. Is this Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iranian foreign minster) making fun of many, perhaps not, I am guessing! who knows.
He has stated, he has got back-pain! but has gone to a specialist and he has assured him that the pain is nothing more than a muscle spasm, if that is so bad that he has to go to Geneva, Switzerland laying down and using wheelchair to go around, why not getting a shot of steroid + Cortisone! I have seen many get that in such condition. He has medical-doctors monitoring him, it is simple and makes his nervous breakdown back-pain to go away! Simple, so what is all the fuss about his back-pain!