Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A simple question about this so called shoes thrower

1. It has been a few weeks that Iranian media is praising this so called journalist shoes thrower at the Bush.
an example is this.

what I wonder is, if a journalist in Iran who was interviewing President Ahmadi nedjad, or leader of the Islamic Republic, do the same action towards these two figures, what would the police forces in Iran would have done to him/her. I would like to know, if anyone who is hearing news about a 19 years old in Iran putting fire on himself because of not being able to make end's meats can throw a shoes to those two top figures without being harrased or tortured in Iran?
and those Arabs (This Syrian guy was one of them in My office) who praises Saddam time could do such action on him and not being tortured and burned?

2. Despite many problems I am currently facing [with efforts I can solver them], I feel lucky! you may wonder why!?
because with such a harsh cold I have got, I can continously make warm water for myself and drink it. How many people around world have no access to clean and warm water?