Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amir Tajik my encounter!

Somehow, today I recalled this song of Amir tajik, Adama (human), from the series of Zire Asemoon Shah (under blue sky). I tried to find it on the internet and found it.
But it worth mentioning my own encounter with Mr. Tajik. I was flying to Kish a few years ago during one of the holidays in Iran from Tehran. While in the transit area sitting, there was a TV showing a program with Amir Tajik. When I turn I notice there is guy sitting and he looks identical to him. Apparently, no one had recognized him. Then there was this guy with him, who come in and said, Mr. Tajik please follow me. He was taken to the plane with a car rather than a usual bus.
anyhow, here it goes the video.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 2 after surgery and the rest of story!

I came home from Drs. office. A few hours feeling fine, slowly as time passed by the end of the evening I felt little more pressure in my eye. I slept and the next day, woke up feeling more pressure in my eye. It was around 12:00 pm all of sudden I felt that I am starting to feel motion sickness once again. So, as soon as I felt this way, I called a Taxi heading towards Drs office. when I arrived there, I couldn't keep my eyes open as felt vomiting, continuously.
Funny enough as many time before I see the Drs, there are technicians who measure how does your see. So, he called me to his office. I thought I am going to see the one of Drs. With sever cramp in my stomach and feeling to vomit, the guy started to ask me to cover my left eye and tell him what do I see with the right eye. All of the sudden, I got angry. Are you not getting it??!! I am in disarray vomiting and feeling trouble. What the heck are you talking about? I can't see a thing everything is blurry!
The guy ask me to sit outside and soon Drs will see me!
after almost an hour wait despite the fact I am telling them I feel severe motion sickness and can't move.
I was seen by the fellow of main surgeon who measured my eye pressure stating it was 45 Hgmm! He quickly proceeded with the aspiration procedure by removing fluid from inside of my cornea. Right after the procedure, I felt comfort and the motion sickness was gone. I was told to sit outside and wait for next several hours as they wish to monitor me to see how the eye pressure will change.
While waited outside, the main surgeon Dr. I.A. comes out of the other room, asking me, how are you doing my friend! I am aware of your condition and must have been associated with the surgery. We shall take care of it and try to fix it. I was relieved with what he said, as he took responsibility of his work.
After 1 hour he once again measured my eye pressure and it was already gone from 12 to 21 mmHG! So, he did the aspiration one more time and removed some fluid from my eye. After that I was told to continue taking Acetazolamide 250 mg 4 per day or even more if needed and continue with the drops. I should also come in every day to the Drs. office, so they can monitor my eye until it seems stable.
So, after that I started to take Acetazolamide 250 mg 4 times a day. Acetazolamide removes fluid from the body parts and take them to the kidney. Therefore, I had to go frequently to the washroom.
So, the next day, early morning, once again, I went in and my eye pressure was about 22 mmHG. Once again aspiration procedure. I waited another hour and the Dr. measured the pressure. He said slightly has gone up, So, one more time poking needle in my eye. I think this time he was pissed off, as he reduce the eye pressure to as low as 7 mmHG.

After that, I visited him the next day early morning in the office. He said the pressure is now 18 mmHG. he stated, I want to stop poking needle to your eye. So, try to keep the pressure under control with the medications.

So, after almost 4 days the pressure seemed to be stable. the next day I reduced Acetazolamide amount to two and the next day to one pill and finally by Sunday I stopped taking it.
I have continued the drops and things seem normal.

The following procedure is shown has performed on my eye with the same type of Intraocular lens known as Phakic.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 1 After surgery!

I have an appointment at 9:30 am in the Drs office. After a night of totally feeling motion sickness, vomiting the entire night, and not being able to eat a bite except a few sip of water to keep my mouth moist.
I arrived in the Drs office after telling them I don't feel well.
Within a half an hour I was admitted by the associate of the Dr XX who performed the surgery.
Dr. N: how are you doing?
Me: Terrible, I feel I am in a plane in which there is continuous tubulance and I have been hanged from leg from top of the plane! I can't even keep my eye open for more than a seconds otherwise I vomit.
Dr: have a sit I measure intraocular pressure (IOP).
After using Tonometer to measure my eye pressure, he stated that the number is 45 mmHg (normal is between 6-20 mmHg). He states that he has to remove some of the fluid from my eye to reduce the pressure.
by poking a syringe into my cornea under slit lamps and telling me looking straight and not moving he does that.
while he was removing the fluid, I felt better and better by every cc fluid removed from my eye.
So, measuring eye pressure after that procedure, he states that is now 20 mmHg. He gave me two new drops (Combigan and Azopt 1%) besides 3 previous ones. He told me to use them twice daily.
I ask why this happened? what is going on that I develop such a high eye pressure.
He stated there are some gel we have injected between cornea and the interocular lens to create the required spacing in the anterior chamber of the eye. It seems the gel reduces the drainage of fluid produced inside the eye and therefore you develop higher eye pressure.
I told him, are you aware that I have not been able to eat anything since the night before the surgery. He said, you should be able to eat something now that the pressure is down and he is hoping with the drops the pressure is controlled. To his suggestion I made my second appointment for a week later and I thank him and left the office.

Post Surgery First note! when you entirely feel everything they do on your eye!

It is almost 2 days since my Surgery day which was this past Monday. I will narrow down some of my observations before, during and after surgery!
We arrived about half an hour ahead of appointment, we were told to pick up a pager and wait upon to be called. That took more than an hour and half. After I went in to register with the first nurse, then another 45 min wait up. After that a nurse called me. A short history of my health is reviewed and she weigh me. Then took me to the waiting area before getting to the surgery room.
while I was lying down on the bed waiting, there was a non-Caucasian looking lady. Her surgeon approached her and said, Ms. X I have your other results, let me get them. She then sat besides her and explained, We have the results of the biopsy, You have two extra tumors in your shoulder which for sure are cancerous. We shall see what we can do for you. The lady seemed sad and might have been in late 40s.
Anyow, I waited in that area about an hour, then an anaesthetist came in and introduce himself and said I am here to make you comfortable during the surgery. Asked me a few question about my allergies to any medication. Then a nurse stop by to put probs that are getting connected to monitoring equipment during surgery. Then the anaesthetist came back to use the cables to connect to the sensors. From here 2 minutes I was in operating room. I forgot to mention for a second the surgeon also came said I am Dr. XX and good to see you and shake my hand. Then run away!
In the operating room, the nurse finds my vein on my left hand while anaesthetist pure something into my eye to disinficant. All of the sudden, a surgical cloth was put on my face where with very aggressive move a hole on the cloth was forced out my eye to be opened through it. In a few seconds the surgeon sat there and started the surgery. I could hear many of his comments and other in the room and what he was asking for.
Contrary to what I was told about putting me on sedation to prevent me from moving, that was not the case at all. I could move around my limbs. I think the only medication was a freezing medication into my eye. Some of the conversation during the surgery to mention:"

give me micro-clamp, cut here...I told you cut here...
Nurse, Dr. what should I do ... not audible, Dr. XX you should first learn English!!! Those in the room, laughing together!! Dr. XX (the surgeon) I am a rude person!!!
Dr. XX to me, Ali look to the left, LOOK TO THE LEFT, LOOK down, you are doing good but if you don't look left it is not possible!
Me, Dr. I can move my head, I don't feel very relaxed as you said, I could even feel what you are doing.
My hand felt rush of fluid into my vein. I think they injected some sedation medication to my vein. painful, I said, listen to me, I think I prefer not to receive sedation medication, that is even more painful!! They laugh, ignoring me!!

anyhow, after feeling tons of pressure on my eye, within an hour the Dr. XX stand up and leaves. I was taken to resting area and my friend and mom show up beside my bed. I was given little Canada dry drink with some Acetazolamide 250 mg. I asked what is that for. Nurse, to reduce inteaocular hypertension of your eye. I iterate I feel all right. Nurse says that I can leave any minute I wish. So, I try to get up. I feel motion sickness. We slowly go to exit door and my friend goes to get the car. before that he buys me an orange juice and chocolate. So, had not eaten for more than 16 hours, I start to eat those. As soon as he leaves, I try to stand up and I become completely disoriented. Running for the washroom I vomit everything in my stomach. I can't even stand a bit longer than 1 min.
I run upstairs telling what went on me since I left the room, and the nurse looks at me stating, that is ok, it is because of the medication you were on them.
With complete disorientation I get home and I just stay in bed. As soon as I open my eyes, I feel everything is moving. Can't look at anyone. And continuously vomit the entire night. Didn't eat anything until the next day around noon. I am supposed to see the Dr. next day in his office. So, the day one journey comes next.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Surgery!

It has been more than 28 years since I had any surgery. I had two surgeries on one my eyes when I was a little boy due to external trauma had happened to my eye. In less than 5 days I will have the third one! I can say I have waited for this surgery for more than 25 years!
I recall my very first surgery was a long one which I was under it for more than 11 hours. The second one was even longer or about the same time!
Now, the Dr. will preform several procedure and that will take only about 1.5 hours! Incredible, how far technology has taken us in almost 30 years! I am also told the precedure will be preformed under local anesthesia rather than a general anesthesia.
In any case, I will try to write here more after my operation, to note the outcome of the operation.
Due to lack of endothelium cells as the trauma was severe, I am told if my vision does not improve within few weeks of this operation I may have to receive a corneal transplantation. So, I shall see what is next for me in the basket!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


I have always wondered if beet is a fruit or vegetable. I tend to categorize it to the vegetable path.
Today, after many months I get a chance to buy a jar of beet! The jar remind me of those fall days in Shemiran. When I used to return home from school, There were usually a few local beet sellers around the Tajrish round-about who were cooking and selling their product.
Just to remind myself of those days and compare the beets of Iran with ultra modern of Canada in the jar, these are couple of photos:)

LAboui in Iran, taken from internet to give credit to whomever has taken it:)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A memory of Iran-Iraq war!

It is hard to believe that 22 years has past since the day that Khomeini accepted truce. The Iran-Iraq took 8 years to end and it was one of the bloodiest classic war of the last century. A lot have been said and written about different aspects of this war. There is no question war is a monster that brings with itself destruction, depression and most important of all killing of loved ones and youth in both countries involved.
I wish not to talk about those who were singing or encouraging young Iranians going to the war front. See an example!

I would like to write in memory of a friend. His name was Shahram. Shahram was a boy with smiley face. It is hard to forget his smiley face. Throughout all these years I still recall him. I remember his voice and smile. He sat for some years in primary school right beside me on the same bench. It was beginning of the war or to be exact a few years after was has started. We were getting adapted to red and yellow signals that were reflecting Iraqi's air or missile strikes. We were bombarded by images of young people puring to the war front in the name of so called Islam and defense of leadership "valifaghig".
I recall Shahram once told me that his parents are divorce and now he lives with his father and a step mother. In those age around 10, I could felt he was not happy with his step mom. But then, those days no one wished to talk about these realities.
Shahram poor performance in school was another set-back for him. Like many school teachers during those days, none was interested to know why this boy was not studying and performed below the average in his school classes. All they would do, on occasional bases beat Shahram up to show him his performance at school is unacceptable.
I recall the very day, Tuesday it was, he was sitting on the bench in the classroom beside me during a break, look, I want go to the war front, he said. I was little surprised with his comment. look Shahram, you are too young to do so, give a few years and then you can decide if you really want to do such a thing, I said. He said, he is not happy at home, he does not get good grade at school, but he can put a gun together and disassemble it in no time (Those days we were thought such a thing at school). The war front may be the answer to all what is going on to his life. He must be made for that. I even joked (not a nice joke but I felt those days this was the reflection of how we were thinking in such a young age) you never know we may be get hit by one of the Iraq's bomb during an air strike and be dead any time, Therefore let's enjoy our moment for the time being as we have no idea how much longer we shall live in prosper. but as many occasions with his smile he went silence. I thought I have already influenced him in such a way that he may change his mind and stay in school. However, I didn't see Shahram, except the day he came to say good-bye to me. He said, he will be back any time to say hi to me... about 4 months passed, and I didn't hear from him. one day walking on street of Tajrish round about (square), I saw his photo around the street he used to live. He was killed by Iraqi army in the war front. I recall the setup that is typical for those who pass away in the young age with was erected with his photo on it stating Shahram A. killed in the war front against the wrongful one by Ba'ath army.
I felt strange, then. The memory still hunts me. I tried to forget his memory all these years, but I couldn't.
These days when I see so many young people with so much life in them, I wonder how different we were then and now. Our notion was can we ever pass age of 15 and be in one piece. Our mood was that perhaps we will die before even hitting 25 at most. I can see the differences among the youth here and the youth we were, then.
Back to Shahram, I don't know if anybody talks about him, today. But I cherish his memory. RIP

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nice performace and lyrics!

I came across this performance by a singer called shammim.
I think it worth watching. Apparently lyrics are from Iraj Janati Atayi.
the composer is Ms. Mahin Jarin Panjeh

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prof. Parviz Shahriyari

Those who went to high school in Iran and studied mathematics and physics may remember extra curriculum books by Parviz Shahriari. Mr. shahriyari was a role model and a great scientific figure as long as I recall.

Today, I came across this documentary about his life.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

some tiny steps forward!

I felt I should perhaps mention this. Finally after more than 12 months, I have got a journal paper published in a journal with impact factor of 1.30. I believe this is not a bad start, as I am preparing the second paper.
hoping this one will get little shorter to be published.
The job market in Canada seems pretty quiet for someone with a PhD. we shall see!
I have been playing volleyball in the community centre for the past 4 months. In the beginning, I was not sure about the level, so I joined those who are technically in intermediate level but they are there for fun.
It has been about a month, now that I have joined the real intermediate level, who are there for the game.
serious and to the point, as I put it! real setting, covering and spike.
ok, why I mentioned this? let me explain.
there is this Chinese guy, who seems to be very serious and tries to play hard. why serious, in the first session I joined them, during the break, I asked everyone to say their names. All of the sudden, he started to make fun of me, saying we are here for volleyball, who cares about names! So, I went silence!
This Chinese guy, after ever point, he starts to say something. First, I thought he just talks to others and can't hear. Then, this past Tuesday, I was playing next to him, he started to talk looking at me. At first, I wasn't sure what was he saying,
I figured, he must be a native English speaker, so I can't understand what he says. However, after one of the points, he started to talk loud, turning his face to me, said: "Don't do that" with heavy Chinese accent! I, in disarray, asked, what shouldn't I do? he said, ping pong!!! I looked at him puzzled face!
asked, him, ping pong?!
He said, with an aggressive tone, yes, don't do that "ping pong"!! then he turned his face away and started to continue playing!
I ignored what he said. Interesting enough, after that i realized he continously says the same thing over and over!
after, he moved his position to other team, I noticed he keeps saying the same to others!!! So, my conclusion is there must be something weird going on with him!
In serious intermediate volleyball session, people who participate are quite a character. half are from eastern European counties, with a look of cold, iron mind. no talking! the another half are Chinese or Chinese decedent, me and 3 white Canadians! I have to add, there is this Canadian guy who looks in end of 40's and feels, he should coach every team he is in!
in any case, after seeing what is going on with that guy, I am thankful enough that I am not doing what he does, yet!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Iranian new Year!

Finally, Iranian new year has almost arrived. Saturday is the first day of spring and the day that Iranian new year starts.
I would like to wish everyone including myself, healthy and prosperous new year. Hopefully next we witness freedom of Iran.
My favorite poem of Hafez during this time of year:
نفس بادصبا مشک فشان خواهد شد
عالم پیر دگر باره جوان خواهد شد
ارغوان جامه عقیقی به سمن خواهد داد
دل نرگس به شقایق نگران خواهد شد
This link also explains some of Iranian traditions about the Noruz

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Environmental issues: plastic bags! My grandma the first environmentalist!

During my primary school years in Iran, I always wondered why my grandmother who I thought was not very educated, carry her own shopping basket (similar to the photo above, hers was blue though and I called it Zanbil in Persian) to purchase fruit and vegetables from Tajrish's shopping Bazaar. Those years I felt who carried such a bag was not fashion conscious and was considered in some extend a demode person!

At those age area (around 7 to 14), I kept wondering who might like to carry such a back in his/her hands while those shoppers would provide plastic bags for any purchase a person may have! So, in general I felt even disgusted to carry one!

Anyhow, those years are gone and I have to admit I never felt to ask my grandma why did she carry the plastic basket at all.
Or, may be I did, and her answer was, "it is easier to put items all together!" can't recall well. or perhaps if I asked and she answered I never become satisfied with her answer, therefore, I simply ignored it.

But today, we such a great knowledge of environmental protection conscious, we have realized that it takes more than 100 years to get ordinary plastic bags to be decomposed in the landfills and just imagine on average how many of these bags we throw away per day!
So, the suggestion is every time you go shopping please carry a reusable bag with you. If you do so, you can remember my grandma who at the age of 80s before anyone to be quite concern with environment was carrying reusable shopping basket to do grocery shopping. So, why not us, You and I! In memory of Her.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What Russell said refelects what is going on in Todays Iran!

The late British philosopher Bertrand Russell observed, “Most of the greatest evil that man has inflicted upon man comes through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.

Paramilitia are certain that those who opposing the current status quo (Vellayete faghieh) are wrong and therefore certain restriction and oppression my me imposed on them!  So, they perform brutality for believing something technically is wrong!

So, not sure where I read that once, but I will never die for my opinion, as my opinion could be wrong anyway!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Conspiracy Theory!?

Before I write this piece I have to elucidate that I don't believe in conspiracy theory! however, throughout my life I have heard the Iran's revolution had not been succeed if it was not for BBC Persian service and other Persian language news release like voice of America. With that in mind and I didn't believe in that statement;
The following video has been released by BBC Persian Service, today.
In this clip, it shows how the Basij militia and riot police in Tehran invade the Tehran University dormitory (Koye Daneshgah) and brutaly beat and injur the students of Tehran university.

According to BBC Persian service the movie has been captured by one of the Basij militia and the clip is vivid and clear.
The question came to my mind is how does BBC has obtained this movie.
So, there are two answers to this question:

1. If BBC has received this through their mole inside Basij. If we think of mole inside Basiji's militia group in Iran, I would assume there are more people who are spying for BBC (British Government) in the I.R. Regime. So, there must be much more information and perhaps clips about brutality and untrue position of those in regime.The quetion is: why BBC didn't released this video or other videos any sooner?
Doesn't that reflect the fact that BBC follows a interest of British government and so, therefore, now they wish to put more pressure on current regime, for their intrest by releasing such a clips?

2. The clip just has come to BBC's hand by accident! As I don't belive the in accidents and just happened. I would like to hear what BBC has have to say on this.

THe conclusion I would like to draw is, there is a probable fact that Iran's revolution succeeded by help of foreign powers!

Friday, January 29, 2010

An excellent CBC documentry about when Shah depart from Iran

check it out...Déjà vu? I hope what we have now end in prosperity...

execution of two young people for being against I.R.

According to news two young people have been executed by hanging in Tehran. It is extremely sad to see people getting killed for their opinions:(

This song dedicated to all who suffer or suffred.

Momma take this badge off of me
I can't use it anymore
It's getting dark, too dark to see
Feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door

Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door
Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door
Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door
Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door

Momma put my guns in the ground
I can't shoot them anymore
That long black cloud is coming down
I Feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door

Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door
Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door
Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door
Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Divide and conqure!

Not that I am against critics or writing anything against each other. Contrary, I feel we people have to criticize in order to find the best solution.
Apparently, JARAS website has published a critic of website in which Balatarin is referred to as website run with certain people and with closed access to those certain people.
In addition, we see Mr. Karoubi, one of the oppositions leaders interview has been magnified as speech in which Mr. A.N government has been accepted as legitimate government in Iran.
 I think all these scenarios are there, so they can introduce crack into Green movement of Iran. 
The good part is, when people show those in power that those are whom to decide not based on leaders that may be there one day, the other may not be there!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Greatness comes in any form! perhaps the most greatness is what we refer to as thought!
just a thought!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monogamy and polygamy vs Bachalor!!!

Yop, you guessed it right.
I was on couch flipping through the channels on the TV, after watching Iran's program by Rick Steves at PBS channel, I came across a great program which I have not seen for a while!

The bachelor! The very heart breaking, dazzling program on abc known as the bachelor!
who says that Haram, the place that Arab kings were used to keep their women is outdated and out of fashion! They should have a look at this lovely, beautiful program called bachelor. 25 women and a guy! not bad, or better not bad at all!

Those who are into monogamy, I have a news for you those days are totally outdated. This good looking guy gets to spend about a months with 25 beautiful women who fights for him, reminds you of Haram place! yop!
Quite rich and educated program. As every show on TV replicas and promotes, individuals should fight for everything they have eye for! either for a guy or a girl or group of them together!!

I really liked the vicious attitude these girls expose and indicate towards one another delivering the fact that all wanted to be THE ONE. The one who is picked by the guy from the so called HARAM, opps sorry for using the right word! It seems right from the beginning they showed each would go beyond what extend to get the Bachelor!!
looking forward for very productive, full of cat's fight, mew, bathtube, passinate kisses,  naked women 9not the guys of course) episodes of THE BACHELOR! HAHAHA

p.s. I loved the comment by one of the girls: - I have not much of boobs, it makes me little down here, so I can see other girls with huge boobs [camera zooms on the big breasts of the other girls] rubbing it in my face (southern accent) !
[May I ask they would come and rub it on my face [comment of the author:), I will not be jealous I promise!]

Some more comments: one of the girls: Jacob body is solid! wowo
I wonder in such reach cultural value to find a partner, why the hell men should want someone with brain. boobs talks!

The bacholer comment: I really had great conversation, [the girls reads of a paper saying what values she feels she has, no conversation to my understanding!!], and after that [the girl] kissed me! very sweet!!!  

Thursday, January 07, 2010

what next: Time to move on for Iranian Protesters...

1. I was reading the answers of Mr. Mousavi's (the Iranian opposition leader in Iran) responses to the questions of Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani. One of the main questions of Ayatollah it is that why Mr. Mousavi did not condemn the slogan people have chanted like: no to Palestinian, No to Ghazeh, only Iranian republic.
His responses made me to wonder if Mousavi's leadership is even relevant for the time being.

I think people have shown maturity that requires them to move on from current status quo of leadership.
I simply think people have decided they no longer need theological government as sort that enters to their everyday life and wants to intrude and decide what they should and they should not to do even if that is technically morality.

So, it is the time for Iranian People to show their maturity and move beyond all outdated leadership that is stack to 1979 revolution area. Iranian people with so much learning they have done for the past few months using internet as tool to facilitate mass media and information crossing, must move on and pick their own destiny beyond what has been dictated to them.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Mousavi a leader with character!

1. First of all, Happy 2010. may this year bring health and prosperity to all, especially for Iranian people, bring freedom from suppressive religious regime!
2. Today, I read about Mousavi's solutions
to solve current unrest in Iran. BBC (link provided) title says Mousavi is ready to die for reforms.
what striked me about his current stand is how a person can get changed throughout years to become a
leader with character and determination.
So, it is truth that leaders rise in any required situations. Perhaps 2 years ago no one would have believed he could have such a come back.
drawing a conclusion from this situation, no matter how old or how we have behaved things can be fixed if we make proper decisions.