Monday, April 28, 2008

Iranians are either smarter or more hard working than average other middle eastern people!!

I just recently (in March) attended a biomechanical engineering conference in Portugal.

One of the interesting aspect of this conference was the number of of Iranian delegates who were originally Iranians and were now representing other universities. (There were a few Iranians who were also from Iran, I will get to that later!)

on average there were 40 oral presentations per 3.5 days. So, that makes about 140 presentation! (This is quite rough estimation, though)

Out of these 140, there were 7 oral presenters who were from Europe or US and the presenter was Iranian in origin. Add to this three more presenters who didn't show up, according to head of the conference because of sanctions towards Iranians, they didn't get visa to attend the conference!

On the other hand, I looked at the presenters with Arab origin. To my knowledge, there was only one I saw who was from a University from Finland! I attend his presentation, he got quite disappointing respond from experts!

I also saw one seeming Arab name who didn't attend. so, in total there were 2.

Having said that about 7 to 8 percent of the conference can be said were Iranians.
This percentage may be extended and extrapolated to other conferences. Just ask a few non-Iranians in your university!

I wonder with all these sanctions and lack of support in science and technology Iranians participate in such a great number at science stages, what would have happened if Iran was part of greater world community!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Do I think Iranian society is no longer religious!

I hear from many non-Iranian people around me that Iran is quite religious country and they are something perhaps like Saudi Arabia!

This is my 2-cent about this fact.

I have been thinking for past few years, why I think that Iran is no longer is a religious country!
My argument is not the fact, Iranian stills feel that Iran has been invaded by Arabs and Iranians were forcefully accepted Islam. No, though it can be one but not this one!

Another argument many reference to is, that Iranian had deep no Islamic culture before Islam is accepted by Iranians. I think this argument is not a bad one, since many cultural occasions and traditions are usually defined with respect to religious references. The examples are many in Western and eastern culture! But in Iran we had pretty well developed culture before Islam are taken by Iranians.

But my argument is none of the above.

My argument and reasoning is this one:

The corruption! What you may ask!
Wait a second I shall explain in a second:
Iranian society for many reasons has come to this point that people do anything to obtain money, position, etc. Technically talking as a religious society Iranians should refrain from doing such a actions that are considered unreligious and most of all corrupted. Iranian society should be free of corruption. Though, Iranian perhaps is one of most corrupted society in the world.

So, I am concluding Iranians have realized that god is an absence, so the current corrupted society is simply looks for a different rule of games. For now, it is shariat law. This law is putting the legal hat of any illegitimacy that is not accepted in secular society!
I believe simply there will be a day that people in Iran shall realize that the close circuit camera of god who would make note of their “right and wrong doing” is long gone. This would be the time that people will realize that a secular law system over seeing all those prejudices is necessity to overcome all the current problems.
Coming back to my first statement, a society which does anything and does not care for right and wrong doing technically under enforced Islamic government, is no longer the holy community that is looking forward to messiah!

p.s. if many misspelling/ grammar mistake exist in this writing! it is written in less than 10min with everything included and uploading, so, this is not a Journal paper:-)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Iranian Jazz music

For those who know me I am a big fan of mellow jazz music. During some of my searches on internet, I found the work Kamram Jahanbani who uses jazz music base with Persian lyrics. Some of his work worth listening to.

you can download his free mp3 Here.
The work I like the most is Nago eshgh namoredeh!