Friday, October 24, 2008

Freedom in some peopel's eye!!

I have working these days on average about 12 hours!
this morning I came in to my office, The Arab dude and I started a conversation.
He all of sudden said:
Oh there is Zis (This) Arab guy who has sang with an Iranian lady!
I: sure, that can be, where is the Arab singer from?
AG: Lebanon
I: Yes, that is quite a possibility
AG: but I saw the girl, she seems very free!!!! She also lives in Iran apparently!!
I: what do you mean!! every human is free!
AG: I thought, your government imply rules like Saudis and hard liners to enforce, those dresses of Afghani women on Iranian Women!
I: The dress-code in Iran is quite different from those in Afghanistan, or even Saudi!
and please remember every human being is free, in some extend. The dress code does not make them to be free or limited! it is choice!
You would better say, She seemed dressing noncomplying to Islam ruling!
back to work!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few advice for cold winter and during the flu season

1. Life is hectic, tons of work and pressure, anything new? despite that I try to keep the sprite high!

2. and now to advice for this coming season. Who do we know has not got cold during cold month of winter. I can strongly say perhaps not anyone!
One or another everyone gets some kind of cold. But I have been trying to understand there are a few people, including medical Drs. who are in direct contact to cold patients do not get cold so often, though.
after so much looking into this issue, I realized:

1. Most of Drs. stay throughout the day in their offices, so technically they are indoor, they are not getting exposed to light and sun from environment! I would assume less light, less bacterial and virus development!

2. the most important part of all, many people (including me) have this idea of cleaning their nose (there is deep cleaning, continue cleaning in short frequency!!) during the time they sit somewhere looking in front of the computer-screen or watching TV.
stop doing that!! besides the fact you make disgusting act:-), but this makes you sick!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

freedom of choices!

babam jan, Something I can't understand, aren't we saying we are leaving in 21 century, where we have realized a person has freedom of choices!!
talking about freedom of choices, Ms. Golshifteh Farahani would like to stay outside of Iran to develop her career. Who are we to tell her what to do and what not to do!
In a Country like Iran that the basic individuals' freedom (what to wear, what to say) is jeopardized and under moral control of state police, why such a person with "normal" (if not better than normal) talent must obey and stay in Iran and waste her development in her career she enjoys!!
how many of us has done that!

I personally wish her a best of luck and hope she gets tons of better offers in up coming movies.

To see what I mean, have a look at this link and those comment by people! at bottom of the page.

this part is added:

to support what I said read in Persian a report on BBC
tendency of Young Iranians to drink alcoholic beverages!

از تفریح جوانان در ایران می گوید: "هیچ، تفریح که نیس، در واقع این سالم ترین تفریح در ایرانه، برای اینکه بیرون که بری هیچ جایی نداری بری مثلا یه قهوه بخوری با خیال راحت یعنی دغدغه نداشته باشی که ای وای الان پلیس میاد می گیردت یا یه کسی میاد یه ایرادی می گیره."

He says of entertainment for young Iranians in Iran: there is no entertainment, in fact, this [drinking alcohol] is the healthiest and safest entertainment in Iran, if you go out in a coffee shop, you may wonder any minute a moral police will come and arrest you, or perhaps picking on you for what you are doing."

TOO much of freedom, I have heard!!