Monday, December 31, 2007

Season's Greetings!

Another day and another year! woud it be! who knows!
ll the best in the 2008. may 2008 be better than years before.
Here this clip my dedication to all:

and this is my favorite song for christmas by Chris Rea:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A note to myself: Andrea Bocelli

Jaye Hameh khali, I am watching a great, beautiful performances from Andrea Bocelli with many of his friends like David Foster and etc. in mediaset! Ah, I missed watching such a concert! The view behind AB, I think is Meditrenin sea. The language they speak is Italian, but many duet performers coming on the stage are performing in English! wonderful! just one word! All his hits are performed with huge Symphony Orchestera!! He is singing Bésame Mucho:)))
and I found what I was watching:)

I dedicate the above to all those people who are alone in this Christmas eve.:)

but I am big fan of Cesaria Evora for Bésame Mucho have a look:

Have got time again to mumblling!

1. For those who asked me how I am doing. I feel much better. But that hitting my head by a truck (the description I say, how I felt during that week of virus attack!) lasted almost one complete week!

2. Finally the few days of Christian New Year has started. I feel I truly need a recovery time after so many intensive working days even if it is for a few days! Today we had our Christmas lunch together and one of our technicians got retired. The guy was originally from chez and Slovakia and was working in light structure testing and later turned to cable car testing (The Swiss love their cable cars!) division. I love this idea that our colleague made. Projecting photos of years of his work in the laboratory. The two series of present we all contributed and most important of all inviting many of those who started or the guy used to work. According to my colleague many of those were passed away or were so old that they would not be able to make it. However, he managed to bring in about a dozen of them and especially the guy who to used to teach and was head of the laboratory. Later, one of the other colleagues of the guy said something funny. As a new Swiss Citizen you should be doing three things to prove you are Swiss: 1. to open and close a gun and make it ready! 2. to milk a goat! And the 3. sing a famous song that I go to pick cherries!!! This was quite interesting for me.

3. I am reading a novel by Khali Hosseini is called the kite runner. I heard about it when I was in Canada through CBC radio program. It is quite well written and developed story describing a Pashto guy life from when he was around 10 until his later years. He described vividly the situation of Afghanistan in 70’s when Zahr shah was in power until Taliban ruling. He describes about what has people gone through including himself by running from the country and got refuge to the US. It is well written novel and I just find out yesterday that the movie is also on the screen under the same name staring two or three Iranians actors and actress. Hoping to watch it, soon. It is quite interesting that during 70’s or to be exact 1974 the guy describes that they didn’t have TV in Afghanistan and to watch the World cup of football they were going to Iran!!! The Iran he describes seems it was a big power in the region and sad to see what we are today!
Kite Runner

4. The interview of President Ahmadi Negad with Islamic Republic Borad Cast has been funny. Apparently he has blamed, drop of dollar value, previous governments, as well as unknown hands to create inflation. This totally reminds me of Ayatolah Khomaeini speech who once said: economy science belong to donkey!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

too much work would kill you!

1. Last night I woke up around 2:00 shivering and feeling cold. I could not sleep until this morning. So, I decided to go to a doctor. After sitting about 4 hours, I was able to see a Dr. who told me that I have 38 degrees fever! He instructed me to the laboratory to have my blood test taken. The lady poke me the routine to my hand vein and interesting enough, after a few drops the blood stopped. I explained to here that since last night I have not eaten anything and I feel extremely tired and weak! She asked me to put my legs up and my head down so blood flow to my upper body! She then poked my finger for further blood extraction and after 30 minutes I still shivering the result indicated there could be a bacteria or virus in my body! I was prescribed antibiotic for only three days and Ibuprofen 400 mg! Anyhow, I still feel horrible and seems my head is exploding! But at least the temperature has gone down!

2. I finally moved out from my old place where I was living with Chinese. I have to write something funny about him. This was my last encounter.
The sotry goes:
I went to take my ADSL modem and router, so I asked him if he could bring in his old single modem which was USB port and install it on his computer. Making long story short, he brings the modem and then with his accent asked me to install it. After installing, we had to enter a password and userid. I asked him if he recalls. He said: No. I asked him to call Swisscom to find out about the password. So, he did so. I was finalizing my moving and cleaning my room, he called me and said that can I talk to the customer service on the phone! I agreed. I picked the phone, they guy was speaking with French accent, told me that he can’t understand the Chinese what he is saying! After rectifying and sorting out the problem. He asked me to make sure everything works, do as I instruct you.
He said open a web browser open google and type something there to see if the websites work. I open google page. I think many know that google can be set to remember the searches you have already done! You may wonder what he was looking for, I mean the entire pull down menu of the google search had words like this:
Gay pictures!!
Man and man movies!!
Gay going hardcore!!!
And many more gay related photos and movies searches.
There was no search for gay information!
Finally, this was the last observation of the Chinese guy and since first of this months he is back in China!

3. Chris de Burgh and Arian just recorded a song!
Chris has recently completed recording with ‘The Arian Band’. The song, ‘The Words I Love You’, is in English and Farsi and will be included on The Arian Band’s new album for release in Iran this December.
This is an exciting project as it is the first collaboration between Western and Iranian artists. For further information on The Arian Band please visit
check out the news here look for Arian