Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Conspiracy Theory!?

Before I write this piece I have to elucidate that I don't believe in conspiracy theory! however, throughout my life I have heard the Iran's revolution had not been succeed if it was not for BBC Persian service and other Persian language news release like voice of America. With that in mind and I didn't believe in that statement;
The following video has been released by BBC Persian Service, today.
In this clip, it shows how the Basij militia and riot police in Tehran invade the Tehran University dormitory (Koye Daneshgah) and brutaly beat and injur the students of Tehran university.

According to BBC Persian service the movie has been captured by one of the Basij militia and the clip is vivid and clear.
The question came to my mind is how does BBC has obtained this movie.
So, there are two answers to this question:

1. If BBC has received this through their mole inside Basij. If we think of mole inside Basiji's militia group in Iran, I would assume there are more people who are spying for BBC (British Government) in the I.R. Regime. So, there must be much more information and perhaps clips about brutality and untrue position of those in regime.The quetion is: why BBC didn't released this video or other videos any sooner?
Doesn't that reflect the fact that BBC follows a interest of British government and so, therefore, now they wish to put more pressure on current regime, for their intrest by releasing such a clips?

2. The clip just has come to BBC's hand by accident! As I don't belive the in accidents and just happened. I would like to hear what BBC has have to say on this.

THe conclusion I would like to draw is, there is a probable fact that Iran's revolution succeeded by help of foreign powers!