Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Living with Chinese and the old guy face!!

1. As Kimia said once Chinese have this habit of eating their food with open mouth! And it is quite uncomfortable noise! Having said that, one of the most strangest thing I ever encountered happened on the weekend!

2. I asked the guy if he has a vacuum to clean the apartment. He showed me the vacuum. I started the vacuum and noticed the suction is quite weak. So, I started to investigate the vacuum. The first thing it was to open the area where the garbage is collect! Oh MY Force! I opened it up and I saw the entire vacuum is fill with dust collected right in the area where vacuum package usually goes! I asked what is this Mr. Dang (he has same name little different, to protect his identity:). He said when my friend gave me this vacuum he told me to buy a pack. However, I later forgot what he told me to buy!!!!!!

3. Yesterday, I was in the bus going to watch the Swiss game against Ukraine! As usual I was joking and telling stories to friends who were with me going to watch! I can’t recall what story I was telling, but all of the sudden this old guy came to me and said, you are wonderful story teller and you are making everyone to laugh!!!! You seems like a great guy! I suppose you are Spanish! Aren’t you?? Then I said sorry to disappoint you, nope I am Iranian! He said what, where? I said Iran, Iranian! Ahmadi Nedjad!!!! Oh, you should have seen his face!! For next 20 minutes my friends and I were laughing to the face of the old guy and how he reacted when I said I am an Iranian!! So, much of publicity for Iranians since Ahmadi nedajd is here!! I think he was expecting that an Iranian cannot laugh, may be has a horn on his head! I told that to my friends! Surprisingly, since I am relax and joke about many things they told me before they meet me, they thought, Iran and Iraq are the same! And it is great to invade Iran because Iranian will destroy the world with nuclear missiles!!!

4. This whole thing is written in 5 min. I still don't have internet at home. So, excuse my bad grammar and writtings!

5. These are headline of Iranian Newspapers for today according to BBC presian service:

کيهان گفته های رييس سازمان ميراث فرهنگی و جهانگردی را منعکس کرده که در مصاحبه ای با يک نشريه ترک گفته است استفاده از حجاب در ايران آزاد است.

به نوشته کيهان، خبرنگار روزنامه صباح چاپ آنکارا از رحيم مشايی پرسيده آيا می توانم روسری ام را بردارم، معاون رييس جمهوری گفته است: بله اينجا ايران آزاد است.

به نوشته کيهان معاون رييس جمهوری گفته است در ايران استفاده از حجاب بدون اجبار است و هيچ فشاری از طرف حکومت در استفاده از حجاب اعمال نمی شود. اين يک انتخاب کاملا شخصی است. اگر شما در ايران از روسری و حجاب استفاده نکنيد هيچ مقام دولتی به شما تذکری نخواهد داد.

روزنامه جمهوری اسلامی از قم خبر داده که اظهارات رييس سازمان ميراث فرهنگی و گردشگری از جمله موضوعات مورد بحث در جلسه مراجع عظام تقليد بوده که از چنين اظهاراتی ابراز نگرانی کرده اند به ويژه آن چا که به خبرنگار گفته است دوران اسلام سپری شده و دوران علم جای آنرا گرفته است.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not very successful days in my opinion!

1. I just recently moved to a new accommodation. I am now apartment-mate with a Chinese guy who English is so horrible that I have to say thing 20 time sometimes! Living with a Chinese has open up my eyes more than ever. How communication among people I important! How culturally we are different from Chinese! And how we admire decoration and beauty and on the contrary Chinese don’t care and live simple and no sorry to say tasteless decoration! Another thing is what they eat is quite smelly! I think I like Chinese food, however just for a couple of times in months, not morning, evening and everyday!

1.1. This Chinese guy has been living in Switzerland for past one year. He had come here with his wife and child. About 3 months ago, the wife says since she can not get a job here, she is going back to China!

2. In the evening because of sorry again stupidity of this Chinese I am not having internet for the time being and may be for future! Last night it took him 3 hours to write a Chinese e-mail to his wife!! Reason because his laptop is full of viruses! Reason because he has been surfing 18+ sites! (I am not sure what is with Chinese men and women, many of them like to sure sex sites!)

3. For every start there is an End and the end of Iranian footballers in WC was quite fast!
I think from this team we should keep a few youngersters and forget about many of these players and try to create a new team!
I suggest if we keep this Iranian team we shall change defense line with offensive line since all of our goals came from defense!

4. I am getting close to my conference time and I have not done much and feel pretty down! Must be my age! Few days ago was my birthday! But I think one of the nicest thingI got it was from head of our department, who came to congratulate me and handed me a bag for bicycle riding within there was small bottle of wine with two plastic wine glasses! Although, they do that for everyone, it was nice to see they care!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Analysis of Iranian team! After Iran vs Protugal game.

I saw the Iran and Portugal game. These are my understanding from the game! First I wish to post this.however, I watched Italy and USA game and then realized how different we are!

1. Ivankovich showed why Ivic was a better coach in 1998. In 1998 Iran was playing 90 min. football and a more of less a game plan. Ivic really changed the Iranian team in 1998. However, Branko showed that he has been affected by Iranian mentality, live for today, god is great for tomorrow! No Plan what so ever! Or if there was a plan it was only one plan and if the other team knew how we will play, since there was no other plan we were screwed!

2. Iranian, European based players showed that they are too tired to play for Iran! And I think they definitely make more money there than playing for team Melli. Excluding Mahdavi kia, Zandi who came in quite late because of injury. And showed that They have touch of Europian players!

2.1. I realized we have two type of players, tall who can head the ball! and short who can run a little with the ball! Many of Iranian players don't know how to pass the ball! or get the ball and run!

3. Mizapour is worst than 4 years ago and he must find another profession than goal keeping!! I am not sure how many of you saw the game of US and Italy, but did you see how Casey Keller was goal keeping and bossing the goal keeping area? Mirza still has problem talking to players and assigning them during the corner kicks! Nikonam was doing this!!! And many occasion there were no one at post one!

4. Iran had no plan, just sporadic attack with Kia crossing the ball and may be Hashemian get it to head it in! This reminded me of the system we used to play in streets, I know you, you are my friend, so pass the ball on my legs or head and I score!!

5. Khatibi needs a lot more to learn! This is not first liga of Iran!

6. The defense except some smart move by Kabi and Nosrati it was not much to show! Rezai showed that he has not learn anything in Italy. All he knows is mentality of losing to big teams idea! (He once said that in his interview, that in Italy small teams always lose to big teams!)

7. This team was not prepared to run under pressure for 90 mins. Now that is why they say German team is tournament’s team. As time passes they get better and better!

8. People who saw US and Italy, realized how plans were calculated for every possible setback. US had two read carded and then every time with a new substitution they were using all the spaces behind the Italian defense! I think they deserved to win, today!

9. The team which their players run not enough, seems to have less player than the opponent team. We were 11 players and 3 attacking players, but since they were not running it seemed that there was only one! However, with US and Italy game, after they lost two player to red card, it still seemed that they were 10 against the 10 players!

10. As long as this government is around with poor management, winning here and there will not do any good to anyone. This government is not good to show what the happiness is. A team without happiness and relaxed mind can not play a good game!

11. We still don’t know what our national anthem is! We don’t know what flag we are cheering for! What national color our jersey must have! What are we cheering for!

12. How come there were no Iranians in the stadium audience?? Anyone remembers the Iranian Football Federation during Mr. Safahi farahani? During that year many people were able to get tickets and go watch the games! However, in Dakan mafia Football federation, the tickets they got from FIFA I suppose they sold to others or give away to those who are high authority(i.e. az ma behtaroon)! Or may be trading for a higher price in the market so many of the audiences from opponent team could attend!!!

13. Once again the most needed element in Iranian team is self confidence and reliability and dependency with one another! Thanks to this regime we learn how to avoid those!

14. This World cup as many other things in Iran will be completely get forgetten! and 4 years from now we will do the same thing! As usual! (hoping I am wrong!)

14.1. I heard the game was reported by Adel Ferdosi pour! to my knowledg whenever he reports any important game of Iran, we lose big time! (I kinda don't like him to report! I prefere Kheybani!! (this is personal thing!)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Something we all should learn from!

About a year ago I wrote an article about the fact that in Iranian government we hardly see any retirement. Mr. Janati at I think around 80 years of age is head of Council of Guardians. or Mr. Rafsanjani at 70 something head of Council of Experts!
having said that, Mr. Bill Gates as a head of the Microsoft will steps down in an gradual process of two years!

I think people like Ali Daei must also learn that, too!
I think this is interesting news and needs quite a major debate!

See his Video annoucment!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

some comments!

1. Women are fighting for women and they are getting beaten by women, who are fighting for their rights! I wonder about that!

2. Pierre Littbarski (i.e. the famous midfield player of German National team in 1980) was in ZDF commentary and he said: "I should apologize for saying this, but I think the Iranian Hero Ali Daei had mistaken the Nuernberg Stadium with Nuernberg public park!".

3. It is important to remember when a team loses, it is not fault of one person, it is the entire team. Same as when it wins, it is written for the entire team!

4. I ...., never mind:), I should get some sleep!

A song which I feel is nice to be heared:

This could be heaven for everyone
This world could be fed, this world could be fun
This could be heaven for everyone
This world could be free, this world could be one

In this world of cool deception
Just your smile can smooth my ride
These troubled days of cruel rejection
You come to me, soothe my troubled mind

This should be love for everyone (yeah)
This world should be free, this world could be one
We should bring love to our daughters and sons
This could be heaven for everyone
You know that

This could be heaven for everyone

what people do to other souls
They take their lives,destroy their goals
Their basic pride and dignity
Is stripped and torn and shown no pity
When this should be heaven for everyone

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The new Iranian women police!

1. 2 days ago there was a gathering in 7 Tir Square for protesting for women's right and their rights to become equal to men in Iran. have a look at the photos. It is so sad that this regime now using women to beat women!!
and this is the regime claiming: in a very independent movement many people show up to protest against caricature or many other thing! They can't tolerate simple non-violence protest!...

2. No sure anyone know Gary Moore! one of the songs I quite like is called Still got the blues, these are the lyrics:

Use to be so easy
To give my heart away
But I found that the haeartache
was the price you have to pay
I found that that love is no friend of mine
I should have know'n time after time

So long
it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

Use to be so easy
Fall in love again
But I found that the heartache
It's a roll that leeds to pain
I found that love is more than just a game
Play and to win
but you loose just the same

So long
it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

So many years since I seal you face
You will my heart
there's an emty space
Used to be

So long
it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

Golden days come and go
There is one thing I know
I've still got the blues for you

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Prediction of Iran-Mexico game in WC football!

After game analysis!

It was heart breaking to see that Iran played so well in the first half does such a bad job in the second.

0.00. Branko was completely immeresed inthe game! had forgotten that he is coach!
even Mr. Shahrokho!

0.0 May the force be with Andranik Teymourian! He was probably one of our god players on the pitch, today!

0. Our height average was 180 vs 170 of Mexicans! how the hell they could head the ball to our goal! so, that tells me the positioning of our defenders were not right!

1.1. We have self confidence problem, big time!! This will not get any better if we don't let the young people in Iran freely and easily travel to Europe and US, realizing these poeple are the same as they are! They only have better managers!

1. My understing was they were told to take it easy and go on counter attacts. This is toxicated for Iranian team IMO.

2. Daei performance wasn't near as good as it supposed to be. I am not sure why Branko did not do any changes!

3. Hashemian is not Kia who can play in left and right and create oppotunity. He is central attacker and not a left winger! I trully was wondering why Branko did not change anything in the second half!!

4. When Kia is so slow and is not supported and then you have Kazemian on the bench, why not subbing!?!?

5. Madanchi must have come in earlier!

6. Mirza is so slow in one to one reactions, he is just a tall dude. As Elham said Chobe khoshk!!

7. Probelm with the Capitan Daie: he must have been at least talking to the youngesters not to shot the ball aimlessly!

8. Miza was making everyone nervous I wish to remind everyone how Abedzadeh was talking to players and leading thme to calm down!

9. It was heart breaking, but I hope Branko realizes that we need people who can play in left. not Hashemian! Hashemian is smart guy, in the center attacking!

10. playing passive for 45 min.? we should have conceived a goal(s) earlier! someone should have told them! no doubt!
This morning was this post!

The predection is quite difficult, however I would hope for a win of Iran!
I was looking at Iranian players height and on average our players on 180 cm or more.
Daei 192, Anderanik 180, Hashemian 182, Kia 176, nekonam 180, Karimi 178, Mirza 192, Madanchi 180, ...
I think the shortest person is Kabai with 167.
on the other hand, Mexicans are about 170. So, we are about 10 cm taller!
so, with this tall team more or less I propose this strategy that we carry the ball by head from our goal to the Mexican goal and score!! we will win:D Doo roo doo doo, Iran:)
The following has taken from Molla Hassani weblog . Asfar as I know his weblog is blocked in Iran. So, I put it up for people to read it. It is quite funny!

فردا مسابقه ايران با مکريک است. چند تن از مردگان و زندگان سياسی در مورد بازی فردا اينچنين اظهار نظر کردند
امام خمينی قدس سره: من توی دهن اين مکزيک ميزنم. من مکزيک تعيين ميکنم. من به پشتوانه شما ملت مکريک تعيين ميکنم لاکن با قلبی آرام و نفسی مطمئن جام زهر را سر ميکشيم و بازی را ۱-۰ می بازيم.
مقام معظم رهبری: بحول قوه الهی همه آحاد اين ملت بايد برای بازی فردا آماده باشند. بازی فردا بازی با دشمن است. هرکس با دشمنِ تا دندان مسلح مکزيکی بازی کند و يا مذاکره کند به آرمانهای انقلاب خيانت کرده و از ما نيست. من در اينجا اعلام ميکنم که در صورتی که مکزيک به ما گل بزند ما حرکت انرژی در منطقه را متوقف ميکنيم.
احمدی نژاد رئيس جمهور محبوب: ما با اتکال بخدا در اين بازی هم مکزيک را ميزنيم، هم امريکا و هم اسرائيل را از صفحه روزگار محو ميکنيم. نتيجه ۳-۰ به نفع ماست. خدا هم با ماست.
حاج آقای کروبی: ما به تبعيت از فرمايشات امام راحل به مکزيک خواهيم باخت ولی تابع رهبری هستيم. هرچی ايشان بفرمايند هم ما و هم مکزيک بايد لبيک بگوييم.
آقای خاتمی: در مورد اين بازی فعلا مصلحت در سکوت است و من اظهار نظری نميکنم ولی انشالله بعد از اتمام جام جهانی در مورد پيش بينی نتيجه اين بازی شايد اظهار نظر کنم البته با کسب اجازه از مقام رهبری و در چارچوب قانون و مصالح نظام و بقيه چيزها.
آقای ابوالحسن بنی صدر: اين بازی چهار حالت دارد: يا ما ميبريم يا ميبازيم يا مساوی ميکنيم و يا اصلا بازی برگزار نميشه ولی در هر چهار حالت رژيم ظرف شش ماه سقوط ميکند.
آيت الله خزعلی: ای آتش بدهانت! در ايام فاطميه فوتبال ميخواهيد بازی کنيد و معصيت کنيد. اين بازی بايد تا بعد از ايام فاطميه به تعويق بيفتد.
آيت الله مشکينی: حضرت ولی عصر عجل الله تعالی فرجه فردا از دروازه تيم ما شخصا محافظت ميکند و ابراهيم ميرزاپور هيچکاره است و نتيجه ۰-۰ مساوی است.
خانم عشرت شايق: من شنيدم اين مکزيکی ها خيلی هات هستند. من از هم اکنون به رعشه افتاده‌ام.
آقای حسنی اروميه:ای مکزيک! ای فوتبال! چرا کفران نعمت ميکنيد؟ اينقدر روی علفها و چمنها ندويد بجای اينکارها يک گله بزغاله ببريد اونجا تا بخورند و پروار بشوند.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Thanks to those who were so understanding:)

1. First of all, many many thanks to those I had little fun with and they were so nice to comment and understand that I was kidding around. Now, I realized 99% (what a statistics!!) of Iranian women get the jokes! and those I made fun with, now I know why you have already a partner, because you people are tolerate! ;D

2. I have to say I have nothing with partners putting nicks on each other. That is great thing between two people. I have had also nick names! However, one thing was very evedent in comments, eveyone more or less has some kind of story with those nicks!
I hope your partners are happy with those nicks as much as you are:D

3. The above picture is great in my opinion because it has such passionate expression on it! especially the girl looking at the Iranian players!

4. Life is strong! I have a student working for me for next 3 months. He is an American with Jewish faith! Working for an Iranian origin!
Since the day he has come his impressions are funny (at least for me)

David: shall I lock the door? can I leave my stuff here?
me: don't worry this is not New York city, leave everything here!
David: wow, we go for the lunch, ...
During lunch: wowo, this is great food!!! I had fruit-yogurt last night at home. The taste and quality is totally different. It was so great and terrific, the taste!!
David in coffee room: Man, this is the best coffee I ever had! The American coffee is like black water!!
He is almost 23. I tend to think our 23 years olds are much smarter! Considering he goes to Rensselear Polytechnic which is one of best universities in US for engineering!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Iranian women on calling their partners! Fun with fellow bloggers!

I am not sure, what is with Iranian women! No, I start with examples! Let me be clear!
It is all about name calling!! Aren’t we told when we were kids not to call anyone with straonge names and titles!! So, that is exactly what I don’t get! This new generation of lovers involved with weblogs, have tendency to call their partners strange or in some extend weird names!!

Let’s start with z8un. I have been reading her weblog for past 3 years. She started to talk about his future husband who she was friends with. Then apparently in love, also. Because of his mustache, she started to call her, Si-bil …, or something on that note! and then all of the sudden, it was announced that they are married and now she calls him Si-bal! Somebody has to tell, no call him, sibil-dar rafteh, mustache in process of run out!!:-)

Then, let me get to Valentine’s weblog! Read it here! She calls her husband, goody[corrected for sake of her from Goodi, to Goody:-)] !! Someone must tell her, babam jan, goody means “things” in English! So, this way you are saying exactly how you are looking at your husband! A money machine making! Or moreover, the one who brings goodies at home! Ey val, marhaba! And now people say men are superficial!!

Let’s get my city weblog. Ms. City, as I call her since she calls her weblog my city, calls his lover, Do-gaal!! Babam jan, Do, keh means Do it! It kinds reminds you the Nike commercial? On other hand, if you want do it, please get a room, you don't have to tell anyone:-) and if you think Persian, it reminds me of Do-Dooro do DO Iran!! What is "Gaal" on the other hand!!! A googooli,... please? this one reminds me of a hole! The whole things sounds like a large hole!! Please stop it! If you call him, Abbas (with due respects to all Abbas), sounds nicer. ;-)

Another example is Khorshid khanom! The Persian weblog is earesed. But she used to called her husband Shovar (Huusbaand). aziz man en digeh cheh? Doesn’t he has a proper name, no, how about gaviyeh (strongi), since the women are called Jayifeh (weak one).

The last not the least:
Two PhDs and a …. This very lovely women graduated with Phd Materials Science, calls her husband Tiger!! If this is not enough she calls herself, tigress!! Pedar jan, My dear, since when we men have become animals! So, if that is true according to you why are you complaining that we are animals?!

On an on, when you look at women’s blogges you see how weird these lovely people (Women) calling their partners! This is also somehow more trendy among Iranian women!

Ezad(t) Ziad :-)

Friday, June 02, 2006


1. I am not sure, who started this type of slogan to chant for Iranian national teams. was it "khoda beyamoorz= rest in peace" Mr. Mammad Booghi? or some other guy. However, our chanting is quite musical compare to Canadian one, Go Canada, Go Canada! or Swiss one: Go Schwitz Go Schwitz!
Having said that, after so much of "radical observation" as Tigress put it and she is right!
I think about perhaps one of the largest events in the world known as Football World cup is good idea!
Technically, no other event than Iranian national football team and Googoosh can gather more than 20000 Iranians outside of Iran in one close stadium! The former even can gather more higher number, but the latter to my observation gathered about 16 000 in Toronto, 1999.
So, having said that let's hope this is the year that our happiness goes beyond the first round of the world cup and may be the parties continue for sometimes.
This is quite healthy for the Iranian society which has not done many social happiness gathering for many years.
So, let's party; but don't forget to party with class and respect:D

2. Man o man Switzerland is so cold for past few days that I feel I am catching a cold!

3. In many counties there is long weekend, enjoy the long weekend!

4. can't remember what I wanted to say! may be later...