Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A real threat!!

One of the worst threat that I am seeing in Iranian diasporas is is dread of Iranians from one another!
For the past 18 years being out of Iran I am seeing the many new comers to western world they have bring in with them those hatred and revulsion that are existing among Iranians in Iran especially between political and intellectual figures, not to mention the ordinary individuals and families.
I have witnessed the wave of first large educated Iranian immigrants in late and early 90s to Canada. Many of those who arrived in Canada in early 90s and earlier were simple and young people who ran from IR and came to make a better world for themselves. They learn from the communities and then they give back.
Later, those who came in late 90s already had money and were educated and influential in their own faction. Since they were seeing that they are now not as important and influential as they used to be, many of them tried anything to become what they were. Those arrived I have seen have promoted their needless rivalry as well as “I am better than you” culture. You hear sentences like: which university have gone to? was it Sharif university of Technology or Tehran university? if there is none of them, "oh you are not worth talking to!"
Those intellectual, on the other hand, came in under big suppression from their own editors or government's biases and felt since they are now free, they should question any activities the other intellectual or journalist is implementing or proceeding.
Let me give examples, A friend of mine who emigrated to Canada in 2000 once invited me to a coffee shop for a drink. While walking on the street of Toronto he greeted many fellow Iranians who were also new immigrants. After each greet he would explanation to me: “ this guy you just saw, he stole about couple of millions and now is here!, he is just smart to forging something! he was bribing everyone and getting his way going!” to my amazement there were so many Iranians who my friend regarded as being "technically talking mentally corrupted" or forging and stealing! but regarded them as quick and smart! Since then I have witness many with that categories.
The journalists: Mr. H. D. who arrived on shore with his ex-wife and now according to him already owns “Canadian passport”, traveling around the world to promote what I call as Libel and slender against his own fellows. at least that can be seen in his webpage!
Engineers: Many rather help the non-Iranians than Iranians when it comes to job hunting and providing correct info.
University Professors: rather than backing one another, they put each other down!

I simply believe this is a big threat and if this way of unhealthy relationship continues among Iranians, I think we shall lose more than what we have lost. Perhaps someone can help to improve these relationships.

[this short article is written in less than 15 min, my apologies for mistakes and spellings!]

Sunday, June 24, 2007

why looking for a magic?

Reading Financial Times newspaper, it had an article about the Iranian's student movement and what has happened to it in current time. Basically, concludes that the demand of students and new generation has changed, they need job, freedom of own expression and means to get married! Therefore, no one wants the political freedom as those were asking for fighting for during Khatami erea. As long as those means are materialized new students are happy!

President Ahmadi Nedjad, along side Mr. Ali Larijani the chief Iranian negotiator are in power for past 2 years. I think it is simple to see what is calibre of these leaders in foreign, nuclear, as well as inside of Iran current policies!

1. According to articles of 41 and 42 we are quite close on verge of war.
See here my own writing.

2. last year Iran only made about 50 billions dollar in Oil income. Such money has been injected to the Iranian society economy. This has created about 50% inflation for housing not to mention daily food basket of every family!

3. Iranian banks are and will be under economic sanction. Foreign investment has been the lowest in 10 years in Oil and gas industries (where Iran has largest turn over).

4. Many families more than ever according to Iranian member of parliaments are under poverty line.

5. Iran automotive industries are expanding, the production of Iranian assembled car gone over one million! However, the use of gasoline and benzene is also sky rocketing. We have no new refinery for past 30 years in Iran. and we are spending more than half of our export money to import fuel!

Iranians are losing so much against ability to enrich uranium? Does that worth it? I think generation next will ask today’s generation this question. As we asked our parents about 1979 revolution.

Add to the above, there (is) are Iranian diaspora on this part of world claiming not everything is looking black!
He(they) saying people who are saying that everthing is black and seems going no where are from mafia. And therefore, are promoting these ideas to bring up people of their own interest. "Mr. Ali Larijani with very young and talented group of people is leading well Iranian team of nuclear negotiators with big time confidence..."! and they are doing great!!!

Yes, I would say not for you and perhaps your family members in Iran. But for many Iranians it does looking bad.
I think there was this expression I can’t translate it in English, yek Sozan be khodeton bezanin, yek jealdoz be baghiyeh.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A joke?!

I think a while ago I was reading in Molla Hasani webpage that before he moved to Canada, he was under impression that Iran is center of world! having said that, Mr. Ali Larijani the chief Iranian negotiator apparently is thinking this way as well.

He explains to the press conference according to the Farsnews agency:

"Sometimes in our meetings, they (western negotiators) tell us that their opposition to Iran's progress in nuclear science is due to the fact that Iran enjoys a very remarkable strategic position, its revolution is inspiring and influential and it has powerful and efficient human force while it is not dependent on the East or West," he continued.

read the rest here.

what is quite funny is apparently the English piece of news is translation of the this Persian news to English.

The Persian one, targets Iranian dissident inside Iran and the fifth column idea as those telling foreign negotiators that if they impose economic sanction Iran will suffer (no kidding)!! However, the English one, just says Western team of negotiators must realize our right! There is no mention if Iranian dissident!

The Persian version

So, this is representation of famous Iranian expression we all have experienced is our families: one roof, two tops! Yek bam 2 Hava

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sprint Canada anywhere, anytime...

In 90s in Canada when the long distance communication compnanies started to initiate, there was this Sprint Canada commercial which became somehow synonymous with the popular culture. The famous American actress would appear and say, you can call anywhere, anytime in Canada for one cent!
Today, you can be journalist anywhere, anytime, anyhow. with a simple mobile with a Camera. with information highways (internet) and software you can achieve anything.
so, having said that I have become pretty much facinated with these movies made by people. I came across this interesting short move about recent new in Iran, which provides quite interesting view of today Iran society.
War of tomatos!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Is it human naturally corrupted!

1. I am not sure if human is rooted in corruption or power spreads corruption!
in any case, I always wonder about the statement, you are not guilty until it is proven otherwise, when does this statement becomes true and when does not!
what I always wonder is if you look at the logo of any Judiciary from any country,for instance, Iran judiciary, a woman which is blindfolded is shown and has a scale in her hand!(I realized this was from Previous government, now there is only scale shown!) does that mean the law must be blinded when a verdict is issued! Or the fairness is accomplished if the verdict is blindly implemented based on described laws!

I am not sure if you have heard about the study of infamous 1971 Stanford prison experiment, where a group of students were randomly assigned to become prisoners or prison guards. The experiment demonstrated the power of the situation in producing acts of 'evil'. apparently, some student who were performing as a guard were so brutal that they had to stop the experiment.

p.s. added today: I just came across this link today: interesting topic about what Mr. Stéphane Dion (the current head of Liberal party) has said about power and the author of the article point of view.

you can read on:
The podcast features an interview with Philip Zimbardo, the director of the original prison study and professor of social psychology at Stanford university. The interview was originally broadcast on the19th April 2007, being featured in the BBC Radio 3 programme Nightwaves.

2. This Chinese flatemate of mine makes me to write about him.
He always watch desperate housewife. Today, when I walked in to our apartment seeing him screaming!
I started to ponder what is happening? I notice there is scene that one of the actresses going to cut the other actress main vein or artery. I had to tell him, this is just a movie!
Then after movie, he walks around and starts to sing Chinese song!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

National interest over anything else!

1. I think many of us have been under different circumstances where the interest or means of a group are regarded as a higher interest compare to our own interest. In today's Iran, the words like reinvention, renewing or pumping different idea is something remote and does not have any values. Simply, people come in power and stay until either they are kicked out or die! or their interest dies!

How many of us truly really leave a job or a position when we feel we no longer are effective!
On the other hand, I believe Iranians life would have been different if the decision made by those at higher authority, simply put aside their own interest and considering high percentage of Iranians' interest!

I just read this intereview with one of the football goalies of Iranian national team, whose name is Taleblou. and I quite appreicated his stand in current affairs of football.
طالب لو ادامه داد : متأسفانه برخى ها انتقاد مى كنند كه چرا طالب لو در ديداربرابر مكزيك به ميدان نرفت. در پاسخ به آنها بايد بگويم زمانى كه خسته بودم چرا بايد به ميدان مى رفتم و با عملكرد ضعيف خود آبروى تيم ملى را به خطر مى انداختم؟ براى من بازى برابرمكزيك بهترين فرصت بود كه خود را نشان دهم و توانايى هايم را اثبات كنم اما زمانى كه احساس كردم شرايط حضور در ميدان را ندارم، خودخواهى نكردم و به جاى توجه به خود به منافع ملى فكر كردم. (Iran-varzeshi interview)
Taleblou in reply to the journalist why didn’t you play for Iran-Mexico game. He says: unfortunately, a few criticize why I did not play for Iran Mexico game. I have to answer them simply by saying I was tired. If I am tired and go to play, with low performance I may jeopardize Iranian national football team interest.
For me Iran-Mexico game was the best game to show off myself and prove that to myself. But rather than being selfish I thought of national interest and didn’t play.

2. By the way, I donot understand it seems some can see YouTUbe videos in Iran some not!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ey Iran!

wowo, I loved this work of Babak Amini, ey Iran.

this one from Red movie:

Gole Gandom:

there are lot more, see Lily Afshar and more on your own:D

Sunday, June 03, 2007

pick you choices!

1. As time passes by I realize that Us is doing great job to building up the alliance for a war on Iran! see my argument which I said based on UN resolutions and articles!
I hope Iranian side realize that this is not what they do to their own people and no one replies back!

2. time flies. there was a time I never felt it is possible to see time will passes by so fast. But I feel it quite well these days.

3. No comment, I came across this video clip: Just funny:)