Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ethical issues...

I have been always fascinated by ethical issues which are rising in any field of study!
It could be engineering, biotechnology and genetics or Law & order and sociology. But what I want to discuss it was after seeing Photos of Eftari Party in LA.
On one hand, I am learning to respect people's idea as long as they are not harmful to anyone.
having said that, as you see in the photos, these people have a new interpretation of Islam. Men and women can mingle after being separated in the so called mosque and praying! Does this interpretation is valid? Can we ethically do what we feel with religion?
and the most important question of all, if we believe in something different, shall we pretend to act differently to preserve of our interest?

I gave an example, once in Iran I was offered a job to be working as head of the manufacturing engineering of the British American Tobacco company to produce, cigarettes. I was also had an offer to work in GM to make military related machineries in Canada. I turn them both down. becasue I felt ethically I am responsible to my actions and towards the society.
but the offers were lucrative. BAT offered around a world training for 18 months with good pay GM also did that. I turn the job down, because I ignored my interest!
I am wondering if those who don't do as I did, are they ethically responsible? can we blame them for things happen?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Near death experience!

Iranian anywhere, Iranians everywhere! that remainds me of Zebel khan, the cartoon I used to watch when I was kid.
Having said that, there is this guy whose name sounds Iranian: Dr. Sam Parnia MD, PhD does study and research about those who die and comeback to life!

here is an interview of him with the Time magazine!

We shall put our nose in anywhere:) in any case, they study he does and want to do, sounds interesting. He is saying dieing is not just being alive or death. It may take days and night to be death!
one things scary about this is damn, I thought when we are dead, things finishes and we get relaxed. but it seems suffering continues to be there!!!!
May the force with you!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

either you accept something or not!!??

We Iranians are funny society! In expression in Persian we say we like to have the Date (dry fruit, i.e. Khorma) and the god! This expression apparently goes back to this story that Prophet Mohammad was approached by a woman whose son was eating lots of Date per day! So, She asks him to advise her child from eating so much Date per day. Apparently, Mohammad says I can't do that since I have already eaten some, or something on that note. (Those who know the story correct me, if I am wrong!)
Having said that, President Ahmadi Nedjad according to media is in New York!
Ok, so far so good. However, I have got a question! if Mr. Ahmadi Nedjad says what UN is saying, it is just a useless paper and UN has become puppet of great powers and etc. How the hell, he intends to give a speech in UN general assembly at New York almost every year since he has been in power!!!

If going to give a speech at such a place that is not acceptable by IRI, why spending tax money and go there and say things?!! can't he just say those things in Iran!
If it is acceptable to do so (give speech there), then those resolution passed by UN are not just useless papers! They are pendulum in front of IRI government, or??
am I saying nonsenses!!!???
I have to tell as my experience goes in Iran society we always experience these double standards!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Those who fail they want to fail!...

I was watching Randy Pausch's last lecture and I realized how many obsticles in his life he had until he became professor at Carnegie mellon. He at first didn't get research position at Carnegie mellon at first. He worked hard as he said to direct his life.
One thing striked me most at his presentation was this: "remember, we can't change the cards that already dealt, it is only up to us how to play with that hand". So, as many say, chances knack our door, we should take them and play with them so we want them to be, the way we want them to be.
His message is well said:
work hard, be respectful, be good at least at something and of course watch that last lecture to get direction of life!

Randy Pausch just recently passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gulf = Persian Gulf!&%$$#

What the heck is wrong with these Englisa!! In their news paper financial times section Iran they talk about investors give cold shoulder to Iran inverstment..., what the f... these guys keep referring to Persian gulf as Gulf. since that is the case, from now on, Bitish territory is Republic of Island in my books. what is difference?
So, kar kare Republic of Island ast!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

and life goes on!

There are a few days that I can't be cheerful, as I have been. I want to be away from many things.
sometimes I feel what would be like if I have never leaved Iran. We didn't have a government imposing so much limits on our society in Iran. What would have happened?
perhaps life would have been quite different! I wished I had seen club in Iran! I wished I could have seen gender equality in Iran. and words without prejudice! Oh, I just remember this album from George Michael, listen without prejudice!
enjoy the first song, which I am big fan of it!
Here you are praying for time!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

continuation of our talk

I: so, ok let's forget that, I conclude that you agree that we should revisit some of the rules perhaps initiated 1500 years ago! let me ...

AG: yes, May be, what we should do listen to Sheikhs who are Dr. in this area!!

I: Let me get to another story, is this true that when Arabs invaded Iran, they killed many people of Iran. I recently saw that...

AG: Yes, in our books they say many of these Iranians who were killed by Arabs were praying to fire, and were believing in fire, these were witches ...

I: oh, not that from you, I have been suffering from this idiotic comment for sometimes. Listen, Zoroastrian were the first group who believed in single god. Fire was sign of purification. Ah, it is sad such a things is promoted even by people in Iran, however you were thought that many Iranians were killed by Arabs in that invasion?....

Monday, September 01, 2008

hum, economy of Iran and other stories!

1. For those who miss Iran and President Ahmadi nedjad, have a look at this short report how inflation affecting people in Iran.

2. This Arab dude has become my entertainment!!
AG: Today, Alham dolelah, is start of Ramedan month.
I: oh, poor people in Iran, the suffering time has started once again. When I was in Iran and working at a company, our company had about 600 employee and out of those 600, there were only 10 to 20 were fasting who were directly or indirectly connected to Basij, paramilitia forces office!
I: however, I have got a question, since you claim, Islam is religion which can instruct you on life and politics and everything. So, I wonder if someone is born from Moslem parents and then later in his/her life decides not to be Muslem. Koran instruct other muslems to kill him, isn't it? We say La Ekrah a Fi Din.
AG: yes, men it is written but it depends on interpretation!!! Koran is written for those in 1500 years ago and cannot be extended today!! We have to have Sheikh to interpret that for today's world!!
I: wait a mintue, didn't you tell me there are diffrent laws in Islam. Those written in Koran should not be interpreted and must be imlemented, like getting 4 wives and so. and fasting and other things!
AG: ya man, but there are some interpretations, however needed! and you have brain, in such a case you should use your brain.
I: wait a mintue, you now say that needs interpreted, so, then we can interpret everything according to you, isn't it!!?
AG: no men, the Seikh can do that, who has PhD in religious study!!
I: com'on why not you interpret that, I can do that, too!
telphone rings;
I had to go for lunch!
discussion continues!!