Friday, February 18, 2011

Internet and Facebook are the revolution!!

I have been thinking what has changed our life since 20 years ago. Without any doubt it is internet. The most recently, I can say Facebook as made it even more interesting!
How Facebook has changed my life, I would like to indicate that.
I am back from Toronto and now I have been seen by my local ophthalmologist, however, I felt, I still have had some questions from the Drs who perform the surgery on my eye in Toronto. Therefore, I searched the google to see if I can find their e-mail. Surprisingly, one of them had Facebook account. I wrote him asking my question, in less than half an hour, I had a reply!
The nice thing is that I could also have him to ask his assistant to make an appointment for the time I am in Toronto. Isn't this great way of using the tools available to us.
There was the time that if you wanted to ask a simple question from your own Dr. you had to wait days and volia, now you can have that on your finger tips.
I appreciate all these tools on internet. Cheers!