Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Iran in delimma!

1. I was reading my post two days ago! as I said for many of my posts I only spend about 15 to 20 minutes. In that particular post I was watching a movie, talking to my house mate and typing simultaneously! So, that is why it may doesn't make much of sense!!:) but I think I conveyed my idea!!:D

2. I was reading Mohammad Ali Abtahi web page, about his opinion on Iranian negotiating team at UN, I begin to wonder about it.
According to my research, here my 2-cent:
American politicians know what they are doing. (no kidding!) you may wonder!

They are very nicely pushing Iranian to the corner according to UN articles!

According to CHAPTER SEVEN, Iran is currently passed article 39, breach of peace;
article 40; "measures recommended against the country under breach of peace", and "implementing those sanctions partially or completely", article 41!
So, next will come Article 42 which I think everyone can easily read: may take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security.

So, good job team of negotiators. well done. I think they need cheers and tap on shoulder!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy vs Dr. House

I wish to write some of my opinion of Grey's Anatomy and Dr. House.

i. Yes, I know I am a freak TV series watcher, especially drama one! May be I am living in my own drama! For the past few months I have been watching both series on and off bases. Of course, compare to the ‘old’ ER (which I don’t know whether it is sill shown in North America or no) both series are considered cheese!
Grey’s anatomy, however, in my opinion portrays a soup-opera ambient full of love triangles (Ellen Pompeo, Chris O’Donnell, and Patrick Dempsey), and dilemma with love and lost! How they deal with those issues. The conversations may try to deliver the main stream conversation among successful young generations; however they don’t well and realistically deliver those conversations. It seems the entire hospital is made of these group of talented residence and inters who are almost covering every aspect of the hospital dilemma. Despite the perjury of the one of the interns ended up killing two patients in heart transplanted surgery, the women is coming back to work and stands in front of the hospital building, where surprisingly can be seen from inside by many collogues and gazes at the building the entire day until one of his classmates goes to talk to her and put a jacket on her!! The side of the medical related terms I think is the least compare to all other such series! So, focus is love life of Dr. Meredith Grey’s.

On the other hand, despite cheesiness of Dr. House series, I think the actors seem more professional and versatile. The dialogues are performed at richer level which you usually expect from Doctors, although they are usually short of real medical conversations. They are richer in words as well. The writers have tendency to cover varieties of theme from love to existence of god and faith. Just today, very likely this episode is old and already shown in North America, there was in today's episode a controversial opinion whether god exist or not. They focused on the fact that there is an explanation for every phenomena occurring. On the other hand, let those who are believer stay believer. Tell them the truth and prove to those restricted religious that we are mortal! Whereas a simple conversation from those strange believers may hint you up for something as you may wonder all along!

ii. Today, I notice many sites are promoting Mohsen Namjoo and his newly video clip called Tresses in the Wind. You can also read about him at

Friday, March 23, 2007

New year, no resolution!

1. I usually make resolution for anything including new year. but those resolutions never realized. So, this year no resolution! take me where the life goes!!

2. I heard: you can shake your ass but not shake your root! attention Alireza (I am talking to myself!)

3. today, the entire day was snowing, so I took the above photo! now in spring here is getting cooler!:D end of the world as we know it!!

4. I was going to complain about work! but hey what shall be done, this is the path I chose so, be it!

5. Yesterday, I was coming back in a train. In the compartment I was sitting there were kids from 8 to 13. These young boys were so noisy to my eyes that I was almost going to get crazy and and scream at them! to my surprise all others in that area were doing their own thing without even moving eye lashes! conclusion, I am impatient, kids are not good for me!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Noorooz shad bad

Naafase bad e saba moshk feshan khahad shod
Aalame Pir degar bareh javan khahad shod
Arghavan jam e aghighi be samaan khahad dad,
Cheshme narges be shaghayegh negaran khahad shod

This is my favorite poem for the new year. I recall reciting the above poem part of was part of reading from our Persian language book on 12 of our highschool years. It somehow making me happy to recall that.

Talking about grade 12 of Persian book, my favorite title and story was the first lecture from Golestane Saadi which was talking about:

Harnafasi keh Fooro miravad momede hayate ast
va chon bar miyayad mofarahe zat
pas dar nafasi 2 nemat ast va bar har nafasi shoori vajeb!

of course I can't recall the entire story, but...
ok let's get back to the reasoning of this post.

P.S. If anyone can type the above peom in Persian I would be happy to have it. thanks. (THanks to Molla Hassani I think I should be able to write it now!:))

p.s.1. the photo above is from my second time skiing this year. Due to lack of snow and being busy not so much of chance to go skiing.
Today the snow wasn't bad, I took this picture from one of the black run. I think if you look closely you shall see the slope of the run and how steep it is.:)

p.s.2. I hope this year we Iranians avoid lying, increase our tolerances and respect each other opionions.

shad bashin
Be happy

Monday, March 12, 2007

Days Of Song & Sorrow

1. A good friend of mine sent me the above poster, he himself is great Dr.
What shall I say! I think just laugh loud to express myself!

2. As I always say Iran's today has many problems. We have been lagging behind the world community because of many reasons to name a few cultural, religious suppression and lack of tolerance towards one another. So, here I am not sociologist to do any major analysis. My intention is to give my own point view:-)

3. I am big fan of Faramarz Aslani . I saw in BBC that him and Babak Amini have started a joint project. This is great news and I hope I hear soon some of their duet work.
have a look at this photo.
These days the work is uite difficult and seems time is flying! I am lagging behind!
we shall see....

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sad and remorseful!

I feel sad! I feel down! why, you may ask?! simply because Iranians, in particular young Iranians, have noone to look after them! you may wonder what am I talking about!?
simple, today the world has become much closer than ever before. We are in global village per say. We have European Union, consists of old Eastern Eurpean countries like Poland and Czech Republic. New economic powers like China and U.A.E. All young people from these countires get to go to the different coutries for vacation, interacting with other cultures and building up friendships!
Today for example, the colleague of mine who is from Poland just came back from Poland. She has got a multiple visa to stay in US for 2 years as a visitor. How she got it? She got the visa within 3 days while she was back!!! and how is that working for Iranians? For young Iranians in particular?
This Chinese guy who works in one of our Institute's departments who many have hardtime to understand what he says, and has heavy chinse accent, tells me:
Oh,I Me... travol,...whole [entire] Europe in summer! me shood see the [e]urope! [Yo]u [are] from Ilaqe[Iraq]? No,... [yo]u a[re]l from ahan Ilan [Iran]...!!! Anyhow, so many young talented Iranians in Iran wish to spend a short period of time outside of Iran to do internship.However, they are unable to do so!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Satire with current State government!

I am not sure if many find what is going on in current government looks more like a satire than anything else. The way they talk is quite amusing! I take your attention to two news from Baztab.
Please you be the judge!

الهام: احمدي‌نژاد در حال شكوفا شدن اس
غلامحسين الهام در گفت‌وگو با همشهري تأكيد كرد: شايد واقعا احمدي‌نژاد بعد از انتخابات احمدي‌نژاد ديگري شده باشد و شايد فردا هم احمدي‌نژاد ديگري در راه باشد.

سپاه و بسيج 340 ميليون متر مربع فضاي سبز ايجاد كردند
فرمانده كل سپاه اضافه كرد: تنها در يك مورد از اين اقدامات، خواهران بسيجي در استان گلستان، 600 هزار نهال توليد كردند. همچنين در اين مدت بيش از 5 ميليون اصله نهال توسط بسيجيان توليد شده !!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The life of mine! Stereo vision!

photos taken from last night lunar eclipse with digital camera with no zoom lens!!

0. I usually don't get so much opinionated on religious issues! but I read that a few days ago in a 11 years old girl Muslim student was not allowed to participate in a soccer game in Laval, Que., because she was wearing a hijab, a headscarf worn by many Muslim women. The Quebec Soccer Association said the ban on hijabs is to protect children from being accidentally strangled.
Read the Story here.
I understand she wishes to save her from being seen by those who are not supposed to see her. but I think like any tradition and religious ceremony, football has also its own rules and when they say it is dangerous to wear any extra clothing, that is the rule. Either don't play or if you play comply with the rules!

0.0.I know in Toronto area there is big winter storm! but here it has been raining constantly for past 10 days and it will rain more! but I missed Toronto, Canada. I think that is my home!

1. I can see my readers are getting less and less, so I think I can start to write things happening here in my life more often! So, I can review them later in my life!

So, before anyone reads further, I have to warn that the following writings are about my own life and in eyes of too many viewers are boring and nonsense!

After a few months I got an appointment at the University hospital to have a checkup on my right eye. My appointment was at 10 am. I arrived around 9:30 am. After usual paper work I went straight to waiting area.
While sitting in the waiting area, many memories passed in scenic form in front of my eyes. My right eye accident when I was only 7 years of age, operations, seeing my parents aging so fast behind my operating room, years of wearing contact lens and glasses, difficulty to wear them, those years due to Iran sanction there was no solution to buy to preserve contact lenses, etc. Then, I came to think how clean and neat this hospital is compare to Iranian hospitals. The pleasant gesture of the nurses and doctors. The other fact was to see all residents’ specialist were women except one. Observing, I was the only young person in the waiting area sitting there among all other elderly patients. I start to day dream if there is possibility for me to simply see stereo!
Where was I? It all started with a visit to the local lens fitter and he diagnosed me with internal infection and some white spot. After two months of curative follow up I was told that my condition is back to normal. Therefore, I may go fit a new contact lens. The doctor asked me if I am comfortable with the contact lens. I told him I wish to see if there is a possibility of lens transplant. She referred me to the university hospital to be seen by a specialist!
Herrn Alireza A..., I felt someone was calling my name. I got up and shoock hand with the madam Dr. and she started to review the file and check up everything possibly about my eye from pupil to cornea and retina. After one hour of diagnostic, she said I should be seen by the head of the department who does this type of job. It is not up to her to decide.
I finally see the gentleman, head of department the Oberarze. Here it went our conversation with an almost 50 years old looking man with Tom cruise hair style and big belly.
After a short review of my file,

Dr.: Wie so willest du ein implant haben?
Me: wie bittle? Wie So?! Es functioniert fuer mich besser! Shall I explain that in English!
Dr.: Yes, said him with smile, you may but you should pay taxes for that!
Me: Firstly, I have been wearing contact lens for the past 25 years, it has been too long, secondly, my work is somehow that I have to read long hours, I am tired of removing my contact lens and getting head aches afterwards. It seems my functionally is only during those hours of the day when I wear my contact lens. Thirdly, I wish to reduce my double vision and see stereo!!

Dr.: we can do it, but you won’t be able to throw away your double vision and it is risky! So, you’d better not do it.
If you get infection of retina or inside and can’t be done anything then we shall do it! You see with contact lens 90%! Many people wish just to see a little. So, have a nice day!!

2. Yes! I am happy to see those I know previously or dated become successful in their life and move on. So, you don’t become jealous if you see them with other guys dating! No, why should I? If I don’t date them and they are happy, why shouldn’t I become happy on their happiness! but I can’t, I still become jealous when I see my exs with new girls, She said to me!

3. I have finally realized that I am in state of something known as bad characteristics which are leading to my bad attitudes. Those desperately need to be improved. So, calculating all those years I need to improve myself, I never can do that in my current life and the time I have. Therefore, I should never start a family and let firstly anyone suffer from these bad attitudes, secondly, preventing my bad genes from transforming to the next generations by reproducing!!!