Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Everything must change...!

Things keep changing, that is word we hear from many and all. Today, I came across the songs from my teenage years. A~ha, the band I spent listening to, when I was only 13 and living in Germany.
Time went by and I came to Koeln, Germany to write the entrance language exam in German. I was living in a dormitory belonged to the University and the door to my room was not getting locked, so I asked maintenance crew to come in and fix it. I was listening then to BBC radio broadcasted from Wiesbaden. When the technician finished his work, I asked, now it is fixed, isn't it? Yes, but not as good as English doors! he replied, I recall that vividly, because I was listening to Simply Red song, Stars, at that exact time!
Ages has been passed since then...and life continues!
The following youtube video is even more interesting because they talk about changes and everything must change in the Montreux, Switzerland, I was lucky to attend the jazz festival there, it is over 5 years passed from then. Of course, I was not lucky to see such a performance, but then I saw some acceptable performance by some interesting groups.


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radius said...

Hi Alireza, nice to hear from you and read your funny memories from the years you spent in Germany. Well, you are now in England already for a while, and I guess you found out yourself that from all the parts of an english house, the entrance door is by far the only one that is of exceptional quality, durability and beauty. That is my memory of years in the UK. But you take the windows, or the plumbing, or th electric wiring, or the walls: It is all crap !!! (Last Sunday we saw the live transmission of Monty Pythons at O2-arena, and I took the confirmation from there).
No doubt, british house are exceptionally beautiful, stylish, no comparison with the character-less German houses.

I din't knew you had the chance to attend the Montreux Jazz festival. So have you seen Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones etc live there ? You make me envy !!
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