Monday, February 02, 2015

What is Most Important Factor in a Relationship?

It has been ages since I wrote here! I am now trying to focus on my work and get things done better than ever! Telling the truth, I enjoy the job I currently have and the environment is not bad either.
Having said that, I have focused on technical writing than writing my blog in the past year!
Enough of introduction, I have been thinking what is most important factor in any relationship. I am sure, whomever reads this may say, there is no single factor, but I personally came to a conclusion if the couple enjoy each other company, may be there is only one factor that may make a difference in couplehood.
I am going to list couple of the factors and in my next blog, I shall give my argument!
Listing the factors:
1. Pertinacity
2. Compromise
3. Flexibility
4. Passion
5. Dedication
 May be those who read this weblog and are married can give their expert opinions :)


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