Monday, August 19, 2013

I am finally back from Italy to Canada!

It is good to be back where you have grown up! Perhaps, two places I feel at home, Toronto and Shemroon! In both places I have vivid memories and great friends and every time, I am back to any of these places, the word home reverberates.
I think I have to admit that I am happy to leave Bologna! The city of medieval time with very narrow streets inside the city, and most important of all, I call city of shit and piss!
You may wonder why?
The reason is simple, every corner of the city was always filled with small of dogs's shit and pisses. Also, even human feces, can be found on the streets of Bologna!
The problem is since most inside of the city streets are paved with portici (the dom like ceiling on every side walk), the remain of feces cannot be washed and cleaned, so the smell is really annoying and bothersome.
two photos I took two weeks ago in the Bologna's city from remain of dog's poops.

2. I am in a coffee shop in Toronto, an Iranian man in his late 20s discusses his future with (I assume father in law). He tells him (I summarize many things he said) that he is very much not happy with where he is, now however, he has a great idea to return to his proper position in the society. After more than 20 min. intro. The guy says, the girl (I assume he is in love with), should either have a vision towards what I see out future, or perhaps we should change our path! The guy seems young in mid 20s.

He expresses, in his family, he has many problems, but surprisingly, I find out later in his conversation, his father is also very skillful denture maker! with a good life!
He is not happy with his level of acceptance in the society. He now wants to learn to make denture and tooth replacing process. He believes learning the skills will make his life upside down, someone has promised him on average $25/hr income in Canada, no degree needed, just the skill!
anyhow, it is interesting conversation, they have....
after that very serious conversation, guess what they talk about! getting fine and highway tickets!
now, he is back to his conversation, saying to the older man, if you put enough pressure on her, we can work out in the next few month, while I am away, she also study and attend gym!! many things will be fine in the next years to come!
I apologize for my overhearing process!

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