Tuesday, May 07, 2013

When you feel down or bad luck, could it be worse? It could!

I was listening to CBC radio the DNTO. The host Sook-Yin Lee today was talking about pervasive down turn. I listen to the some of the stories that people narrowed during the program and realized one thing that many of them were related to being exposed to being suddenly diagnosed with some type of diseases.
People as me how are things, I always say it could have been worse! and I am guessing things can be worse.

I personally can most relate to those stories, in the past few weeks my right eye tear channel (lacrimal duct) is completely blocked due to over use of glaucoma and corticosteroid drops! 
The two headed sword is here: when I stop using glaucoma drops, I feel pressure in my eye turns to feel pressure in my head and dizziness. Simultaneously, stopping corticosteroid drop makes my eye quite read and of course internal inflammation occurs!
If I use them, I get eye feels warm with fever and I cough a lot as smallest bug enters my right nose makes my to cough and sneeze for over 20 minutes. and of course, since the tear drainage is blocked I cry from one eye, continuously!:-)
So, be happy if you are healthy and can function :-)


radius said...

Dear Alireza, I am realy worried about your eye problems. I always thought they were all gone after you had the surgery some years ago. But what you describe here sounds like a chronic eye problem. I think if it is glaucoma, than thats the primary reason for the problem. The blockage of the lacrimal duct is the side effect of the cortison treatment for glaucoma.
Glaucoma is an autoimmune disease, and difficult to cure. There are some recent suggestions that irradiation might help (at least in an animal model http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22426214 and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22952717). Since this is on an experimental stage still, I would suggest you to try the radon spa therapy in Austrian Bad Gastein (http://www.gastein.com/en/radon-gallery-austria). This can do almost "miracles", and I say this despite my general scepticism against alternative therapies. But the external Radon therapy is very efficient for the treatment of other chronic inflammatory diseases (like ankylosis spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis). I wouldn't be surprise if it is efficient in reducing the symptoms and progression of glaucoma. If you are interested, I can ask the doctors there. From northern Italy, you can easily get there. It has a direct train connection with Verona.
Glaucoma and all other diseases that are caused by a dysregulated immune-system have the tendency to get worse and worse with time, unless one manages to break the cycle of inflammation, tissue damage, and more inflammation. In other chronic inflammatory disease the Radon Spa treatment was found to be a really efficient alternative to corticoid steroids or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, in particular with much less side effects (like in your case the lacrimal duct problems). Don't wait or neglect this problem for too long time. It usually does not get better by itself (in particular not by writing blog posts about !!!).
best regards,

radius said...

Dear Alireza, A colleague of mine is working in our center on uveitis (chronic inflammation of the uvea of the eye). As I suggested before, this disease is clearly associated with systemic auto-immune disease like Ankylosing spondylitis or arthritis (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uveitis). Both of the two respond very well to the low-dose radon therapy. I send an enquiry to the doctors at the Gastein Radon Spa, asking if they have experience with eye inflammation. I'll forward their opinion as soon as they answer.

all the best,